Letter to Tim Collard

The following letter was sent to Shropshire Council on Monday 23rd June in order to clarify points that have either not been answered previously or where we have found to have been given false answers in the past.

On the Wednesday 25th the CEO of Shropshire Council, Kim Ryley suddenly and unexpectedly resigned and left.

Dear Mr Collard

I refer to your letter dated 22nd June 2012 [……]

Two years on, the Greigs house is still not repaired, although estimates were submitted to the Housing Department. Shropshire Council officials continue to deny responsibility. The police likewise deny all liability; they state, Shropshire Council instigated the break-in.

We require the names of the staff in attendance at Anne and Hollie’s home on 3rd June 2010, as they may be required to write a statement in relation to the crime that took place on that day. How do you support your claim that your staff were not responsible in any way for the damage caused to the property?  Provide further clarification.

Provide the details of the assistance the Council gave to the police to enter the premises. Did the Council employees actually enter the premises by breaching the threshold of the property?

With regard to the compensation sought, this was rejected on the grounds that the police action was lawful. Provide a certified copy of a wet signed warrant issued by a magistrate to enter the property or provide details of what reasonable cause for forced entry was claimed by the police, as well as of the removal of personal items.

Since Anne and Hollie are Council tenants, provide an update on your promise to look into this issue further and for note: I acknowledge your comment on the spending of public money.

Can you confirm for clarification, as a representative of Shropshire Council, that you are not seeking to remove Hollie from her mother by direct legal action, or by any other means, against her will or the will of her mother?

Can you further confirm, as Legal Services Manager, that the Family Court judges and the judges in the Court of Appeal were acting under their sworn Public Oaths of Office at the moment of any administrative hearing regarding this case?  Also, confirm that all previous court hearings in relation to this matter have been administered by duly authorised individuals acting under their sworn Public Oaths of Office.

Sworn Public Oaths of Office constitute a very clear logical and fundamental principle of the judicial system and one which demands full respect. As a Legal Services Manager, you should be able to provide confirmation. Anne has asked for this confirmation from the Court. Under the Oaths Act of 1978, each of these individuals made a solemn, ecclesiastical ‘promise to do without fear or favour all manner of good to all peoples.’

We now accept and acknowledge this solemn promise and require certified confirmation that representatives of our judicial system will uphold this voluntary oath to which they have subjected themselves without the possibility of perjury charges. This oath they have taken, overtly serves to subject them to an unwarrantable jurisdiction wherein they have no rights, and ‘their duties shall be to all people without fear, favour and ill will.’

Society functions according to fundamental principles of law, to provide a remedy in criminal and civil matters. One of these fundamentals is honour (honesty) of which the opposite is dishonour (dishonesty).

Disregarding fundamentals in a civil matter when there is no injured party or consent to civil proceedings can and does in most cases create an injured party. In this case the Greigs are the injured party and yet they are treated like a criminal party due to the actions of individuals who represent various agencies and local authorities.

Mr Collard, as the Principal Solicitor for Shropshire Council, you will be aware that you have a duty. Under the Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, you are required to adhere to fundamental principles. One of these primary principles is to uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice. We now hold you to this principle by bringing to your attention our fear that proper administration of justice and/or the rule of law will be abandoned. The evidence of this abandonment will be firstly the failure on your part to provide confirmation of your Public Oaths of Office.

Any administration of this ‘estate’ must be administered at all times under the Justices’ sworn Public Oaths of Office and anything other than this is improper, unjust, obtained with non agreement and under duress and harassment. This will not provide a resolution to this issue.

As the Principal Solicitor for Shropshire Council, we trust that upholding the rule of law and ensuring proper administration of justice will be your operating principles in these matters.

Before penalties of perjury can be attached to an ‘Oath,’ the ‘Oath’ must have been taken and the party must be lawfully sworn in accordance with the Oaths Act 1978. This confirmation is forthcoming from the justices and will ensure no favour will be provided to a corporation, which exists only through a legal entity. Corporations such as Shropshire Council are the ‘created’ and not the ‘creator.’ They are represented by trustees and not by beneficiaries.

As duly appointed Public Servant Trustees, your scope of Office and the law prohibit you as individuals from interference in other individuals’ private affairs and any claim over their lives. If you claim you have such a right then you must provide an affidavit to affirm this. Would Shropshire Council be willing to address this issue with transparency in an open public forum, to which purpose we will arrange the hire of a public meeting hall?

Note the following points, which we will be happy to address openly in public, should you accept this offer to help, remedy and bring these matters to speedy closure:

1) Provide proof of authority, such as permits you to take action against Anne and Hollie Greig in the High Court.

2) Who instigated the Missing Persons alert for Anne and Hollie Greig, in June 2010? This in turn instigated the forced entry of their home by the police.

3) Explain how persons who caused damage to the home of Hollie Greig, whilst she and her mother were away on holiday, leaving it in an uninhabitable state, constitutes protecting Hollie as a vulnerable adult?

4) Why was the electricity left turned off in Anne and Hollie’s home, spoiling all refrigerated and frozen food?

5) Neighbours state that people remained in Anne and Hollie’s home for approximately ten hours, until 10pm on the night of the break-in. Why was it necessary to go onto the roof of the house? Specify in detail what was done in those ten hours to the home.

6) Provide a copy of the warrants used to enter the property and take belongings, as required by law, and a copy of the item log for items removed from Anne and Hollie’s home.  The law states that an inventory of items removed must be left in the home. Provide a copy of that inventory.

7) The actions sanctioned were hugely inappropriate. Upon inspection, the home was found to have loft insulation and wiring disturbed, broken internal doors, unsafe external doors (split), security alarm disabled/broken and curtains/rails pulled down, freezer and fridge contents destroyed and the lock smashed off internal shed door – left unsecured. Advise which Statute, Act, Regulation, or Code was used to apply for the required warrants from a Justice of the Peace in order to enter this property, remove belongings and if necessary cause damage.

8.) *Have you, Tim Collard and your colleague Stephen Chandler, considered the psychological and emotional impact caused by the violation of and wilful damage to Anne and Hollie’s home? Provide the unredacted risk assessment.

9) In the light of Data Protection Laws, under what authority did Stephen Chandler contact Anne Greig’s GP, Dr Brodie Fraser and discuss her health and other issues?
Provide full-unredacted documented details of all correspondence including statements of any telephone conversations.

10) Who ‘in Scotland’ initiated concerns to Shropshire Council about Anne’s mental health? Provide the name/s and documented evidence.

11) Have you or anyone else in Shropshire Council seen evidence of any sectioning warrants issued ‘in Scotland’ against Anne Greig? Provide a certified copy.

12) What is the exact relationship between Shropshire Council and Grampian Police in this matter? What is the nature of the reporting functions to Grampian Police? Provide full documented details of all correspondence.

13) In documents obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states,  “Jan Clamp told a Level 3 Meeting, she had been informed by Scottish Police that HG and her mother AG have a long history of making wild allegations….”
Give the full name of the Scottish Officer who provided Jan Clamp with this allegation. Provide full unredacted documented details of all correspondence.

14) Shropshire Social Service records state: “AG was regarded as a risk to HG …and she displays paranoid thoughts.”
Explain by whose assessment and under what authority and under what guidance this statement was made?

15) In documents obtained under FOI, it states: “The state of Anne’s mind became an issue for (Grampian) police which resulted in her being sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1984). Her ability to care for HG was called into question.”
Confirm with ‘absolute certainty’ with ‘documentary evidence’ that Anne has ever suffered from mental illness.

16) What authority and evidence permit Shropshire Council to state Anne Greig had/has “paranoid thoughts?” Provide full unredacted documented details of all correspondence and evidence.

17) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, state: Shropshire Council is providing reports to Grampian Police.  Provide unredacted copies of all reports exchanged between Shropshire Council and Grampian Police relating to Anne and Hollie Greig and all unredacted Social Service records, under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.

18) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it is states: “January 24, 2006, HG took part in a video interview, she was confused and rambling.”
Provide a copy of this video and the name under whose authority this assumption was made.

19) Stephen Chandler is quoted in documents as saying: “He felt he would rather concentrate his efforts and time in court making Hollie safe and securing her immediate protection.” What does this statement mean precisely, for protection against what and whom?
Provide further clarification and justification for this statement* see (8) above.

20) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states: “Explore ways of ensuring Shropshire Council is alerted if Anne and Hollie travel to another part of the country and come to notice.” Was this request implemented? Provide precise unredacted details.

21) If the answer to question 20 is yes, state what overt/covert action has been undertaken? Provide precise unredacted details of all such actions and any notifications.

22) Have any of Anne and Hollie’s movements been entered into West Mercia Police and Shropshire Council’s databases and records? Provide unredacted copies of all reports and database records under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.

23) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, it states: “8 May 2007. Police searched their intelligence for details of Denis and Greg Mackie [….]”
To which police force does this quote refer?  Provide the precise and full-unredacted report to which this quotation is part.

24) In records obtained from Shropshire Council under FOI, there is a letter/report dated 2/6/2010 reference: StephenChandler/STAFF/SHROPSHIRE-CC from Stephen Chandler to Kim Ryley.
Provide the unredacted letter/report and any other correspondence to/from Kim Ryley regarding Anne Greig or Hollie Greig, under Data Subject Access Request, Section 7.

We do not know whether Kim Ryley’s sudden departure is in any way related to the contents of this letter, as we are actively exploring the possibility of action, and our reason for publishing this particular letter is to ensure that the questions put to Shropshire Council are seen by the public at large.

We hope that following the largely unexplained departure of Kim Ryley, Shropshire Council will now see sense and withdraw from all legal actions at all levels against Hollie Greig and her mother Anne.


4 thoughts on “Letter to Tim Collard

  1. Anyone reading the above letter should see, as it’s obvious to others, and myself Grampian police are working in tandem with Shropshire Council. Therefore it begs the following questions.

    Who is behind the cover-up in this case and for what reason? What have they got to hide?

    What is the exact relationship between Shropshire Council and Grampian Police in this matter?

    What interest does Grampian Police still have in Anne Greig, she left her hometown 8 years ago?

    Why are Shropshire Council having them followed?

    “Grampian Police found Anne’s mind to be an issue which resulted in her being sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1984).”

    Who exactly did her mind become an issue for. The accused?

    Who had/still have friends in the police and high places?

    Who was/still is afraid of being exposed?

    Why is Shropshire Council carrying on the dirty work of Grampian Police?

    This case STINCTS to high heaven of corruption.

  2. cant believe its going on in 2012 ,some one has to be accountable god bless victims and survivors loves yer Hollie god bless robert we need more like him xxxxx

    • It’s been going on for many years but people are waking up to the fact that our country, it looks like, is being run by Masonic perverts, who control the Police and the judicary. Check out dorsetpolice.com