Official Documents leaked

We want to point out the following information to our supporters – and the public at large that official documents relating to the case and personal data are being leaked to a certain hoax site who are then fabricating and doctoring official documents and information and telling lies.

The following is a prime example of this Damming Evidence

There is a document displayed on the said hoax site which is claimed to be the Death Certificate of Robert David Greig, it is in fact a F11 Form (not a public document). This was completed by the doctor who pronounced Robert officially dead and who also carried out the autopsy, his name is Dr James Grieve, pathologist. Further, he was a colleague of Terry Major who’s wife Sylvia is one of the self proclaimed administrators of this particular rogue site.

This official document (F 11 Form), is NOT a death certificate, it is a medical certificate. This is given to the Next of Kin of the deceased to give to the Registrar. Here is a written quote from a Registrar.

“…this form is addressed to the registrar and these details are recorded for the purpose of the death registration.  No one can visit a registrar to ask to view any information, which is written on a Form 11 as this information is confidential…”

The Next of Kin then take this official document to the Registrar, in return they are given a Death Certificate for the deceased. The Registrar then sends this official document to Edinburgh where it is archived with all the rest of the official documents of deceased people in Scotland. The F11 Form, is an official Medical Certificate and is NOT available to be seen by any member of public, ONLY deaths certificates can be accessed.

So where did those administrators of the hoax site get a copy of this Official Document from, there are only three official authorities that would/could have had sight of this document before it was filed away by the registrar.

1) Dr James Grieve who did the autopsy, he would have retained a copy for his records.
2) Grampian police, as Robert’s autopsy was done on their premises, they possibly would have retained a copy.
3) The Procurator Fiscal, although it is unlikely they would retain a copy.

Here is an official response from a Scottish Registrar:

“In response to your query regarding the Medical Certificate Form 11 – This form is completed by a GP, hospital doctor, or a pathologist and the person completing these will hand the form to the family of the deceased for retention by the registrar at the time of the registration of death. These are kept by the registrar and are not accessible to the public thereafter.”

“… the Form 11s come in book form and the Doctor who completes it keeps the counterfoil for their records. The police would not ever complete a form 11, but if they have sight of one for whatever reason then there is always a possibility that they may have taken a photocopy of it.”

We now know that OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS are being leaked by OFFICIAL SOURCES.

Who do you think is responsible for leaking the said Official Document and WHY!

2 thoughts on “Official Documents leaked

  1. This is an extremely worrying development?

    If the Authorities are honest, impartial and transparent why would they have an interest in supplying a known twisted group of hoaxers private & confidential documents to be used for fraudulent purposes?

    As this seems to be a crime under the Data Protection Act, then it will be interesting to see if the Authorities will take appropriate action against the perpetrators or whether silence and inaction will tell it’s own story?

    Time will tell?……

  2. We find it interesting that Jon Stevenson admits they have a police contact in Grampian Police ,no suprise as they already have Bernard/Bernie Oneil , Rachel Keeley, aka M Oneils husband in Greg Watkins police forces police board .

    In addition Jon Stevenson has stooped to a new low here:

    where Jon unsolicitedly contacts John Smithies and then despite his pleas not to publish his e mails due to legal reasons,PUBLISHES them!

    If was indeed a victim of being fooled have they not just compounded that ?