No Vandals Here, Only Good Hearted Scots!

Savile’s former Glencoe Home Used to Bring Public Attention to the Hollie Greig Case.

“THE Highland hideaway of shamed former TV personality Jimmy Savile has been targeted by vandals for the third time.”

The Scotsman states:
THE Highland hideaway of shamed former TV personality Jimmy Savile has been targeted by vandals for the third time.

Orange paint was sprayed on the walls and windows of the cottage in Glencoe which follows two earlier attacks on the property earlier this month.

A symbol of an eye inside a triangle was part of the graffiti, copying an image from a previous vandalism.

Allt Na Reigh cottage was boarded up and whitewashed after two earlier incidents. The latest attack occurred overnight on Sunday into Monday.

A Northern Constabulary spokesman said police were investigating and appealed for information from the public.

Whilst the HDJ campaign cannot condone vandalism, what is very clear is that investigating graffiti on the property of a dead child abuser has a much higher priority for police in Scotland than properly investigating the child abuse that Anne & Hollie have waited 12 years for.

We wonder whether the mainstream media will publish this very public statement of the Hollie Greig case hidden in the depths of Scotland, or whether as in the past the likes of Levy & McRae will get to silence them first.


Seems we are not the only ones to notice the lack of media attention. The Scottish Law Reporter has noted the following:

Justice for Hollie Greig slogans on Savile cottage have curiously not featured in national media coverage A cottage situated in Glencoe the Scottish Highlands which belonged to the deceased BBC celebrity Sir Jimmy Savile OBE KCSG who is now accused of hundreds of acts of child abuse, has been vandalised for a second time, with the words “Justice for Hollie Greig” painted in orange along its exterior walls.

However, while earlier graffiti painted on the cottage was pictured in the national media, consisting of masonic symbols and slogans of “Jimmy the Beast”, campaigners have today pointed out to Scottish Law Reporter that all further reports on vandalism at the cottage, where it is alleged abuse took place, have refrained from any mention of graffiti mentioning the Hollie Greig case, which saw a journalist & campaigner jailed for handing out leaflets calling for an inquiry into allegations of abuse against downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig, and the existence of a paedophile group in the Aberdeen area.


4 thoughts on “No Vandals Here, Only Good Hearted Scots!

  1. I understand that the BBC in Scotland announced that new grafitti had been daubed on Savile`s cottage, but only showed the previous words. Why can no one in Scotland be allowed to see the words “Hollie Greig”?

    Could the BBC be afraid of something?

  2. This is the BBC’s desperate and cynical attempt to try to contain the truth.

    It is not just their failure to report on the graffiti, which is blatant enough but the other night the BBC Newsnight Scotland presenter completely disenfranchised BBC Scotland from having anything to do with BBC Newsnight and the pedophile enabling allegations….

    Oh dear…..

  3. Yet again it is typical of the masonic media to use specific words and statments to lead the public down a dead-end.
    Whoever did this act of graffiti was clearly Not a ‘vandal’, but a very well informed activist. This act may be ‘illegal’ but it was not wrong.
    There is absoulutly nothing wrong with graffiti if its purpose is to expose the truths of grave injustices by an evil sinister and satnic elite.
    There should be more of it!!
    My thoughts on this ‘case’ for the Police to hunt down this ‘vandal’, do they Really want to find the person who did this? Would the pedophilic elite really want to hear the name ‘Hollie Greig’ booming through the masonic courts in defence of this act of ‘vandalism’? Time will tell.