Police Prepared To Murder To Conceal Corruption Says NOTW Journalist

Appearing at the Leveson Inquiry, former News of the World reporter Paul McMullan made some damning allegations against Establishment figures.

The most damning of all was his ‘allegation’ that police officers are prepared to commit murder to prevent their corruption being exposed.

Was this an innuendo to the murder of Daniel Morgan? The slain private detective was about to expose extensive corruption in the Met ‘Police’ but was cut down with an axe before he opened his mouth.

The connections between corrupt cops and NOTW journo-crooks is well documented now and there is much more to come…

And Paul McMullan clearly knows a great deal more than he has let slip thus far. His style at Leveson was brash and arrogant. He could not conceal his outright contempt for the police.

Of course McMullan knows the ‘police’ only too well and his  arrest me if you dare attitude is borne of the fact that he knows where the bodies are buried as it were.

Should the public take him seriously? I would argue yes and my own attempts to expose institutionalised corruption inside Nottinghamshire ‘Police’ have convinced me that bent cops will do anything to conceal their crimes and that includes murder.

Trying to expose police corruption in Britain is a mammoth task. The press are not interested in exposing bent cops and News International have never been in that business.

The Home Office are just as bad and always take the side of their police puppets. The IPCC has a proven track record as a professional whitewash brigade and the public can have no faith in that exoneration ‘service’.

The only chance the public have to expose police corruption is through the medium of citizen journalism. It works but it is dangerous business and the ‘police’ will blacklist anyone who dares to expose their corruption. They prefer people to use the IPCC whitewash avenue but that is a complete waste of time.

I have great admiration for the family of Daniel Morgan and their tireless campaign for justice. Citizen journalism by Alastair Morgan through blogging and social media has kept his murdered brother’s memory fresh in the public domain.

As much as I find many of Paul McMullan’s stunts revolting, I respect his complete honesty about police corruption and the crimes of his News International bosses.

It should be noted that Operation Weeting yesterday arrested a 17th journalist suspected of phone hacking but to date the MPS have not arrested one bent copper for taking bribes from newspapers….


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