Press Release * Robert Green jailed by Scottish Court

UPDATE 17/02/12 22:00: Robert, we are informed, is currently being held at

Address: Craiginches, 4 Grampian Place, Aberdeen AB11 8FN

Phone: 01224 238300

Press Release Robert Green1 170212 pdf

More details as they come in.

Robert requested by email yesterday the following.

If I go down, this is the address to circulate, if you would.


So please get writing, Robert needs all the support he can get.


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    • Your Fumming Cathy? We are livid over here, and I may too go down next Wednesday for standing to a Judge – he threatened me last wednesday in the secrety courts. This is way out of hand and this needs massive media, sit on the steps of Sky NewsHQ if ye must!

  1. Today Robert Green has been sentenced to one year in prison. We are all saddened by this event but it is my duty to tell you all to get your chins off your chests – look up to the light and we will turn this outrageous incarceration of a decent brave man into a positive.

    The Law has made a big mistake, it is up to us ALL to highlight their stupid tactical blunder! – I leave you all with that thought.

    Time to come together people!
    God bless all victims and survivors.
    Bill Maloney

    • Following your spirit of strength Billy I forwarded the following to my MP and forwarded a copy on to Roberts MP.
      Anthony Sweeney,
      Camion Mill Lane, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 5BX.
      Tel: 07815 118221.
      18th February 2012.
      Dear Michael Fallon,
      I am writing to make you aware of my deep concerns regarding the following story regarding the treatment of Robert Green up to 17th February 2012.
      This story will affect families all over our civilized Great Britain if it is not dealt with now and in that fact this story will not go away and has the potential to make or break the careers of many Politicians depending on how responsible they act in relation to this tragic story.
      Being my representative in House of Commons I need you to voice my concerns with a speech to the House as soon as possible.
      If you met Robert Green you would find him to be a gentle man whose only crime is to courageously fight against the injustice he see’s done to a disabled child now young lady which has never been properly addressed through the justice system of our civilized Great Britain.
      My concern is that if this miscarriage of justice is allowed to carry on unchecked, that in time my children and grandchildren will one day meet the same treatment that Hollie has had to endure not forgetting Hollies mother Anne Greig along with the subsequent injustice that Robert Green has received.
      Remember the allegations of “Hollie Demands Justice” are of paedophile ring in Scotland leading up to high positions of power and even Murder as well as miscarriage of Justice done to Robert Green 17th February 2012, (yesterday).
      I thank you in advance and will note your valued response and pass it onto the “Hollie Demands Justice” campaign.
      Yours sincerely,
      Anthony Sweeney.
      Followed by:

  2. Whos next? Robert Green, Vicki Haigh, the Musas, Maurice Kirk, and many in Holloway, including Rachel Patriarch who died in Holloway prison, a victim of Haringey council, a couple of weeks ago of prison-given medication which killed her of which there is a coverup,…all unjustly imprisoned or killed by corrupt officials. Time to sort this problem out.

  3. Will there be an Appeal and will we have a FB Free Robert Green Campaign as I will spread the word as Im spreading the info now …

    • We have urged Robert’s legal team to file an appeal.

      I do understand that there will be a Facebook page for the Free Robert Green campaign, but no details are available yet. This will be done over the next 24-48 hours so that we can ensure that this is done correctly, we are not going to allow this campaign to be pushed into kneejerk actions.

  4. [Contents removed by Admin: We will not be publishing any court officials details on this post]


  6. In a rotten Scottish court today Robert Green was given a one year prison sentence for breach of the peace and breaking bail conditions.
    (Stemming from an injunction he WAS NOT GIVEN AND DID NOT SEE UNTIL AFTER HE WAS ARRESTED)
    This has got to be the biggest fit up of an innocent man this country has ever seen.

  7. The boys club of mason’s and controlling Jesuits have kept their little world wide/historical and perverted secrets in the shade for now but with voices and courage like Roberts….they cannot hide for much longer. The people of consciousness around the world will unite soon and this order will be destroyed. Robert Green, a man of real integrity.

  8. The justice system hasn’t a clue about the word “justice”. Horrified this man who wants justice has been jailed. There is no credability left in the justice system, that can get away with letting harm, murder and thousands of crimes happen, but cannot put its own house in order and be open, honest and accountable.

  9. I was talking to Robert yesterday when he arrived at Stonehaven – he sounded to determined and focused. How this ‘gentleman’ in all senses of the word can be dealt this travesty of justice is beyond me.
    Could I suggest that you make the press release in a format that could be copied or supplied somewhere on the site as an attachment that can be copied and circulated by anyone who has media contacts? The post also prevents us from clicking on the links included. You’re all doing such a wonderful job in getting this news out and I just wanted to make the suggestion to make it as affective and easy as possible for others to share.
    Much love to Robert, Hollie and Anne xxx

  10. They did because like I, Robert is exposing the “Golden Circle” of corruption, the Judges are in on this, this requires urgent European Court Intervention.

    • No court in the world will help with this. Thier system is just that, thiers. Its not for us to use, we will always lose if we try.

      If you want to make a difference, be outside Parliament on November 5th and be prepared to stay for as long as it takes ti rid us of the evil controlling us.

      Be there to remove this evil man-made system and reinstate God’s Laws, it really is the only way we will ever be free of this system.

      And im not some nutcase, im a regular bloke, 28, a Roffer for 10 years, but i know this is the way to freedom. Can it possibly be any worse than what we have now? Id rather put my trust in the “I AM” than these evil souls we have running the world today.

      Peace be with you.



  12. not only did sheriff bowen jail robert for 12 months, robert has also been gagged indefinitely from talking about any of hollies alleged abusers.(even in his own home)

    • If this is correct then we would await some form of corroboration, and would hope to find it shortly in the court records.

  13. I didn’t think that they could sink much lower, but this takes the biscuit. A year in prison for handing out leaflets. They really are scared and desperate. I for one will be making more effort to expose this case as I hope everyone else will.

  14. Dear All thank you have just got back from Scotland a bit tired! train was crowded, had to sit in the aisle most of journey. Feeling sad at what was done to Robert this morning, using all the power these people still have. Which of them care or have ever cared about children and the vulnerable, that’s the question. Will be reporting tomorrow on this/HDJ blog, Robert’s being locked up could be a new beginning for all of us, since we do not accept his imprisonment. ‘Free Robert Green’ has been launched.

  15. This proves beyond any doubt that Robert Green was right about everything he was investigating in the Hollie Grieg case and that the judges are covering up the abuse of Hollie. There is no other explanation for this behaviour, to hand out dragonian sentences for non-crimes; all the body language displayed by the accused parties in this case is extremely suspicious and guilty and just incriminates them exponentially. How a close acquaintance of the highest ranking of accused parties has the sole decision of whether to sentence Green and the length of the sentence is about as democratic as a homosexual being sentenced in a Nazi court or a Palestinian being sentenced in an Israeli court; this really proves the system is rotten and corrupt and foul to the core, and I agree with one of the previous comments that this is a huge – monolithic – tactical blunder by the clearly irate judge to punish Green for his ‘audacity’ in lifting the stone to reveal this sickos, and this ridiculous sentence will cast a bright light in the dark depraved corners these people are trying to hide. People won’t stand for this and the time for these corrupt sickos is running out as nobody wants these kind of twisted evil non-human wretches to have any part in society any longer.

    • Well said!! I agree with every word. The whole rotten structure that these people have built is beginning to crumble. People are waking up and taking action against a system that is so rotten it positively reeks.

  16. Another crime against a good person in a system which is run under the same club and ther rules is not law..isn’t it about time we created a court for the people maybe called the people’s court we ave the power if enough agree,we shall appoint judges and officers to uphold the law think the time for talking and posting, complaining is long gone.we need a solution now.

    • We do not need judges at all. We need Common Law courts in which a jury determines everything – the evidence that is relevant, the facts, the law and the verdict. This is the kind of court that is our right under the historic British Constitution – Magna Carta, 1215, Bill of Rights, 1689, etc. To learn more about these kind of courts watch “Schaeffer Cox, The Solution” on YouTube.

  17. I have just heard the bad news about Robert. The previous comments are absolutly right. Not only is it obvious that Robert was getting far too close to the truth ot this sorded business but also that these parasites really are getting jumpy.Big mistake this time however as this will only add fuel and fury to the cause and this in turn will further highlight the principal case, namely the multiple rape and subsequent cover-up of Hollie Greig. So in a way they have done Hollie Anne and Robert a big favour as the chances of keeping the lid on this (which has now become two injustices) have now been dramatically reduced. Tonight however, our thoughts are with Robert. What a hero. And I would say “hang on in there mate and take good care asit is only going to be a short time before we have you out of there”.
    In all probability only good is likely to come from this so take care and God Bless You.

  18. I have sent my e-mail to David Mowat. I hope everyone else does the same.

    These people are evil, there is no other word for it, but they have made a great mistake.They have become so drunk on power, and subsequently so arrogant, that they think they do anything at all, no matter how low, no matter how bad, and get away with it. They public opinion with absolute contempt as they wield the sword of vengeance against Robert Green with some assumed impunity.

    Time to give these people a reality check. Kick them out of office and into prison where paedophile protectors belong.

  19. To the Scottish Heirarchy…Iam from a very small town in south western australia. Thanks to the campaigning we have heard what you guys are doing even here! Keep Robert Green locked up and we will make more and more people aware of what is going on…the worlds attention is on you and you are only making it worse for yourselves. When you do such things it merely strengthens the resolve of those wish to see the truth come out….your are leaking ship with many holes and your going under!

  20. Robert has not yet arrived at Craiginches and is apparently still in police custody. Craiginches seemed to think he would not arrive till Monday and advised me to phone Queen Street police station. Could others please phone and ask to know where he is and how we can contact him? Number is 0845 600 5700.
    When he does arrive at Craiginches if indeed that is where he’s being sent he will be given a prison number. To communicate with anyone in prison you always need their prison number.
    If anyone finds out any more please let us know.

  21. The most extraordinary feature of this case is the total silence from the mainstream (indeed, any) media. When Nat Rothschild lost his libel action against the “Daily Mail” last week, the Murdoch Press declined to report this fact, but the other newspapers did (as did the BBC website, though not the primetime news bulletin). The Hollie Greig case, by contrast, has not been reported anywhere except private internet sites and blogs (the exception, I believe, being when Robert stood for Parliament, and then only locally). Aberdeen may not be a big place, but boy, the people who control the police and courts there have a clout that is felt across the entire country.

    The legal system in Scotland has always been incestuous. Being small, it is filled with people who know each other, having been to the same schools and universities, and has a culture of omerta and mutual back-scratching. Many of them are freemasons (in Scotland, freemasonry stretches much further into the social fabric than it does in England). The catch-all law that allowed Robert to be jailed needs to be removed from the statute book ASAP. Here in England, we have public nuisance, which was used in a similar way, but it went into disuse in the 19th century.

    I would urge everyone to bombard every single MP, every single media outlet, every single elected councillor, with emails. A few bad people in Aberdeen cannot have us all for fools indefinitely. One MP, using Parliamentary privilege could stop this. Which one is it going to be?

    And I have a warning for the people of Scotland. Don’t be fooled by puppet politicians into voting for independence. If you do so, you will be giving these characters even more power over your lives than they have already.

  22. I would like to state my outrage that upstanding member of the community, Robert Green is jailed – JAILED – for bringing to light the activities of paedophiles within the laughably called Scottish Justice System. How is this justice?

  23. [Admin: Gary, Whilst we may agree with your sentiment, we cannot allow your comment, which may be construed by others as incitement]

  24. My blood is still boiling about the imprisonment of this brave and decent man by this rotten, vile, paedophile elite clique, who not only get their jollies by abusing little children, but have the audacity to publicly bully and destroy those who dare to bring their rotten crimes to light.

    Well I am writing today to remind everyone that this is not the end of the battle, this is in fact the point at which the real battle begins.

    We have the supreme weapon which they can never, ever overcome, and that is the power of our vast numbers, [Admin: Ronnie, this section removed for same reasons as the previous comment by Gary].

    You know, there are so many things wrong in the world right now, the elite are causing so much harm and misery via economic manipulation and wars, and the problems are so massive that it seems an impossibly overwhelming task to stop these evil people from destroying all our lives.

    But take heart good people.

    How do you eat an elephant?

    One bite at a time!

    We have to focus tenaciously on one issue at a time, and never cease until that issue is resolved, and at this point in time Holly Greig and Robert Green must be that issue.

    And to all those monsters involved in the sickening abuse of Holly and no doubt many other helpless children, be warned. There are millions of us, we are coming for you, and we will not stop until every heinous crime you have committed becomes worldwide public knowledge and you are placed behind bars for the rest of your lives.

    May that thought haunt you every moment of every day!

  25. God bless all those involved in the fight for justice for Robert ,Hollie,etc.The tide is turning ,the vibrations are beginning to expose these monsters who are masquerading as human beings.The world seems to have gone mad and its all due to these monsters who have infiltrated the human mind and are now controlling people in top positions in all aspects of life.Why isnt this story shown in the daily newspapers(free press) dont make me laugh.Love peace and justice,keep thinking positive,the tide is turning ,exposure is coming.I can’t wait. Love to you all. K.A.

  26. For some reason, I got this website is not available in your country when I tried to reach this site.

    • May I suggest you inquire of your cable company, RCN, as to why.
      We would be interested in their response.

  27. I sent the following email to David Mowat, MP: Dear Sir:
    I am writing to you regarding the legal proceedings and incarceration order on Robert Green on February 17, 2012 supposedly for leaflet handout supporting Hollie Greig and others, presumably victims of a pedophile ring within the upper Scottish establishment. Please do all you can to support him in this gross miscarriage of justice. This extreme action by Sheriff Principle Edward Bowen against Robert Green is a very strong indication of the truth of the information given by him and others in support of Hollie Greig. How very sad that Scotland is presenting this face to the world.

    Thank you for any actions on your part in his support.

    God bless Robert, Hollie and her mother and all involved in this terrible situation. Let good come and light shine where there is darkness.

  28. As soon as I read this article, I immediately sent an email to David Mowat, MP, in support of Robert Green. How can this happen in Scotland – we have not heard anything about this in Australia and if this happened here there would be an outcry in the media!!!

  29. I am scared , terrified for our futures . This case STINKS its time we all stand together and shout.

  30. Jailing someone for handing out leaflets about pidophilia reeks of guilt. They really are desperate.

  31. The circumstances of Robert’s imprisonment suggest he is a political prisoner, unjustly incarcerated for peaceful protest by corrupt members of the legal system. Have you contacted Amnesty International? They might be able to offer some support, which would be international in scope.

  32. As soon as a can of worms is opened up, the top layer of worms feel and sense the light streaming in, and hectic movements start to take place. The natural instinct of the worm takes over, and it begins to wriggle and slide its way back in to the deepest of Darkness again. The subsequent worms now exposed to the Light, will repeat these movements, eventually causing the worms at the bottom of the can to slowly raise to the surface for them also to be exposed to the Light.
    This will continue unceasingly, such that those worms previously on the top, but now on the bottom, will again be forced up to once more be exposed to the Light again.
    Thus, no worms, even how hard they try, will ever be able to escape being exposed once more to the full force of the Light.

    In this case, THE LIGHT symbolizing TRUE JUSTICE.

    or as any lawgiver and lawupholder should know by now:
    ‘Prepare your laws as though you yourselves should be judged by each and every statute, for then will your laws be just.’


  33. This is disgraceful a nd a real miscarriage of justice.

    9 months for ‘breach of the peace’

    What did he do that was so wrong?

  34. Just to let you know, that I/we are 100% behind Hollie, as are we Robert Green, I have joined the petition, and urge others too to do so if not, – as this case, or should I say cases, are yet another example of the abuse that is taken place in our courtrooms on a daily basis. Let’s not forget the Temple Bar was set-up by the Knight Templars, whom to this day run the whole of our legal system, not just here in the UK, but also in many other countries around the world. Hollie Greig, who has Downsyndrom, has been sexual abused, among other poor kids, by some of these animals, that as you say, it’s only because of their Masonic connections, they have been able to get away with this miscarriage of justice. – Robert Green has been sentenced for trying to expose these nonce cases and nothing else, it’s spiteful, and are hoping he will then go away, and that the sentence will scare others off trying to expose these ‘real criminals’, – and that’s why we have to stand by him. I will share this, keep us informed as to whats going on by posting when you can, and I/we shall too be keeping an eye on this, and will help highlight this case. – Come on people lets come together on this, his legal team should be applying [perhaps they have?] for immediate bail following an appeal, – join are cause, as the more we can get together to fight this gigantic judical corrupt illegal system, in which we are all victims of, then we might have some chance of ‘real’ change, and be able to help those such as Hollie and Robert Green – FREE ROBERT GREEN NOW!

  35. There is a i-petition going in support of Robert, there are over 5000 signatures at the moment, I believe. Please sign in support.

    Also, I understand that someone from the team has written to HRH regarding the retraction of Elish Angiolini’s title of Dame. I intend to write to her myself today. The more support we give the better.

    I understand that Holly and her team are to take out a civil action regarding her complaints and that funds are needed to do this. I will be making my contribution and I hope that others will to.

    It woukl be helpful if there were some legal professionals out there with enough sense of decency and outrage, and indeed enough courage, to take on this case free of charge simply because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

    Sooner or later there comes a moment in time when we have to act like responsible adults, when we have to protect our most vulnerable people from harm inflicted by the powerful and ruthless. This is that moment.

  36. Good evening. Strength to Mr Robert Green.

    I’m missing important information. Definitely need it for those who don’t know much about Robert’s story.

    Need clear explanation why Mr Robert Green has been jailed. What kind of evidencies was used against him.
    Than we can think by our selfs if it worth to jail man for 1year time.

  37. Here’s my letter to my own MP and Mr Mowat. Good luck Robert and Hollie. Some good may yet come from this dreadful affair.

    Dear Mr Mowat and Mr Alexander,

    I am writing to you as the MPs for both the unfortunate Robert Green and myself.

    As I am sure you must both be aware (but not through any mention in the UK media), Robert Green was last week sentenced to 1 year in jail at Stonehaven Sheriff Court. Mr Green has spent the last few years trying to obtain justice for a handicapped girl called Hollie Greig, and found himself being persecuted by the Scottish legal system. When a man is vindictively jailed for trying to help others, something has gone dreadfully wrong. It seems to me that Mr Brown has come up against the Scottish Establishment, and been slapped down.

    If you haven’t already sampled the personality of this kind, gentle man, I advise you to look him up on YouTube – you will quickly see why he has so many admirers and why this matter WILL NOT BE BRUSHED UNDER THE CARPET. A lot of public figures are going to have to make an awkward choice – support the rotten system (and be an accomplice to persecuting an innocent man and covering up the abuse of a vulnerable girl) or stand up for decent people and fight this injustice. I do not underestimate the risk to your careers of crossing the Establishment. However, you should know that there is a widespread awareness of this case despite the media blackout, an outrage which will be fuelled by this latest judicial travesty, and when the story finally reaches the headlines, there will be an accounting. We will know which of our leaders we can trust.

    This case cuts right to the heart of fairness and decency in this country. I implore you to do the right thing.

    Yours sincerely,

    Steve Cormack,

  38. I am a norwegian woman and I have heard about this awful case. Its good some people stand up and speak out. The criminals should be put on trail and not be protected by the law. But these perverts here are “the law”. They must be outed.

  39. Hiya from Leeds,

    I have just emailed David Mowat, and am awaiting a responce that isnt automated, would it also be worth emailing our own local MP’s to express the same concern…I have also been blasting the videos i can find on facebook all week , and get so saddened by them who are paying it no mind, i think something major has to be done here so there is some impact…Please keep us informed on anything else we can do to try and get this put right, cant see the Free Robert page on facebook yet , is it there and if so could you tell me what it is called….There is also a women only march in London on 3rd of march A million Woman Rise , i feel it may be a good time for women to go out on behalf of Hollie and Anne and maybe if someone could send me some leaflets i will get them oiut there , the march last year was 10, 000 strong and we walk a major royte thru london thru all the main streets…just an idea…i am going to have a banner that says Google Hollie Greig i just hope it helps in some way …saddened to the core by this !

  40. Hollie Demands Justice Free Robert green worldwide protest

    Robert green is well respected and well loved by all his supporters and poor hollie grieg and her mum is still fighting the legal system in scotland we urge all robert green supporters to attend a worldwide peaceful protest on march 6th in edinburgh 10 am at the holyrood house we are also in trafalgar square london stormont castle belfast and welsh assembly cardiff please if you can attend please do this is a free robert green and raising awareness of all forms of child abuse world wide 38 countries are taking part further details please google one voice for the kids dot org dot uk Andrew 01507 477 433