Megrahi and the corruption of Scottish Judges

A controversial report from the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) has remained secret for five years because, until now, no-one had permission to publish it.

The Sunday Herald yesterday published the full 800-page report detailing why the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing could have walked free.

There has long been held the view that the Lockerbie affair was a black op, an atrocity ‘created’ to instil fear in the public mind and usher in draconian anti terror legislation, and many others have always believed that Magrahi was merely the patsy in this story. This report goes some way to proving that.

But what this report does prove conclusively is the sheer levels of corruption and complicity by the Scottish judiciary in a cover up that rivals Dunblane and the Hollie Greig story.

The Sunday Herald has chosen to publish the full report online to allow the public to see for themselves the analysis of the evidence which could have resulted in the acquittal of Megrahi. Under Section 32 of the Data Protection Act, journalists can publish in the public interest. They have made very few redactions to protect the names of confidential sources and private information.

Click here to read the report in full  (pdf 10.6Mb)

The publication of the report adds weight to calls for a full public inquiry into the atrocity – something for which many of the relatives have been campaigning for more than two decades.

We concur with that call for a public enquiry, to be followed immediately by full public enquiries into the coverups by the Scottish Judiciary of both the Hollie Greig story and Dunblane. All those involved in these coverups must now be uncovered, and it must be done publicly. They must no longer be allowed to rely on their positions of power to hide their dark secrets. They must all be brought before the court of public opinion as well as the law.

One thought on “Megrahi and the corruption of Scottish Judges

  1. A full public inquiry is needed into the Scottish Judiciary surrounding the Hollie Greig case they must not be allowed to rely on their positions of power to hide the corruption that is going on in Scotland and especially round this case. Hollie and her mother have been through enough this is a national scandal