Link Discovered Between International Association of Prosecutors and Stolen Promis Software

Today, The Abel Danger White House Group announced today it has linked Elish Angiolini’s International Association of Prosecutors to stolen Promis software allegedly used to entrap the pedophiles who raped Hollie Grieg.

Abel Danger’s spokesman, Field McConnell, claims his Crown Agents’ sister, Kristine Marcy, translated the stolen Promis software into French for Angiolini’s Prosecutors who are allegedly engaged in the ongoing spoliation of evidence at crime scenes involving pedophile entrapment and extortion by their Common Purpose agents throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Inslaw, Inc. is a small, Washington, D.C.-based, information technology company. In the mid-1970s, Inslaw developed for the United States Department of Justice a highly efficient, people-tracking, software program known as: Prosecutor’s Management Information System (Promis). Inslaw’s principal owners, William Anthony Hamilton and his wife, Nancy Burke Hamilton, later sued the United States Government (acting as principal to the Department of Justice) for not complying with the terms of the Promis contract and for refusing to pay for an enhanced version of Promis once delivered. This allegation of software piracy led to three trials in separate federal courts and two congressional hearings.

During ensuing investigations, the Department of Justice was accused of deliberately attempting to drive Inslaw into Chapter 7 liquidation; and of distributing and selling stolen software for covert intelligence operations of foreign governments such as Canada, Israel, Singapore, Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan; and of becoming directly involved in murder.

Later developments implied that derivative versions of Enhanced Promis sold on the black market may have become the high-tech tools of worldwide terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden and international money launderers and thieves.

h/t Abel Danger

2 thoughts on “Link Discovered Between International Association of Prosecutors and Stolen Promis Software

  1. Hats off to these guys, what a lot of good work, Thanks to them for keeping us informed with all this valuable information.

  2. The Octopus by Danny Casolaro, this book go’s alot into the Promis software. i wasnt sure if it was still around, this is unreal