Oxford & Cherwell Valley College – a cover up?

On Friday The UKColumn published an article on their website which was originally published in their latest newspaper, about allegations of some particularly nasty events at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College.

In an email from their editor we are told that this morning, they received what can only be described as a highly intimidatory demand to take the article down from a lady called Ann Wilstead, who described herself as head of the College’s marketing department. She demanded to know the source of the article, which naturally they refused to give, and they demanded the article be taken down immediately.

The reaction of the College was very reminiscent of that of Eilish Angiolini and Levy & McRae when they began publishing articles on the Hollie Greig scandal – confrontational and bullying.

UKColumn say they have no intention of taking the article down. They say there seems to be a massive cover up going on, and that their initial article doesn’t scratch the surface. The allegations behind the article, *from multiple sources*, need to be investigated properly by the police, which has so far failed to happen, just as with Hollie. Why?

UKColumn would therefore like to raise the awareness of this article in order to put pressure on the authorities to begin a proper investigation.

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