New battle for Britain’s children urgently needed

The Daily Mail paints a depressing and disturbing picture of Britain’s children under continuous and constant attack from ubiquitous predatory paedophiles, a situation only comparable to the whole of Britain itself being under attack by Hitler’s bombers in World War Two.

For a child, to have an adult looming over your body with deadly intent and being powerless to repel that horrible, invasive and painful force must feel not dissimilar to being about to be subjected to a bombing raid.

We need to launch a new Battle of Britain to protect the nation’s children from these invaders and violators or their childhood and winning Hollie’s battle for justice is exactly the right place to start.

So why then didn’t the Daily Mail’s ‘map’ extend to Scotland – was the Mail threatened by Levy & McRae, by any chance?!

(LINK to Daily Mail article)

Coincidentally, Tuesday’s Evening Express conveys the information that there are 222 sex offenders in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen represents approximately 10% of the population of Scotland, indicating there may be some 2200 offenders throughout Scotland and they may not be paedophiles, just rapists in general. Which is bad enough, but does anyone spot a discrepancy between Scotland and the rest of Britain here?

(LINK to Evening Express article)


2 thoughts on “New battle for Britain’s children urgently needed

  1. Just a thought, I have seen banners and t shirts proclaiming, “Hollie Demands Justice.” I would like to offer another phrase, “I Demand Justice for Hollie.”

    • Keith,
      Thank you for this suggestion. This comment has been forwarded to Anne for her consideration.