Pre-release statement by Robert

This is a STATEMENT sent to me by Robert a couple of days ago.

As many of you may be aware, I am due to be released from prison on Thursday 17th May.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all of you who have been so kind as to write to me whilst in prison and for the gifts and generosity.* It is wonderful to be aware of just how many good, humane people there are around the world who have expressed their support, which has been a great comfort, both to me and my loved ones.

It is not possible for me to find the appropriate words of gratitude to you, but I shall never forget.

Most importantly of all, you have expressed how much you care about Hollie and the plight of other defenceless children and the disabled, whatever they may be. So many of you have written to your MPs and other influential figures to voice your concerns.

I should also like to thank those of you who have joined demonstrations here in Aberdeen and around Britain. I know that many have travelled great distances at their own time and expense. It is surely time the authorities listened -and acted!

As to the question as to how I have been treated here, I must say that the officers, governors and my fellow-prisoners have unfailingly shown the utmost consideration and courtesy towards me. In fact, I have come to hold the prison officers here in HMP Aberdeen in high regard for their professionalism and humanity in undertaking their duties, in what is a difficult and sometimes dangerous occupation.

The remarkable Hollie Greig case is now firmly within the public domain and I trust that you will appreciate that I feel a great responsiblity to my loved ones, so that I shall act now in accordance with professional legal advice, both north and south of the border. I would also ask for some time following my release to be allowed to devote to personsal affairs, which I shall need to attend to following the three months of my incarceration. Of course, I intend to pursue every avenue in order to have my conviction quashed, as I believe that I have been dealt with in a most unfair manner throughout by the Scottish justice system, beginning with my original arrest on 12 February 2010.

On that day, I was denied my legal right to have access to legal representation, in contravention of Scotland's own solemn commitment to the European Convention on Human Rights. The Scottish justice system was severely admonished by the Supreme Court for its systematic failures on this fundamental issue (see the Cadder case).

Finally, since Hollie's case became public, a wide variety of views have been aired and everyone has as much right to express his or her opinion as I have. Whilst the wider case and those related to it involve many complexities, may I leave you with just one simple statement based on fact.

On 8th September 2009, Hollie Greig was formally interviewed, in my presence, by DC Lisa Evans of Grampian Police. During the interview Hollie described in detail a number of criminal acts perpetrated against her by a number of named individuals. Grampian Police knew that Hollie's allegations were supported by documents from a number of expert medical and psychological witnesses, prepared independently of each other, sometimes many years apart. In fact, the State regarded the weight of evidence to be sufficiently convincing as to award Hollie £13,500 of public funds, administered by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in compensation for her suffering as a result of these crimes.

During my trial, officiated by Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen, it was established that the Grampian Police had not even questioned a single individual named in Hollie's interview. By contrast, when I made a statement a few months later within which I emphasised Grampian Police's failure, complaints were made against me. The police sprung immediately into action and within six weeks from the beginning of January 2010 had interviewed no less than sixty one witnesses to testify against me.

It is surely not just me who wonders at this wide divergence of attitude by Grampian Police in the pursuit of handling criminal complaints. I believe it would make anybody wonder.


* Regarding the gifts, in a separate note sent the day following the above letter, Robert writes:

A large number of gifts of all kinds have arrived at the prison during my stay and are dealt with by a different office to the one that handles my non-packaged mail. Occasionally, the parcels become detached from the details of the sender so if I have not acknowledged anyone for their tremendous kindness and generosity it is entirely due to these circumstances. Therefore, may I say now a very sincere "thank you" to anyone to whom I have not responded.

24 thoughts on “Pre-release statement by Robert

  1. You’re an honorable gentleman Robert. Enjoy your freedom and let’s hope everyone respects your wishes for a well-earned ‘breather’ to take stock and spend some quality time with your loved-ones.
    Love and respect from us all at Pie and Mash Films x

    • Yeah……..Ive had my eyes opened in Hollies case.I wish Robert all the best and thank him for his bravery and valour for trying to help Hollie and expose this horrific stuff

    • Hi Maria

      I just wanted to comment on your Post.

      Robert has put his heart and sole into the fight for Justice. for Holiie and her Family.

      And I am also very aware and Grateful of the hard work that Pie n Mash Films and all those Genuine, good Honest and Loving People for giving up there time and resorces to expose this Horrendous abuse of Trust and Evil which has come from the Highest level in the Scottish and UK , Policing. Law. Social Services and Polictical Establishment.

      My Love and Respect to all involved and Best wishes to Hollie, her Family and Robert Green.


      Darren Cox

      Brixham Devon. XX

  2. welcome home on the 17th Robert ,get your own family life back on track first ,we stilll supporting you xxx love mumsy x

  3. Well Done Robert, you have my Greatest Respect for your Stance i am very happy you received the treatment you rightfully deserved from the Staff at the Prison, and i thank them for there understanding, wholeheartdly. welcome Home

  4. Marie,

    Pie and Mash films do a brilliant job and I would encourage anyone to watch them on YouTube, or visit your website.

    All the best to you and Bill.

  5. Throughout History and in every Country, people who have fought for freedom and justice have been unjustly imprisoned by criminal “authorities” for the crime of simply speaking out.

    Your “human right” to free speech is therefore none existent when it does not suit those in positions of power.

    In Robert Green, Britain now has its’ own prisoner of conscience.

    The Scottish Govenment, like many before it, is yet to learn that you cannot imprison the Truth.

  6. Welcome home Robert,

    you are a wonderful human and hopefully many will now follow your lead and wonderful example. I am sure that the decent prison officers in Aberdeen, many of whom are fathers held you in high esteem for your stance on exposing this heinous
    abuse of a young girl. Lets rid our world of this evil by ALL standing up.

    God Bless You always Robert. X

  7. So good to hear you are on your way back to society. I find it ironic that you were treated so well in prison when the authorities outside were so harsh with you for doing nothing more than your civil duty under Common Law.

    Robert, you are an inspiration to everyone, it’s just a shame that the authorities took such blatantly corrupt action against you from the point of your arrest to sending you to prison. Still, they have shot themselves in the foot as your imprisonment made the case explode all over the internet.

    Robert Green: an example of what a REAL MAN is all about!

  8. Well done Robert, you are a true warrior for justice, brave, honest and compassionate. I’m so glad you are getting released. God bless you.

  9. Safe journey home Robert…
    Well Done for all you do for us all…
    Good Luck from the Isle of Wight… x

  10. It baffels me beyond comprehension how these ‘witnesses’ came out in force against Robert. I cannot fathom the lack of compassion, lack of humanity, lack of soul. These empty vessels of so-called ‘people’ will one day face an unwavering justice. ‘the moral arc is long but it always bends towards justice’. You stand beside the best of people that ever have been or will be in this world robert.
    Des from dublin, Ireland.

  11. Dear Robert – it’s so good to know you are heading home tomorrow. I am sure you will enjoy returning to the company of loved ones and friends. Rest easy mate, you’ve done much for others. Now is the time for You.

    God Bless ya…and not forgetting Hollie and Anne

    Big Will

  12. It appears you’re arrest and sentence have backfired on them.
    I am in awe of you! Your determination to see justice is done is inspiring.
    Here’s hoping Hollie and Anne receive just that…And may the perpetrators get theirs – and more.

  13. Robert, lets keep the pressure on. The People who run things on Planet Earth are SICK DEMENTED, PSYCHOPATHS. We will help and stand with you.

  14. last November I walked in to Hollies support group outside the family law(!)Court in central London.
    I had the pleasure to meet Robert then… a gentle,honest and fair man.
    The placards caught my attention as I hail from Shropshire.On gaining info from Robert and Hollie’s supporters I was shocked and horrified at this henious crime,who the perpertrators are and most of all by the evil web of SILENCE and protection by ‘The Whole Damn System’… law,legal,mainstrem media,politicians..including our own prime minister! all social services,the police etc etc etc’
    I did venture in to Shrewsbury and went to the town hall to voice my gut wrenching disgust at their support and contribution in this crime against humanity… no executives had the time to face me btw.

    I signed a few petitions but noticed most people did so anoymously… We have to make a stand and say no with What and Who We Are…
    This sickness is a wake up indeed for us as a society not to be dumbed down Anymore!
    I watch the BBC for a few minutes every week to see what they are presently feeding us.. I’m almost in tragic laughter when they keep highlitighting ‘Human Rights Abuse’ (always overseas of course,preferably in Africa,Asia or some evil non-democratic country)
    What a joke!!!
    Lets deal with Hollie Greig/Robert Green before we believe the BBC’s reports on the rest of the world.

    Indeed a shocking lesson for us all that this Fine Man stood up to show Us how ‘Stinking Rotten to the Core’ our ‘Establishment’ really is….

    Adrian Troy

  15. Keep up the good fight mate! Me and lots of my friends have been trying to raise people’s awareness on social networking sites on this horrific incident. I hope it all works out for you and hollie in the end! Beasts in high positions like Buchanan wouldn’t get swept under the carpet in any other country so let’s not let it happen In ours!!

  16. Congratulations, Robert! I have been praying long and hard for you from across the pond in Sunny, California, USA. Please keep the good faith! I’m ever hopeful that this case will be resolved in the most positive way and with the most productive outcome! Blessings & Peace! Sam ♪♫♥

  17. Dear Robert

    Welcome home and I hope that you get the rest you need to recharge your batteries. Take care.

  18. Dear Robert
    It heartens me to read your post and it heartens me even more to know that you were treated with the dignity and respect you deserve by the prison system. It gives me hope that there is still the heart of humanity beating beneath a brutalising system. A heart that is well placed and waiting for the opportunity to restore righteousness to its respectful place at the head of the system. Thank you for your courage and your effort. You are an inspiration. God Bless you!

  19. You go Robert! Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do in the name of justice!