London Race against Child Abuse 27 May 2012

Hollie was in everyone’s thoughts today at Truth and Hope’s fund-raising run in Highbury Fields London, to raise funds for the annual UK National Child Protection March & Rally (previously the UK Rally Against Child Abuse) which this year will take place on 29th September in Trafalgar Square.

The run was 5 km as usual and the 28 degree heat was mitigated by a pleasant breeze and the trees which gave welcome shade virtually the entire length of the course. Great place to run, if you have to! and September’s Rally is now funded.


3 thoughts on “London Race against Child Abuse 27 May 2012

  1. Congrats on all the good work, running, and the oxford trip sorry i wasn’t there.
    Anyway I just spotted……
    Douglas Carswell MP is a winner in the Private Members’ Bill ballot and has decided to crowd-source his Bill.
    So Admin: can you get the word out to everyone, lets bombbard him with ‘holliedemandsjustice’

    Regards Brendan.