Pyrite is a fools gold

I was forwarded an email today, which originated from someone who calls him/herself Py Rite, who decided to copy every man and his dog.

I will publish the email below, because this campaign has nothing to hide, but first here is my one and only response to it.

“I don’t deal with shadows or people who hide behind pseudo-names.

This campaign is not about me, or the people around me, it is about Hollie, and this campaign will continue until Hollies abusers, all of them, are served justice.

We will not pander to pathetic Facebook style intimidation or the twisting of statements & comments, so in the words of a famous US General – NUTS”

(its worth mentioning that Pyrite is more commonly known as Fools Gold)

Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 11:56:03 +0100
Subject: An appeal.

Hello Anne and Robert.   I wanted to write to you with an appeal, and
to help you understand the current situation.   You will be aware of
what you call (or maybe Belinda, Carl or Ian calls) “the current
campaign to discredit.”   Actually it is nothing of the sort.   What
it is, is the people you have accused are now fighting back to clear
their names.   There is so much information out there now that
virtually everyone involved has had no option but to think again with
open and critical thinking minds. Even the most hardened supporter of
HDJ is now beginning to see the truth. The mistakes (lies) that have
been told are extremely clear for all to see, as is the hidden
evidence.   We have now collated this information into a website:
This is just the start. there is much more content to be added.   As
you can see, it contains verifiable facts, real evidence and witness
testimony.  I have spoken with Wyn-Dragon Smith, Sylvia Major and your
son Anne, Greg Mackie. Included in this website are direct quotes from
him. You can also see the many questions that have been put to Wyn and
Sylvia, answered on the Missing Pieces blog.
I am led to believe that this may be run by disaffected loyal
supporters also.
You may also want to take a look at my note on Facebook:    The
website contains many questions and answers, and even a statement from
Richard Dragon saying he has never been abused and didn’t meet
Hollie until she was 17, which completely contradicts your story.
This is just one piece of evidence, there are many, many others.
Then there is the other side of HDJ…… the business side.   When I
was a supporter many years ago, there were no “donate”
buttons… fact you both were vehemently against any donations.
There are serious questions around some of the individuals now working
for HDJ, but I won’t go into that today other than to say there is
NO transparency for any of the donated money.   So I would like to
appeal to both of you, but more to Anne I guess.   Innocent people
should not have to prove their innocence. So I and others will now be
helping them complete the task to clear their names.    As many others
are now starting to understand the truth and see the evidence, more
and more people are willing to help us.   Almost the whole group on
Scotland’s Shame? Google Hollie Greig are now onside and researching
and digging more and more.     They, along with many others feel very
angry about being lied too.   It’s time to stop Anne.   It’s time
to put things right.   You know this was something small that got out
of hand.   We all know that Robert simply took your word for
everything and performed no real investigation whatsoever.
From your “Press Release” dated 05052012   You accuse the detractors,
(who as far as I am aware intelligent individuals that have been
verbally abused and threatened because they asked some pertinent
questions) of cyber bullying and threats.   Can you show any evidence
of that please?   We have plenty of evidence of threats and one of
your supporters already has a police caution for death threats!!
You stated “They have also included a threat of the possibility of
legal action.”   It’s my understanding this was mentioned in
passing, but is a viable possibility yes.   “We relish the
opportunity of being able to get substantiated evidence into the
public domain in a manner that is appropriate, in open court”
Like Robert did you mean? Grief…..done a great job didn’t he….
“It must be remembered that this is a campaign to get justice for
Hollie, and our aims include a full judicial review, a full and
substantive police investigation that actually investigates to be
undertaken by an impartial third party police force, the arrest and
trial of Denis and Greg Mackie for incest and abuse, and a full
enquiry into the suspicious death of Hollie’s Uncle Roy Greig.”
You continue to the same old rhetoric Carl….or was it Ian that wrote
that particular piece…..”a full investigation”…. was original
requested for everyone named and now you realise that it is not
possible to investigate those that don’t exist you are attempting to
keep up the campaign by attacking ONLY Denis and Greg….how
transparent your agenda is now…..22 abusers have now been reduced to
just 2! Its blindingly obvious to anyone with half a brain and you are
clearly discrediting yourselves so thanks for the help lol!   “This
is a campaign not a debating society, and our evidence collected to
date will be presented in the proper place, in a courtroom, in front
of a jury, so that it may be entered into the public domain and be
judged impartially.”   You have evidence? Why have you not presented
it to the police?    I’ll tell you why…because there is no
evidence… at all… so why should it enter a court of law? Denis and
Greg have been interviewed….they were released because there was not
one shred of evidence. (IPCC report). As I have said before, do you
imagine for one second a young man could withstand the questioning of
the police on such a matter and give them no grounds to be suspicious
if he was guilty?    Your campaign is crumbling around you fast and
the truth is becoming ever more visible….and you know that. The
rattling tins are becoming less and less full…but the bills still
have to be paid I would suggest.
You have lost your son Anne, but If you put this right now, there
still may be some sympathy for your situation.   For Hollies’ sake,
end this now Anne and maybe we can even help you.   The choice is
yours.   Kind regards   Py.

17 thoughts on “Pyrite is a fools gold

  1. if i were one of the (HIGH PLACED) people that hollie and anne, has accused of such a discusting crime (publicly) and had my reputation ruined,as some may claim, i can assure you, i would have had them in court in no time,if i had nothing to hide,and there are plenty of laws to deal with that, and yet all these years latter, it hasnt hapened,why is that ??? so this muppet mr/mrs fools gold,if genuine!!, should think on that one.

    • That is exactly what i have been saying for some years now ,makes you wonder why none of them have brought a slander case
      against their accusers, i know i would !!!

      • well im sure these muppets are all totaly convinced that everyone in this country is a flouride head,incapable of putting 2 and 2 together, i think there gonna be in for a shock!!!! hollie DEMANDS justice, and were all gonna make damn sure she gets it…………

  2. OMG! Is this the best these backs-to-the-wall tossers can come up with – what translates as a late-night inebriated non-stop diatribe of denial – sans paragraphs?

  3. Mr P Rat if you are in search of ‘fame’ or online prominence I suggest you enter some competition where your variety act can be judged and experts can give you advice on the best way forward.Why is it your campaign/site has no detracting name such as Anne Greigs Lies or similar you again try using the terms ‘Cover Up’ as thats what it has been to draw traffic to your efforts of disinforming adults who can read and make their own opinions of ‘what is out there’…unless the one involved in cover up is your good self via distractions..Fools Gold or PRat both indicate someone with issues whats your name you were given?

  4. Well said Anne.
    The py rite character has been around for sometime doing their best to smear the genuine campaign.
    Some troll on the David Icke forum was promoting that new website, yet another from ‘psy op’s R us’.

    Bring on the enquiry and we’ll find out who the liars are.

  5. I’d like to thank “Mister Fools Gold” for giving me Brian Gerrish’s e-mail address as I would like to ask Brian to do something more to help Hollie!

    Brian’s website is well worth visiting for anyone who wants to understand why this Country is in such a dire state.

  6. Re. Joe Cryans’ comment on Brian Gerrish and the UK Column crew, they’re already hot to trot on Justice for Hollie and are currently involved in their own investigation into, and exposure of, the Oxford / Cherwell paedophilia abuse scandal that, like Aberdeen’s infamous kiddie fiddling roll call of infamy, stinks of a coverup by officialdom – the very people guilty of the abuse -a factor imprudently dismissed by the Oxfordshire Child Safeguarding Panel.

  7. Pyrite mines might have closed but there is still some dross around.
    It isn’t the first time that the trolls have been on Icke’s site, they hide in the most unlikely places.
    Good on you Anne and Hollie and well said Jason

  8. what is your REAL NAME ,what is your real PICTURE,no comment just :0) for roberts release and god bless victims and survivors ,keep up the fight justice for hollie xxxx


  10. I had the misfortune of trying to challenge the likes of Pyrite (Pyshite more like) on Facebook, to no avail. That’s why I discontinued my account some weeks ago.

  11. I told Robert about this ‘olive branch’ from Pyrite/ “Py” – how sweet! – stop the nonsense Anne and all will be forgiven! Robert says, for a start and on principle don’t bother with anyone who doesn’t give their real name or address or won’t come forward and talk openly. It probably means they’re up to no good. Hollie and Anne have to be a bit careful as they’re under court orders and they’ve been threatened, and this extends to those immediately looking after them, but apart from that the rest of us are right out in the open, ready to talk to anyone face-to-face, happy to be filmed and put on YouTube, everyone knows who we are, where we live, we’ve nothing to hide, not frightened of anyone. Get it, Pyrite?

  12. Looks like the Mason’s reveng to me but it has to be rememered,that they do worship Satan, so you need to be alerted to the fact that it is all part of their sick agenda. Most if not all of the Judiciary are in this sad no where to go club.

    So I have been told.

  13. Sorry Mr Pyrite but all you are doing here is giving more and more support for Anne, Hollie and Robert. You see, we’re not so stupid…..Truth knows Truth when it meets itself, simple as that.

  14. [edit: Sorry Jury, but you seem to have this justice thing the wrong way around. Its the accused that do the polygraphs – if the police did their job properly that is.]