Reflections on ‘Scotland’s Shame’ as Olympic Torch nears Aberdeen …

The Torch reaches Aberdeen tomorrow 11th and passes down the coast via Stonehaven on 12th. Any chance of getting ‘Scotland’s Shame Google Hollie Greig’ in the frame?

Meanwhile, the noose is tightening around Scotland’s neck. Thinking it must surely be time for Chief Constable of Grampian Police Colin McKerracher to be standing down, and wondering why there has been no report to this effect? we checked up and found out that he’s still in post! With aspirations to head up Scotland’s unified single police force as of 2013.

(Apologies from HDJ for somehow missing this important report for our purposes, at the time of publication.)

Let’s make sure that CC McKerracher does not leave his present post or even THINK of applying for that prestigious pan-Scotland appointment until he has cleared up some seriously overdue business on the Grampian front.

CC McKerracher, it’s never too late for YOU to do your professional duty and investigate crimes neglected by your predecessors. Especially as your officers DC Lisa Evans and DC Tanya Leiper drew those to your Force’s attention on YOUR watch in September 2009, when they came down to Shrewsbury and re-interviewed Hollie in a 3 1/2 hour long interview, in which Hollie repeated exactly what she had told Grampian Police in 2000, clear as a bell.

Robert Green, supposedly in the next room but only behind a partition heard the whole interview and jotted everything down in 2 notebooks which were then appropriated by officers of your Force, CC McKerracher, when you raided his home on 13th February 2010, with no warrant supplied by either those conducting the raid at the time nor since by YOU!

Moreover, the lack of those very 2 notebooks impeded Green’s defence at Stonehaven Court in January 2012 and contributed to his not getting a fair trial.

Are you seriously thinking of putting yourself forward to police the whole of Scotland, if these are your standards?!

Attend to Hollie Greig’s issues properly and professionally and you might still have a chance.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on ‘Scotland’s Shame’ as Olympic Torch nears Aberdeen …

  1. Head of Scottish Police? Surely, not !

    Scary McKerry has far more potential than that, and I believe he’d be ideal to head up a posh college… somewhere nice, like Oxford perhaps.

    There should be vacancy there quite soon – straight after the students have carried out a citizens arrest of……