Letters – Tim Collard (2)

Mr Collard of Legal Services Manager for Shropshire Council sent an email on the 7th August with a very frivolous and contentious reply, one short sentence, which read:

"Dear Mrs Greig

Thank you for your letter, I will discuss it with your solicitor "

Details of his response have been sent to Shropshire Councillors MPs and MSPs.

Our letter to Mr Collard was sent three weeks ago, on the 23rd July 2012, it had nothing whatsoever to do with my Solicitor. It was addressed to Mr Collard in his official capacity. The interference to my Solicitor left us in no doubt he has little regard for Anne and Hollie`s position, thus he is disregarding fundamental principles of his office. In a civil matter when there is no injured party or consent to civil proceedings it can and does in most cases create an injured party. In this case the Greigs are the injured party and yet they are treated like a criminal party due to the actions of individuals who represent various agencies and local authorities.

Mr Collard is avoiding answering the issues contained in our letter to him.

He is failing in his duty of care and is in Breach of Trust as a Public Servant representing Shropshire Council.

He has sought to assert his position in an unprofessional manner.

He is Principal Solicitor for Shropshire Council, he has a duty under the law and Solicitors Regulations Authority.

He is required to adhere to fundamental principals, one of these fundamental principles is to uphold the rule of the law and the proper administration of the Law. We hold Mr Collard to these principals.

The evidence of this abandonment will be firstly the failure on his part to provide confirmation of his Public Oath of Office. Any administration of this "Estate" must be administered at all times by a Justices sworn Public Oath of Office and anything other than this is improper, obtained with non-agreement and under duress and harassment. Therefore this will not provide resolution to this issue.

Before penalties of perjury can be attached, an "Oath" must have been taken and the party must be lawfully sworn in accordance with the Oath act 1978. This confirmation is forthcoming from the justices and will ensure no favour will be provided to the corporation which exists only through a legal entity. Corporations such as Shropshire Council the are "created" and not the "creator." They are represented by trustees and not by beneficiaries.

Mr Collard has a duty as an appointed Public Servant Trustee, his scope of office and the law prohibit him as an individual from interference in other individuals private affairs and any claim over their lives. If he claims he has such a right, then he must provide an affidavit to affirm this.

Should Shropshire Council be willing to address this issue with transparency in an open public forum to which purpose, we will arrange of the hire of a meeting hall? We will be happy to address the points raised in our letter of the 23rd July 2012, should you accept this offer to help remedy and bring these matters to speedy closure.

12 thoughts on “Letters – Tim Collard (2)

  1. The councillors, MP’s, Ombudsman, courts, you name it – they don’t care. They are not interested. They get their grossly inflated salaries (up to circa £150K) and that’s all that matters. They deal with each other on a daily basis and have become cronies. So what if the letter of the law was not followed? It was expedient at the time but things have moved on. These moaning minnies (HDJ) need to get over it and get a life, they think. There is no accountability and I am convinced during the Blair era, word came from on high to do what you want – we won’t bother you, we will protect you as the public are getting away with too much. A hidden hand to break down the old order and show it doesn’t work any more. The time will come when these corrupt public servants will not have any work but that won’t matter as they will have been able to stash the cash while they all robbed the public blind.

    Ask your solicitor to attatch the questions to his letterhead and watch the contempt be expressed likewise to him whereby Tim Collard will have demonstrated in public that he is a fraud and the public will then have grounds to ask what disciplinary action is to be taken by the CEO.

    (See if you can’t consolidate your earlier letter a bit, for to me it was overly drawn out. They are not interested in the oath issue and freeman stuff, they will never respect such, to them it is nonsense as it does not fit their belief system.)

    • You can say what you like but what we are all dealing with here is Masonic corruption and interfierance. Reading between the lines you are saying as moaniing minnies we should exept how it is and play dead. With regard to Tony Bliar (you mention the Bliar era) You may well well find he is a thirty third degree Freemasonic member of the Studholm Lodge. The old boy network has looked after him even though he is a war criminal. His wife sits judicialy but does she judge him?

  2. Shropshie council are abusing there powers and waisting public money Kym Ryley had just left under a cloud
    What is going on there sound like corruprion to me

  3. Having just read an article in the Daily Mail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2188837/Two-Met-Police-officers-smashed-way-aircraft-engineers-home-battering-ram-kidnapped-him.html about the abuse of police power and breach of the public trust in the Michael Docherty case. It is quite obvious that in the Anne and Hollie Grieg story there has been a huge breach of public trust by those in places of authority. The letters you have written are excellent will give Tim Collard indigestion, no wonder he does not want to answer. Keep up the pressure, remember, whatever you focus on, you will bring about. Always keep the focus on defeating those corrupt arse holes who now occupy positions of power in public office – you will get there. This story is now too big and they cannot put out the fire.

  4. “The Original” has hit the nail on the head ! People like “Dull as Lard” are on such mega salaries + pensions that they have become drunk on power and arrogance.

    The best way to get rid of the b’stards is to stand for Office yourself, and then get them booted out.

    As for Blair – the only British Prime Minister ever to be convicted of war crimes, he actually said while in office that he/they “would create a new political elite”.

    And that is what we have now in this country, as it descends into third world status, while the Collards of this world stuff their piggy banks to the max…

    Dull-as-Lard’s face will be a picture when the financial system collapses….

    Dim Tim should enjoy it while he can…. 😉

  5. Note carefully when their back is up against the wall these lawyers will look to their lawyer colleague to try to inveigle a ‘deal’ that will get him out of facing up to his responsibilities?

    To fail to respond to a personally addressed letter in such a manner is contemptible and betrays the character of the person?

    Keep applying the steady pressure on them.

    JC x

  6. send recorded delivery letters to Collard and also to relevant bodies including every councillor on the council….every one, send copies to the police and mps as many people as you can think of. Let Collard know who you have copied to. Contact local press not national.

  7. Miconduct in Public Office, Misfeasance and Abuse of Process- these are the standards that operate in the public services in the UK today.

    Despite the fact that we pay for the salaries of the public sector, they seem to feel safe in the knowledge that they can abuse us, commit crimes and other unlawful acts, yet remain in office. They are unaccountable for thier actions. There is no body to oversee their activities. The Ombudsman is nothing more than a joke.

    The Common Purpose and The Freemasons have great influence in these institutions. Why is it they can behave in this manner and escape any censure?

    There needs to be a change of governance and people need to be made aware they cannot conduct themselves like this.

  8. Shropshire`s Conservative leader Councillor Keith Barrow has refused the requests of main opposition leaders Nigel Hartin (Liberal Democrat) and Alan Mosley (Labour) to hold an inquiry into the abrupt and as yet unexplained departure of Kim Ryley. Along with Tim Collard, Stephen Chandler, Adrian Johnson and Conservative Councillor Aggie Caesar-Homden, Kim Ryley is one of those primarily culpable for the cruel and unnecessary actions perpetrated against Anne and Hollie, at vast expense to the people of Shropshire, who have had knowledge of the true facts of this case denied to them due to the repressive conduct of those officials involved. What is more, Shropshire Council should never have even contemplated involving itself in serious issues that occurred in another country with a shocking human rights record (see Peter Cadder). All of this has got absolutely nothing to do with Shropshire.

    I have been in contact with both opposition leaders and with Owen Paterson MP, who is supposed to work in the interests of his constituents, regardless of personal and/or party loyalties.

  9. If the proper enquiries are not forthcoming forthwith and in the absence of Police support, then it would be of no surprise if the Public make the appropriate citizen arrests?

    If the Dark Actors in charge of the apparatus of the ‘System’ are unwilling or unfit to do their duty to serve the Public according to the Law, then the Public will have no other option than to remove them to ensure that TRUE JUSTICE is done?

    Those Dark Actors were and are only ever the temporary custodians?

  10. Tagged but not gagged eh Robert. I bet they were thrilled to hear from you.
    All the best……you….you….Warrior !!

  11. I should add that Councillor Barrow justified his refusal to countenance an inquiry into Kim Ryley`s departure on the basis of “legal advice” given to him. I asked him if Tim Collard was directly or indirectly involved in providing that advice. He denied that Mr Collard was involved, which may even be true, as he deals with children`s issues.

    However, he has so far declined to answer my question as to whether Claire Porter was involved in giving this advice. Ms Porter was, of course, one of those responsible for abruptly preventing Belinda and me from addressing the full council`s public meeting on 9th December 2010 on the issue of Hollie and Anne.
    Councillor Barrow will not identify anyone who, he claims, issued him with this legal advice.