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Date – Wed, 25 Jul 2012 18:27:28 +0100
Subject – NOTICE


Mel Ve,

I refer to your interview with Sylvia Major, Wyn Dragon, Sarah Mcleod, Rachel Kheely and a woman calling herself Latex Lil on your Freedom Central Radio show on Sunday 22 July, 2012. You titled this interview “Hollie Greig Hoax Freedom Central Radio 22 July 2012,” made in 13 parts. In the interview you begin by referring to me, Anne Greig, as being: “One potentially sick woman.” There are other defamatory and false statements made by your guests throughout the entire video, e.g. “Anne is paranoid,” “Dr Carter said he found no evidence of sexual abuse,” “Anne is mentally unstable,” “obvious blatant lies and inconsistencies” “vengeful, mentally ill woman.”

Also stated: “Hollie has never been abused,” this flies in the face of medical evidence, decisions by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority for which victims are only compensated after a thorough examination of the allegations raised. It is only after cases have been tested and proven by the board. will make compensatory awards, as happened in Hollie’s case.

These and other allegations made are totally unfounded in your programme are totally untrue, defamatory, slanderous and malicious. I therefore give you notice to remove all these videos and issue a full public apology. If you fail to do this, I will instruct my solicitors to issue proceedings in damages for slander and defamation without further notice.

You have 7 days to respond to this email and to remedy the situation.

By: Anne:Greig


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