Outsiders on the Inside

Fighting the Government, protesting against wrongs or standing up for your rights will always be a difficult task to undertake, especially when all the cards are stacked against you.

If your protest, group or cause gains momentum, there are an army of government officials, lawyers and undercover operatives who are ready to attempt to destroy it, and if that fails, then to guide it into dead ends, or worst case into prison for those who dare to oppose the status quo.

We have all seen the government response against the environmental campaigners, and whether we agreed with the campaigners  objectives or not, the methods used by the establishment to infiltrate, spoil from the inside and eventually to imprison those campaigners still beggars belief. That campaign alone outed 7 embedded police officers, the most famous of which was Mark Kennedy, and the repercussions of his defection is still being dealt with.

Then there is the case of Jim Boyling, embedded police officer in the Reclaim the Streets campaign. Boyling was undercover, using the name Jim Sutton, between 1995 and 2000 in the campaign Reclaim the Streets, which organised colourful, nonviolent demonstrations against the overuse of cars, such as blocking roads and holding street parties.

But the real damage is done when, as has now been exposed, Police Chiefs authorised undercover officers embedded in protest groups to give false evidence in court in order to protect their undercover status. When Boyling went into the witness box at the trial, he swore under oath that he was Sutton, and gave evidence under questioning from the barrister for the defendants and the prosecution, according to a legal note of the hearing.

As defence lawyers said at the time:

“This case raises the most fundamental constitutional issues about the limits of acceptable policing, the sanctity of lawyer-client confidentiality, and the integrity of the criminal justice system. At first sight, it seems that the police have wildly overstepped all recognised boundaries.”

So far in 2011, eight official inquiries have been set up to examine the conduct of police and prosecutors after the exposure of a network of police spies in political movements. We have little doubt they will change nothing.

But the practice still goes on, and ‘Hollie Demands Justice’ is just another campaign that has been heavily infiltrated over the past two years, spoiling campaign tactics and guiding the campaign to the point where Robert Green was jailed. There is still an ongoing effort to isolate Anne and Hollie from those closest to her, or goading Anne via email and the website in an attempt to make her say or do things that may break laws, rulings or court orders, making her and Hollie more vulnerable to the whims of those whose sole job is to shut them up using the powers of the State and secret courts.

So today we have decided that it is time to clear the decks a little. It is time that we presented the evidence on two of our own embedded infiltrators, primarily because another facebook group has gone rogue, where the supporters are shut out and the detractors are left to pull the admin strings giving free reign protecting the perpetrators of Hollies abuse. In the lead up to his imprisonment, the same individuals did exactly the same thing with Roberts blogspot.

In Scotland the key players around Robert Green are the one who calls himself John Taylor and his girlfriend Sarah McLeod.

John Taylor is not his real name, he told Robert that his real name was Stephen Milne, also an untruth. He claims to work in a builders merchants packing plaster board, also untrue.

It is our belief that he works for UKBA, the UK Border Agency at Aberdeen Airport. How do we come to this conclusion, from his internet footprint. We have had emails from him directly, we have comments from him on the HDJ site, and we have Contact Us forms from him. All of these methods collect the senders IP address.

Cross referencing that IP address with the HDJ and FRG system stats, we can clearly see that the IP address comes from high security air side communications equipment at Aberdeen Airport. It is supplied by SITA, (societe internationale telecommunications aeronautique), and at Aberdeen is supplied into only two areas of the airport. (I checked)

1. The Air traffic control room, for secure communications with other airports and direct links to aircraft.
2. The UKBA offices in the airport.

Here you see one of his visits earlier today. This is just one of many screengrabs of our system stats which clearly show that the IP address is owned by SITA. It is the same IP address in his emails and on comments. i.e. fully triangulated and confirmed.

Given the amount of time that he spends online, and the working pattern, we have concluded that he can only be using it from the UKBA area, and is not equipment available for use by civilians.

The Grey suit is ‘Taylor’. Other pics available including video.

His Girlfriend Sarah McLeod is a freelancer working for BBC Frontline Scotland, amongst her other activities, which mainly stem around her ‘art’, all freely referenced on the internet.

It was this woman, along with another in Liverpool whose background we will divulge in due course, who works occasionally as a freelancer for BBC Merseyside, that tried desperately to get the Buchanan expenses and time line documents in Belinda’s post called ‘Serendipity in Stonehaven’ taken down, both became abusive because they no longer had direct access to the HDJ website, Sarah referred to Anne as liar for spreading rumours about Buchanan, even though Buchanan’s lawyers has presented Robert with the documents, and the rest you have seen on both Roberts blog and now the Facebook page, which we understand is a page created on the Sarah McLeod personal Facebook profile.

You may also recall that at one of Robert’s interim diets in November 2011 there had been an appearance by a Scottish Sun reporter. In the days preceeding that hearing, Sarah McLeod wrote to Anne suggesting it would be a good idea if she wrote a post thanking Robert for all his help, even suggesting the wording. It was not until after that hearing the reason became clear. They all thought they had talked Robert into pleading guilty. He refused, his council walked away and the smear campaign against Robert began.

Before Robert’s jailing we obtained confirmation from both Robert and Belinda that it was Taylor/McLeod who set up Roberts blogspot, and provided him with microblogging software for his computer so that he could post, as at the technology level Robert is a self confessed dodo. This then left Taylor/McLeod as the only admins for his site as you cannot administer using microblogging software, only post/edit.

Over the past months Belinda has also confirmed that they took her email password in order to set her access up, and consequently we are aware that Belinda has had all her emails read before she receives them, on her btinternet account. She has now been issued with a holliedemandsjustice email address she can use when discussing campaign stuff.

For us the accumulated evidence, of which only some is presented here is overwhelming. Taylor/McLeod are embedded campaign disruptor’s, state paid (UKBA & BBC), and they have done the Hollie Demands Justice campaign and Robert Green an enormous amount of harm.

They now have a lack of inside campaign information, so they need to goad on whichever site they have admin rights to, Facebook, GL-W or Roberts own blog. Here at HDJ we have learned to starve them of that oxygen.

It is a situation that we see and hear repeatedly from other families fighting the system for their own children, children that are being purloined by the State in what is fast becoming evident as a business, now currently running at 10,000 a year, State run and operated child trafficking.

That the abuse and corruption is at the highest level amongst lawyers, judges, police officers, councillors, MPs and Ministers means that in their eyes campaigns like Hollie Demands Justice are dangerous, a security risk, not national security, but their own, so infiltrators will continue to be used.

We fully expect there will be a backlash from our publishing this information, more smears, more attacks on those around Anne, personal vilification, made up lies, false documents/emails/faxes etc purporting to come from Anne or her team.. but stick with us, there is more to come, there are others to out… we won’t take this State interference lying down.


And a backlash there has been. A whole raft of doctored emails, personal vilification by the bucket load, and questions raised over the accuracy of the technical proof.

We will ignore the vilification and emails for the moment, and answer some of the items raised by Taylor, and throw in a few more.

Firstly, he claims the IP address linked to his machine is based in Ireland, so lets deal with that one first. This is the ‘tool’ that was used to make their claim. http://www.reputationauthority.org/lookup.php?ip=

Those location maps do not show the location of the individual terminal, they show you the
internet breakout point of the network you are on, in Taylors case, the SITA network, the point where the SITA network joins the rest of the WWW. It is also known as the Network Barrier Gateway and is designed to stop unwanted internet traffic. The SITA network operated from the IoM covers every airport in the UK&Ireland.

As an example, try putting your own IP address into that same software. You probably expect it to show where you live or where the PC you are using is located.
You can get your own IP address from here. http://whatismyipaddress.com/

What you actually see is where your own network provider (BTinternet, Sky, Virgin, etc)  joins the rest of the WWW, not where you live. Our technical experts use much more professional equipment.

Secondly, Taylor/Milne, according to his facebook page, claims to work in a paper packaging factory, Mondi Packaging Aberdeen. Unfortunately Mondi have an exclusive contract with BT for the supply of all internet and email services, so any web browsing or emails would show up as the BT network not SITA.

Thirdly, lets look at the Milne facebook page. Needing to create a persona that could be shown to Robert, it was created in May 2010 as a page on the back of an older account, and given its own direct url when Facebook introduced those last year. But for those of you who have been around this campaign from the beginning, the name in this original facebook redirect url will be most significant.


We think that may be rather damning.



21 thoughts on “Outsiders on the Inside

  1. No argument here, this has been evident for a long time. Let the schills do their worst and we will do our best for Hollie, Anne and Robert, they are what a sense of decency is all about.
    Excellent article. Thanks.

  2. I fully agree with the stance taken from HDJ site as site security can be ‘controlled’ and users followed. Perhaps as in Mark Kennedy fiasco when he purports to have ‘fallen in love’ we could have one of the invaders turn, but I doubt it very much Gov lechies stay Gov lechies. I was a frequent poster on the Fb site admin by Sandra but now I just read, preferring to go my own routes in research and judgements, it does interest me the ‘take’ by certain names and comments they post as this ‘rogue’ Hollie.demands site has built up since Novemebr last year. This being the official and sanctioned site for Hollie & Anne is where I come to follow first hand info and participate occasionally. As a long time resident in the ‘aiburdeen’ area I am now, after the story of DEF and McKerracher and Oliver links casting my memory and have decided to look into Nazareth House Claremont Street Aberdeen, I recall some stories circulating a few years back concerning abuse at this church establishement that has been children and elderly care residential, just wondering where it takes me. Aberdeen in effect in my opinion is and has a ‘fishing village mentallity’ im convinced if enough is unearthed this may be an avenue of discovery to the overarching scandal of Hollie and Anne. Anyone with time and inclination dig into Nazareth House.

  3. Well done, It had to be done.. JUSTICE for Hollie & Anne and FREE Robert Green

  4. You must have put a lot of hard work and time into this,very well done to all involved in exposing these dispicable people.

  5. I remember a fews years back, that there was a massive recruitment drive for the ‘secret service’. 140,000 extra bods I think, I guess they needed them for something. I have a friend whose daughter went through the selection process. It was, I believe, not unlike mind control programming.

    • i remember that, a freind of my x went for an interview, then all of a sudden stopped talking about it and was earning a living somehow,, is there anyone who can give me more details about what organisations where involed etc,, i may be a bit naive, but what sort of person could try to undermine a campaigne such as this, do they have no morals atall…

  6. If you are a good person you do unfortunately get scammed because you don’t appreciate how underhand people can be. It can take a few incidents before you realise and it looks like Robert was set up with his legal counsel etc. I’ve arrived at a point in my own life where I don’t readily trust anyone and it’s a horrible way to be but you have to protect yourself. Keep being vigilant, and only trust a very few people who have proved their loyalty. “Taylor” and Macleod are complete maggots, very nasty people to be pitied because they are so heartless but kept well away from the campaign.

  7. Nazareth House, 34 Claremont St, Aberdeen AB10 6RA.



    The Guardian, Saturday 12 April 2003

    Article: Sisters of no mercy.

    In the pre- and post-war period, orphans were often sent to homes run by religious orders, such as the Sisters of Nazareth. There they found a disciplined regime which, they say, tipped over into violence. Now, decades later, more than 500 former inmates are suing the nuns for damages.

  8. In the fascist state that is the UK today, anyone seen as “subversive” or who questions the establishment, can expect to be targetted by the security services. Read the books and accounts of David Shayler and Annie Mahon, both ex MI5 officers. They reveal that the security services “card” people who engage in activities that they consider pose a threat, or are, “of interest” for other reasons. It doesn’t take much for them to bug people, or put them under surveillance.

    In view of the fact that Hollie has named prominent people as her abusers, the authorities will be worried and see this campaign as a threat. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that some people will have had their phones bugged. Maybe their homes too. It is easy for them to fit a tracker device on cars to follow movements of their occupants.

    Others who support the campaign will be monitored as well. The govenment has put a lot of funding into GCHQ as well as the security services.

    It is possible that some who pose as supporters will be acting undercover for the authorities.

    It goes to show that they are worried, so we have achieved something.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this, I am very relieved that this is now out in the open, as core team members will know I have come under the most despicable attacks from these people. They started a whispering campaign about me, private messaging Hollie and Robert supporters on Facebook and discrediting me. They tried every trick they could think off to get rid of me, and my “Support for Hollie Greig and Robert Green” group.
    Just one of the long list of tricks they pulled was to hack Belinda’s email address, they then would send me on information they had acquired from hacking core team members emails, their point of this was to make me think that Belinda and Co. were passing my emails onto them. Their objective was to make me feel paranoid and leave the campaign, unfortunately for them, I trust Anne and Belinda implicitly, and all their attempts to make me distrust them, have just shown me how despicable they are.
    I have known for some time that these people were not acting in the campaigns best interests, it is a relief that it is now out in the open. For two years now they have thrown everything they have at this campaign, and the core team is still here, and the campaign still strong. We have now exposed another two infiltrators, but they will be replaced, and new agents will be assigned to this case, this has been the pattern so far, unfortunately for them, we now all recognise their tactics, and we can spot them from a distance now.
    Hollie’s army marches on, and there will be justice!
    Big thank you for this article, Sandra Barr.

  10. It is my personal opinion that people who consent to act as infiltrators are the lowest of the low and exposing them is what’s needed. Having said that, with HDJ’s best interests in mind, I believe it’s always better to present evidence without making direct accusations. Let the evidence speak for itself and protect yourself from legal attacks….use of phrases such ‘I believe it is possible’, ‘may suggest’ are also good protectors. Keep up the excellent work in uncovering and exposing, safely, any infiltrator scum.

  11. This is what I’ve just posted on the main genuine and oldest F/Book site run by Sandra Barr who is a jewel unlike others I could mention Hi Sandra and everyone, just dropped by for once, very nice site you have here and full of my good friends, why haven’t I been here before? ! (because I’m still in the Jurassic period and haven’t evolved as far as F/Book). Tonight feel very cheerful as WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!! which I take as a sign we’re having an effect out there in certain quarters, great! and I personally am just so jubilant that I no longer have to pussyfoot around re. John Taylor/Stephen Milne and Sarah McLeod for the sake of not upsetting Robert. He’s noticed of course that they are about the only ones amongst all the supporters who haven’t written to him in prison. So when I told him today It’s Official – THEY ARE TRAITORS – they’ve set up a website for the sole purpose of slagging your most loyal supporters off! for once he was unfazed and we straight away moved on to other more interesting topics. So Stephen and Sarah do your worst, water off at duck’s back at this stage but it was nice of you to stow the placards in your car at Stonehaven Sarah and you do draw very well, good luck to the both of you in your next assignment but please for the sake of your public reputations if not souls don’t attack those standing up for abused children as it really doesn’t look good.

  12. All I’m going to say here at this point in time is what everyone has to be sensitive to at all times; to be very scrupulous in our connections, associations and affiliations.

    Every initiative throughout history that has been sabotaged was done so via infiltration by association and through association, betrayal. There are connections presenting Hollie’s case which I for one and highly suspicious of in their connections which are available to anyone seriously concerned.

    The question I have, is why doesn’t anyone else seem to ‘notice’ this?

    Much as my heart’s desire rests in the exposure and punishment of those involved in deviancy and especially those entrusted to protect our children, I will not be led under any umbrella of a movement containing the very seeds of destruction.

    I have no intention to further fan any flames of dissent, for discord only serves the current waves of implanted ‘infighting’ we’re seeing everywhere in the old divide and rule strategy.

    But I would ask those most closely connected to consider a source of betrayal closer to home via association as they cannot afford to be in any way naive or complacent about whom they trust.

    Each and every claim by those purporting to help children anywhere, anytime, anyplace must be checked out as to the real meaning and purpose behind their ‘kindness’ philanthropy and altruism so that we don’t get fooled again!

    The children cannot afford such stupidity or carelessness.

  13. Interesting to see that the students of St Hugh’s College and the Oxford Students Union have formed an all-new Facebook group to spread awareness of the Hollie Greig / Robert Green cases and keep the dodgy Dame – Elish Angiolini – from taking up the elected post of Principal this September and threatening the faculty with her seizure via the medium of a citizen’s arrest under the statutes of Section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984.



  14. At some time in the future those acting in support of this corrupt regime will be brought before our common law courts and tried by a jury of their peers.

    The support we are receiving has reached levels which now make us a force to be reckoned with and a force for good. The momentum we have is now unstoppable.

    This is a warning to anybody who thinks that the state will protect them. IT WON’T and your time in the dock is fast approaching. You have a narrow window of opportunity to change sides and join us – the people. Ignore this opportunity at your peril… for a long prison sentence for ‘treason against the people’ awaits you and your kind.

    You have been warned.

    Roger Hayes
    Chairman. The British Constitution Group.
    Reasserting our constitution and the rule-of-law

  15. It is easy for those of us who have not suffered the constant attempts of character assassination to say – ignore them. Mobbing is another form of injustice of which we are fighting. Now that attackers are getting a taste of their own medicine in order to redress the balance after all this time, I will just say “Not nice is it?
    Roll on Anne, Hollie and Robert and those close to you. May the light of truth always shine on you and protect you..

  16. Rusty on March 11, 2012 at 10:24 am said:
    Interesting to see that the students of St Hugh’s College and the Oxford…………

    It is so good to see that students still have the capacity of free-thought, not yet having been leadership-trained into banality. ‘Follow my State leader’ is currently the favourite political game.
    Stay open-minded guys & gals and avoid behavioural change like the plague.
    Good luck to you all,
    thanks to Rusty for the update.

  17. Just to let you know there are some suspect troll postings on the David Icke forum thread on this page – http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=201131&page=13

    Not for public consumption – edit as you see fit. I’m baglady2012 on the forum.

    Things must be getting uncomfortable for the scumbags. You have enough on your plate. It’s terrible what these detractors do and I feel sorry for them.

  18. You have to wonder where they find these people who go out of their way to undermine and destroy a movement like this. These scumbags must have some cess pit somewhere, where they breed black souls and pull them out for use when needed.

  19. Nice exposure work here. It makes you wonder just who these detractors work for, what they have to hide and who they are really protecting – and why !!!