5 thoughts on “Major Slip of the Tongue

  1. Well done HDJ, we knew when we read your post about the article the interview with Dragon and Major published by the Herald, at some point, Sylvia Major and Wyn Dragon would be exposed as a liars. It was very obvious from their body language, they were lying. It was just a question of time. Now the whole world can see what a LIAR Major is. They have scored a HOME GOAL thanks to the film crew from hell.. ha ha….and thus serve to increase the deep respect we have already for Anne and Hollie and all who support them, enormously. The Truth will always out!! We will continue watching this space and share this latest news with all we know on our list!!

  2. Not just a lie, proof of a lie. How many more and just how low will the facebook friends stoop to obstruct justice.
    What goes around comes around, in the natural order of things.
    Moles will be caught out when they come up for air, they live in darkness.

  3. This may be a hugely influential development…

    There can be no doubt that this person lied?

    Why lie if you have nothing to hide?

    The trouble with liars is that they do not possess the moral reasoning to differentiate between truth and lies?

    By definition, they are unhappy to accept the consequences of their actions?

    If this person can lie to a prearranged video propaganda event to portray to the public how she would want to appear, then is it likely that she may have lied when giving evidence under oath?

    Any Crown Prosecutor and Sheriff, where this person has given evidence on oath in Court as a Crown Witness in a successful prosecution, must now be apoplectic with rage given these revelations and must now seriously consider that there is in the Public Domain a serious question mark over the safety of a verdict?

    The Crown choose their own witnesses?

  4. She is quite clearly lying through her teeth….. and the Herald reporter is one of her “friends” on Facebook !

    So much for any claims of “objective reporting” by the Herald.