Press Release 05052012


A statement from the Hollie demands Justice Campaign.

It has been noted that this campaign’s detractors in Scotland whose online activity in recent weeks has included cyber bullying of the worst kind whilst reaching a state of near hysteria, have now started issuing threats because they are not getting any response or engagement from this campaign.

They have also included a threat of the possibility of legal action.

Our clear response to this kind of threat is please do so.

We relish the opportunity of being able to get substantiated evidence into the public domain in a manner that is appropriate, in open court, a route that has so far has been denied to us.

It must be remembered that this is a campaign to get justice for Hollie, and our aims include a full judicial review, a full and substantive police investigation that actually investigates to be undertaken by an impartial third party police force, the arrest and trial of Denis and Greg Mackie for incest and abuse, and a full enquiry into the suspicious death of Hollie’s Uncle Roy Greig.

This is a campaign not a debating society, and our evidence collected to date will be presented in the proper place, in a courtroom, in front of a jury, so that it may be entered into the public domain and be judged impartially.


Notes for Editors

1) The Hollie Demands Justice campaign was founded in November 2007. The campaign website can be found at:

2) Further details to the background of the campaign can be found in About Hollie:

3) Further information can be requested by using the ‘Contact Us’ form on the campaign website


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5 thoughts on “Press Release 05052012

  1. These people who draw negative light on this campaign are nothing more than shills

  2. well im here to support ROBERT GREEN and Hollie greig ,i wont be side tracked by people who want to destroy all whats been done,gggggggrrrrrrrr xxxxx

  3. Well, of course the detractors are getting hysterical – that’s because Hollie’s campaign is succeeding!

    Such is the success of Hollie’s campaign that her case is now being discussed by MPs in Parliament.

    MPs have had a bad press in recent times – much of that due to the Expenses scandal, but there are still many decent, honest MPs who have integrity.

    In my opinion it is only a matter of time therefore before the entire Hollie Greig scandal breaks out into the mainstream media – and I believe that day will come soon.

    So, as the poster says “Keep calm, and carry on”!

  4. “Those” individuals should be mindful that the entire world is watching this campaign. Names are being named and family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and peers will know … and the shame will follow those named them forever. Truth can never be hidden for long … no matter how much one tries to muddy it, the brilliance of what it stands for shines through. Eventually, the Truth will come to Light. Shine on Anne & Hollie … the world is supporting you.

  5. Ignore the cyber bullying – establishment lackeys.
    Onwards and upwards with your campaign.

    I will be spreading the word all the more – in the light of this recent viciousness you describe.
    God Bless – you have friends all over the place!!!