Police interest in Hollie Greig

We know that the Police are not interested in any further investigations into the Hollie case, they have made that very clear,
so we are intrigued by the almost daily appearance of the Police on the Hollie website.

Are they looking for something that they can use against us, are they looking for a snippet that they can use in a future investigation, or are they keeping an eye on whats going on for the powers that be in Scotland during their prosecution of Robert Green.

Especially interesting are the downloads that the Police visitor has made. We think that a FOI request might be applicable here, to find out what the official response is to this use of police resources.

2 thoughts on “Police interest in Hollie Greig

  1. Lets hope they`re going to investigate the allegations. Why would the scottish establishment spend so much money, to cover up something that didn`t happen.

  2. How wonderful, at last the police are taking an interest in Hollie’s abuse! Hopefully they will now arrest her abusers and have them face trial!
    This can be the only explanation for them visiting the web site….I mean……surely they are not visiting so as they can protect her abusers further, and persecute Hollie, Anne and Robert further!