Press Release and summary of events at RCJ 2nd March2012

First a Press Release from Anne Greig.

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Picture: Sylvia Major, one of Hollie’s alleged abusers, the woman who was so ‘traumatized’ by Robert Green’s election leaflets that she complained to Grampian Police and gave evidence at his trial, the woman who confirmed under oath that she was never interviewed by police over Hollie’s allegations, yet was able to travel over 700 miles to London to take the seat immediately behind Hollie in the court to intimidate her. Hollie was visibly terrified when she saw her.

Synopsis of Court of Appeal Hearing – 2 March 2012

The 20 minute hearing in front of Lord Justice Thorpe on 27 October 2011 was adjourned to be listed for half a day in front of 3 Lord Justices.  The purpose of the adjournment was to enable the Appellant, Anne, to seek professional legal representation.

A solicitor and barrister were instructed, and they advised that it was necessary to reduce the original argument to a discrete point of law being;
Was it “necessary” for the Court to intervene in Hollie’s life?

Ian Wise QC submitted to the 3 Lord Justices that the evidence provided by Shropshire Council, in their application to invoke the inherent jurisdiction of the Court, which is available to protect vulnerable members of society, was scant and contradicted their argument that Hollie was being coerced using undue influence.

He asked for permission to appeal the decision of Mrs Justice Pauffley, to make Anne and Robert subject to Injunctions threatening prison if they took Hollie to further public meetings. Mrs Justice Pauffley also invited the Official Solicitor to represent Hollie, and to make enquiries into whether Hollie has capacity to litigate or consent to the campaign, by instructing a disputed psychiatrist.

Ian Wise QC advanced the case that Mrs Justice Pauffley didn’t put her mind to whether Hollie’s involvement in the campaign was the result of coercion and undue influence allowing her to invoke her inherent powers and Hollie being “vulnerable” was not enough to invoke the inherent jurisdiction due to the doctrine of necessity.

The question that the Court of Appeal was essentially asked was this:
“Does the evidence provided by Shropshire Council demonstrate that it is Hollie’s choice to demand justice through campaigning in which case the Court has no jurisdiction, or is the campaign exploiting Hollie, thereby invoking a NEED for the Court to invoke it’s inherent powers to protect?”

The Court of Appeal decided that the question was not one for the Court of Appeal to answer. They decided that the matter ought properly be tried in the lower court in secrecy. The Judges agreed that the Court had rightly drawn inferences that Hollie needed protection because her mother had not co-operated with Shropshire Council in their investigation into Hollie’s ability to consent to the campaign.

Anne had simply made the same submission as Ian Wise QC – There is no case to answer!

As a result of Mrs Justice Pauffley’s orders, and the refusal of the Court of Appeal to intervene, Anne is now guilty of exploiting Hollie until she is able to prove her innocence in a secret Court, where the evidence is controlled by the Local Authority and Official Solicitor and experts are not agreed.

Since the public Court of Appeal refuses to hear the evidence relating to whether it is Hollie’s choice to campaign, should we draw inferences about the secrecy ordered? Are the Courts protecting Hollie or are they protecting the Paedophiles who abused Hollie?

One very clear point made by Ian Wise QC when referring to the medical evidence exhibited to Shropshire Council’s statement was Hollie’s story is real and when Hollie is away from her mother she goes into a state of panic.

It was also made clear that Hollie is presumed to have capacity unless medical evidence proves otherwise. In this case the presumption of capacity still exists.

The Court of Protection invariably remove vulnerable people from their carers, on accusations that the state will take better care of them. What could frighten Hollie more than the prospect of being taken from her mother, into the care of state officials? Especially as Hollie has not fully recovered from when she was abused by social workers, police, a judge and others while living in Scotland.

The concern is that the secrecy of the lower court will allow Judges to make perverse “findings” based upon biased expert reports as often happens in the secret family courts which remove thousands of children from their families each year. The Court of Appeal decision means that it is perfectly lawful for anyone to be declared as not having capacity in the interim, on the allegation of a Local Authority, without any supporting evidence.

Once declared to not have capacity to litigate during proceedings forced upon you, you lose your legal identity which is taken over by the official solicitor. You can no longer choose your own representation, or complain, consent, withhold consent, request your records, withhold your records, make choices, and most importantly psychiatric assessment can be forced on you.

If the psychiatrist you never consented to reports that you do not have capacity to make decisions, your life belongs to the government and they will decide where you live, whether you are drugged, locked up for life, removed from your family – and all this happens in secrecy, with the threat of imprisonment if anyone dares tell the story of what happened in the secret court.

Of course Ian Wise QC could not imply that the Secret Court was a potentially corrupt Court and therefore did not address the Court of Appeal with the argument that Hollie’s case needs to be heard in open court in order to protect her from unjustified state intervention.

Hollie has had enough of secrets! Hollie demands justice.

See the video reports from this event at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Video link in the menu.


17 thoughts on “Press Release and summary of events at RCJ 2nd March2012

  1. Keep going Anne and Hollie, we are with you. The big guns were brought out and the result was obviously a forgone conclusion, compounding what we had expected. All this expense to torment a Mother and Daughter who need to have the truth told – well so do we !

  2. Anne, you have thousands of supporters. Far more than were at court yesterday. I wanted to be there so much, but I’m a full-time care, and was unable to get cover. We will bring these paedophiles to justice.

  3. The campaign is now too big to be stopped! Whatever happens in the secret (and, therefore, illegal Courts – as secrecy is in direct opposition to the Magna Carta), the people WILL learn the truth… the campaign will ensure that happens! The people, as a whole, are growing more and more uneasy with the state intervention in everyone’s lives, not least children being taken from happy home or young women, in Hollie’s case. The secret family Courts need to think long and hard about this fact before they pass judgement on poor, innocent, Hollie. Hollie’s case is more than just her own suffering, it represents something very sick in society. Please, everyone, DEMAND your local MP calls for A PUBLIC INQUIRY!

  4. Hollie has an NVQ, so how can they list her as a child in court? Children cannot achieve NVQ’s. Disgraceful and cruel, that Sylvia Major was allowed to intimidate Hollie in sitting behind her.

  5. We may not have won this battle, but we’ve already won the war! Keep going everyone, it’s when all hope seems lost that miracles happen! Lots of love to Hollie, Anne, Robert, Belinda & all the team x x x

    • I agree that looks where all this is leading. tptb have tried to put a lid on it but it’s going to explode in their faces. Who knows but this may be like the Dutroux case in Belgium and will expose some of the filth that inhabit our government.

      Slyvia Major is a classic psychopath – no conscience, remorse or sense of propriety – she proved that by be willing to run the gauntlet of public disapproval. She is a creature with abnormal and inhuman appetites that preys on vulnerable human beings. Your legal team should have made sure that she couldn’t sit behind Hollie – that was insane. I’ve been to court myself and the “apellant” and “defendant” are kept apart.

  6. I am sorry I could not be there today Holly and Anne but I was thinking about you. In life you have to kick a lot of naff footballs to achieve your goal. Just think of it as a naff football love and you will achieve that goal with the world watching on and cheering.

  7. Hello Hollie and Anne, Please know that the callousness with which the courts conduct their pursuit of both of you only demonstrates, without a doubt, that this secret was thought to be safe behind closed doors and they are worried. Their desperation now and their continued open defiance of all that is right and proper shows that they know they are going to be unveiled as the obscene creatures they really are. Don’t let them belittle you and never allow yourselves to be their victims; this is their only power and it is diminishing fast!
    Love to you both and to all of your team, especially Robert at this time, XXX.

  8. First thing, is the event still on the 14/15th April. it is not obvious looking at the top of the home page on this and Freerobertgreen home page. I want to go now more than ever, and i live on the isle of wight.( when promoting this and FRG site, and not taking the oppotunity to ADVERTISE the 14/15th April event on the Home page, or is there a legalise reason ? ).
    Getting one the accused to sit behind Hollie shows that they have no intention of fairness or JUSTICE. Two years ago i came to the conclusion that it is going to take men and women in general to see for themselves the obvious corrupt judges . There are plenty of good police, judges (in so far as along as their paradigm isn’t affected ). This breakdown in the justice system is by design, and the elite that the judges ARE protecting , will, when the time comes, throw them to the people as FODDER. To all judges, you need to wake up, just as the masses need to do, you are being set up by the ‘powers that be’ . We are all being set up by the ‘PTB’ DIVIDE AND CONQUER is just one of their weapons. UNITE, POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  9. I was so sorry to hear the terrible news of the gross miscarriage of justice that occurred on Friday, 2 March 2012. At the same time, I was upset and angry. The Establishment appear to be determined to perpetrate their evil crimes and stick two fingers up at attempts to get justice for Hollie.

    This should be the subject of an enquiry but I am not optimistic that this will be either fair, or impartial. In the past, such events have been headed by people who are “safe” to the Establishment. They achieve nothing, other than a total cover up for the evil bastards.

    Why cannot we have our own enquiry? We can video this and put it on Youtube.

    The hearing sounds as if it breached Article 6 of The Human Rights Act. It was nothing like a fair hearing, a continuation of abuse towards Hollie by the UK State more like.

    Shropshire Council is known to be prone to unlawful acts. They have a strange agenda.

    There must be a human rights lawyer who would take this case Pro Bono surely?

    The fight must go on!

  10. i have just heard about hollie, and im amazed that this kind of abuse still happens.hope with all my heart these abusers are brought to the kerb. justice for hollie

  11. I’ve witnessed the advantages ‘incapacity’ affords those programmed to serve a different system of support than that which they advocate. Property seized, relatives blocked, bamboozled, intimidated by the SS operating through PCT’s which are not accountable to the public and through CMHT who work closely with SNT and RSL’s to promote the ‘incapacity’ of violent ‘service users’ when it comes to legal or lawful recourse. At the same time, the cops will treat the statement of the perp (if ‘incapacitated’) as equal to the statement of the victim of violence and drop the case because there’s no case to be brought. All legal aid and charities are weighted in favour of the PC policies of the day.

    As soon as a legal representative is appointed, adults and children alike become ‘wards of court’ or ‘incapacitated’. The point the term ‘testify’ was that as a man, you would hold your family jewels to demonstrate that as a man you were capable of giving a trustworthy account of the evidence as you see it. Women and children “could not be trusted” they could not ‘testify’. All legal representatives are duty bound to the courts; nothing else.

    The mutants posing as women under the control of their handlers are gender bent MK’d NLP’d bots who see nothing wrong in sourcing and delivering the fleshly menu for predatory sodomite appetites.

    Time to ‘storm the Bastille’?

  12. Breaking News! Paul McBride has been reported dead. Found ‘asleep’ in hotel room in Lahore, Pakistan where he had been on business. Alex Salmond quite to be quoted with condolences, naturally.

  13. The sexual deviant “Sylvia Majors” should be in prison for sexual crimes against a minor – namely Hollie. Surely she should be arrested via the “citizens arrest” at the earliest opportunity – for which there is ample evidence within Hollies statements, surely, as there is for all the others named by the “competant witness” – Hollie. She, like we have to if guilty, must pay for her appalling crimes and not be protected by corruption and conspirational collusion between representatives being paid salaries by the citizens monies, and the sooner the better. Being married once to a top police officer {now deceased} who is also named as an abuser in the list means nothing – shame on her for the intimidation she tries to inflict too!!

  14. sylvia’s photo is not the only photo that should be put out there, the rest of the people on that list should have the pic’s out there aswell to protect the public that maybe in contact with them, if anything

  15. Dear all, disgusted at the outcome at the royal high court of (in)justice on friday to put it mildly. Our pm has to give some answers asap or we can only assume he does not care about the people he represents & should think hard about the implications: What does he support? What does he stand FOR?
    It is not going away….No way!
    Anyhow wanted Hollie & Anne to know We’re thinking & praying for them today! All our love, M&M.