‘Lulls between action’

Lulls in campaigns are not only permissible, they are essential. Breaks in activity are needed in order to allow time for reflection on what has already happened, to consider how effective strategies deployed to date have proved and based on conclusions reached, to plan out the next moves.

Campaigning is a bit like surfing. The underlying activity of the sea is constant, so too that of the campaign, and yet there are pauses between ‘waves’. Waves are all in campaigning, as in surfing, yet they couldn’t happen without the pauses between.

Let no one be deceived by occasional ‘lulls’ in this campaign, therefore. The chief campaigner of the past 3 years whose personal charisma and dedication created a massive wave propelling the campaign forward is now behind bars and the other side are gleefully predicting that the campaign will collapse!

Yet let no one ignore the fact that Hollie’s campaign for justice has already been going over 12 years – what is 3 years set against 12! Although it’s been a particularly busy 3 years, certainly, thanks to Robert.

While Robert’s enormous personal contribution to Hollie’s campaign is without question, everyone should be reminded that Anne and especially Hollie herself have been its driving force throughout the whole past 12 years. I know Hollie quite well by now and she is absolutely not a quitter. 

We are dealing here with a unique person who kept quiet about the torment she was enduring for 14 whole years of her childhood in order to protect her beloved mother and her pet dogs from her nasty, abusive father who, as if to prove the point, murdered her uncle of whom she was extremely fond, when he saw with his own eyes what was going on.

If things get slack in this campaign and there is too long a lull in the action, you can be sure Hollie will get restive and start goading Anne to do something. It must be clear by now Hollie’s campaign for justice is not going to go away, any more than is the eternal sea, ever beckoning new surfers, courageous people wishing to test their mettle and experience the thrill of riding the waves.

Each wave in this campaign brings the end of child-abuse on this planet closer! [What is more horrible than sexually violating, torturing and even murdering our precious young].

My own aim in this campaign is to eliminate child-abusers at the very least from public life. I have a kind of hunch that if those in positions of professional or public trust privately engage in bestial and cruel acts against children, their judgement on the political and professional front cannot but be warped BECAUSE THEY LACK NORMAL HUMAN EMPATHY & SENSITIVITY, NOT TO MENTION MORALITY.

How they got to be this way is beyond me, yet I absolutely know I do not wish such people to continue in positions of public trust and I would go as far as to say that if we demoted such people from public service, most of the ills which perennially assail human society would significantly reduce, starting with wars and terrorism and going on down.

2 thoughts on “‘Lulls between action’

  1. Has anyone researched the conduct of the former Chief Constable of Grampian Police in relation to the way tGrampian Police handled Hollie’s case?

    Ian Oliver was forced to stand down after he was condemned for his force’s handling of a child murder enquiry. This involved a boy aged nine who was murdered by a convicted paedophile in 2010. It was thought that the boy was being abused by a paedophile gang.

    Could this Ian Oliver be any relation to Craig Oliver, Director of Communications at 10 Downing Street? He was appointed in March 2011, after Coulson resigned due to the allegations over the Murdoch phone hacking scandal. Could Ian Oliver be his father perhaps?

    This could be an explanation for the failure of MPs to do anything, or ask questions about Hollie’s case. It has links to the top of the British government.

  2. Yes, Craig Oliver is indeed the son of Dr Ian Oliver, CC of Grampian police in the ’90s up till April 1998. The 9 year old boy, Scott Simpson was murdered the previous summer in 1997 not 2010 and Grampian were considered to have been remiss regarding their search for him. It was this Chief Constable also who presided over the non-investigation of Anne’s brother’s suspicious death in 1997.