Response to The Herald’s article re. harassment order

An attempt was made to send this response to the Herald’s investigative reporter David Leask who wrote the story, “Dame Elish in court bid to stop web ‘harassment’ which appeared in the Herald Monday 11th June 2012.  Unfortunately, there was a typo in the email address and it bounced back.
Thank you very much David for pointing this out, we have passed this on to Alex and we take your comment below in the spirit with which we would apply it.

Email To

Dear David

Thank you for speaking to me today on the telephone regarding the story you published concerning the harassment order issued by Elish Angiolini and for correcting me over the pronunciation of the name “Elish.”

I forgot to ask you. Who was it that informed you there had been two investigations into the Hollie Greig abuse case? I would like to correct you here, with respect, I would recommend you look at the documents available of the case. You have written, “…despite two police investigations failing to find evidence of wrongdoing.”  I have seen the Police Complaints documents it states “from my office it is evident the people listed by X were not interviewed….” The reason that was used to explain a policy of no search, is the police claimed there were no connections found between the accused.

Upon further investigation one can find ‘very clearly a connection’ between the accused. Under English law, it would not be accepted as an investigation without interviewing the accused. After consulting with a Scottish lawyer, I can confirm this is indeed the case in Scotland as well.  Furthermore, corroboration  will never been found in any case if the police are not willing to look for it. The police did not go to the home of the accused and do a search.

 I would be interested to know if you have seen any of the statements taken by the police of the alleged abusers? I was in court in Stonehaven with others, I heard very clearly the accused say ‘under oath,’ they were ‘NEVER interviewed by the police in relation to the accusations made by Hollie Greig.’ The details and the clarification about no one being interviewed were most strongly established by WPC Lisa Evans of Grampian Police in court. Furthermore, the fact that Sheriff Bowen prevented Mr Green’s lawyers from having a copy of the court transcript is even more powerful. Here again, this all falls foul of the fundamental principles of justice this also prevented him from following an appropriate appeal response.

Later in your article you state:  “The “investigator,” who always stresses Ms Greig received criminal injury compensation as a probable victim of sexual abuse, committed his breach of the peace while campaigning in the 2010 Westminster elections.” Under representation of the People’s Act and the PPER Act there are certain privileges afforded to parliamentary candidates and campaigning from this stance, as a candidate, is most definitely one of them. Part of Mr Green’s campaign was informing the Aberdonians about a miscarriage of justice in their city. This was his right as a parliamentary candidate. The police had no jurisdiction.

It was also claimed in court that Mr Green had distributed leaflets, yet the prosecution would not allow Mr Green nor his council to see the leaflet. Although I bow to your superior understanding of Scottish (Roman) laws, I am of the understanding Mr Green was cautioned when he was taken into custody, in which case, the police should only have held him for 6 hours without formally arresting and charging him. Therefore, why did Sterling Park Services go to the trouble of serving him with Sheriff Buchanan’s interdict whilst he was in custody the 2nd day? This was a second charge to Sheriff Buchanan.

For clarity, here are a few points for you to consider, pertinent points that should be asked by any investigative journalist following this case:

1) Mr Green was told he when was arrested, it was for “breach of an interdict.” Mr Green was not served the interdict documents at his home of which he had no knowledge. He was arrested for merely walking down a street to meet some supporters as a parliamentary candidate. 

2) Why was Mr Green only issued with the interdict by Sheriff Buchanan whilst he was in police custody? Sterling Park services state in their invoice he was served at the Queens Police Station, therefore it makes his arrest and caution unlawful.

 3) If the interdict was not necessary and a breach of the peace charge could be followed without it being served, why did Sheriff Buchanan order Sterling Park Services to do this? The charge was only changed to breach of the peace after they, the police, realised they had made a mistake. Is this not shifting the parameters? The Sheriff is a man of the law, surely he would know this?  I am curious as to why did he spend £7,500 on the issuing of an interdict on Mr Green if it was not necessary? For the record the interdict was pushed through Mr Green’s letter box at his home in Warrington, England whilst he was on his way to Aberdeen. ‘Mr Green was arrested the next day as he left his B& B.’ The interdict was therefore issued to no avail, as it is now being claimed it was not used. You say it was changed to breach of the peace and this can be changed at any time. How strange is that? I smell a rat here.

4) Mr Green was detained for three days in a police cell. Scottish law states “You can only be held for 6 hours without charge and the police only have the power to hold a suspect without charge for a maximum period of 6 hours in a police station. After the detention period, you may be arrested.” At what point have you been told the charge was changed to breach of the peace?

5) Mr Green was not allowed a solicitor whilst in custody, this is unlawful and against his human rights as in the Cauder case,

From a research point of view, we can see the interdict was a tool that was used to take Mr Green into custody in the first place, from a tip off. The charge may have changed, but it was done in retrospect, this makes his entire detention and trial ‘unlawful.’

To conclude

If one is ‘truly interested’ in this case, one has to look at all the evidence and so far, I and other journalists have not seen anything that can sensibly answer the above questions and, other pertinent questions about this story. I too have been working on this case for over a decade, researching into considerable depth, checking both sides.

Could you explain please why the Herald has never printed the story before since you have been following the story for so long?  Interestingly, having researched your company, we have found the Herald’s legal advisors are Levy and McRae whose senior partner is Peter Watson. Surely this is direct conflict of interest for the following reasons:


The Herald and Levy & McRae

1) It states in the interdict issued by Graham Buchanan V Robert Green, that Peter Watson of Levy and McRae was working with the Scottish Government in relation to Robert Green’s case. Documentary evidence is available.

2) Furthermore, in the interlocutor issued recently by the former PF & Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini reported by you, states she has given her private address as Levy and McRae.

3) Elish Angiolini, whilst in the position of Lord Avocate, went to Levy and McRae to issue veiled threats on The Firm and the UK Column to prevent them printing the Hollie Greig story. She has since refused to reveal if she used public funds to do so and she refused to answer Freedom of Information requests on this matter?

I suppose it would be prudent for the Herald to be cautious about what it publishes, law suits are not just for the privileged such as Elish Angiolini. Perhaps Mr Watson would be happy to advise, if he has not already done so?

The contents herein forms part of a report which is being prepared for a news release into the public domain. I shall be copying in others, including, who may like to print the story.

We must get the pronunciation of the name Elish right, must we not.

kind regards Alex


28 thoughts on “Response to The Herald’s article re. harassment order

  1. I’m heartened to see that more and more people are putting pen to paper in support of justice! It’s good to be able to count such an aware and articulate supporter as yourself, Alex, amongst ‘Hollie’s Army’.

  2. What do you want to be when you grow up ?
    Part of this ‘you scratch my back’ system. No thanks!
    It just gets worse. Unaccountable, unaccountable, unaccountable……..

  3. Well well well, caught with their dirty fingers in the pie feasting together again! Peter Watson just seems to been into to every bit of smelly cheese. What a beautiful find Alex!! I bet they are pig sick. I agree with Ian…. keep up the good work. It is evident by the ridiculous and pathetic youtube videos put up recently, in an attempt to discredit Anne and Hollie, that the enemy is desperate.

  4. great reply to a bs article, sounds to me that the pedo club are prety scared!!

  5. Great response. They a picture is worth a thousand words, I would say the above picture is worth 10,000 words. Get out of that one, scum always floats to the top of the water and brings all the dregs up with it.

  6. The public interest.

    This can hardly be said to be an example of balanced reporting. In fact, it is quite the reverse.

    Certain facts stand out from the way the paper has dealt with this.

    1) It ignores the right to Freedom of Expression which is enacted under Article 10 Human Rights Act 2000. There have been court cases where this has head to be paramount.

    Then there are the people involved here about whom serious concerns have been expressed. These are people here who are supposed to be upholding the laws of the land. They should be beyond reproach in their dealings with all cases where there have been criminal offences. They cannot favour some and act unlawfully against others.

    There is evidence to show that they have acted to protect people who have committed criminal offences, when their role is that they should be taking action against these. At the same time, the facts demonstrate that individuals who have tried to expose the truth surrounding cases where decisions are clearly perverse, have been targetted for a vendetta by the authorities and the people who should be upholding the law.

    The authorities seem prepared to act unlawfully to deprive these people of their liberty and right to Freedom of Expression. The motives for such action can only be the subject of speculation. Whatever they are, these acts and failures are unlawful and need to be investigated on the basis they are criminal acts. The problem arises in that the people who are responsible for investigation are also involved in the apparent conspiracy to silence those who criticise the authorities. So the state is acting like an outlaw, refusing to comply with the laws and rules that exist.

    The history to date indicates that the authorities have acted perversely to protect those who have committed criminal offences. It is possible that officers of the state have conducted criminal acts themselves. It is clear that the state will not permit justice to be achieved, for criminals to be dealt with under the law.

    We need to consider what sort of suitable action can be taken to remedy this. There is not hope of the state acting legitimately.

    2) The public interest.

    Apart from right to Freedom of Expression, there is another consideration and that is The Public Interest. We know of criminal acts that have been committed. That the people who should bring the criminals to trial prefer to protect them. It is therefore in The Public Interest for this to be exposed and by any means necessary.

    I doubt that Hollie is the only vulnerable person to have been subjected to these types of activities. There are probably more children and vulnerable people who have been abused in this manner. This should be of concern to the authorities, rather they choose to allow these acts to happen and the perpetrators to escape any kind of legal actions for their crimes.

    It must be right for this to be exposed and for those responsible to be allowed to bring this to the attention of the public and the authorities. Individual protests about harassment are overidden by The Public Interest. Such individuals should be answerable and not able to hide behind legal actions to silence their critics.

    The main problem seems to be in the nature of the authorities who are involved here. They act in the manner of a rogue state, unaccountable and unanswerable to all the citizens in it. In other words, it is above the law. We cannot allow this to happen.

  7. It appears that personal “Scottish Blend” defence of situations that compromise has been further developed by she who must not be named (aka She) thats the normal blend of Scottish Justice,Levy McRae, She (who likes an invstigation and determining tea types) and the rigid resistance to FOI group in Scotland are sticking tighter together through their encapsulated media source The Glesca’ Herald, who have never been involved in my knowledge reporting of Robert Greens activity previously…Im just wondering what dirt ‘the sect’ have on the editor if any or is it just a historic relationship of their lawyers of choice. Mr Russel any comment?
    Whats that smell coming from Scotland….ahhh the refined aroma of cover-up the perfume of choice for JustUs

  8. They use whitewash, washes whiter than white, for cases such as this.

    Could the nameless Dame be a member of The Eastern Star perhaps?

    I am worried about Rusty, any news of him?

  9. Ref Jo’s comment: “I am worried about Rusty, any news of him?”

    Rusty’s okay, no wrod from the Aberdeen courts nor COPFS on ant trial date yet.
    In fact the latter corrupt body haven’t made a ‘disclosure’ of evidfence against him to his solicitor.
    Fact, Rusty was never interviewed nor questioned by Grampian Police.
    Probably the arrest was a bid to silence his Prisoners of Conscience group and the Skewed News Views blog further exposing the alleged dirty deeds and corrupt involvements of a certain anonymous female of the species – if in fact she does fall under a Linnean category.
    So we wait our day in court on his Solemn Procedure charge of causing ‘fear and alarm’ to the complainant – when said ‘complainant will have to present herself in the witness box before an open court (for a change) and a sitting jury of fifteen – then the fun begins and a whole can of nasty worms gets up-turned.
    As the last two court / bail hearings have been held in camera – a cleared courtroom / the Sheriff’s chambers – and the ‘complainant’s’ last demand for more severe bail restrictions to be imposed was turned down by Sheriff Summer
    as ‘frivolous’, then we’re not holding our breath on this case ever coming to trial.

  10. I am thinking that it is very odd that they quoted Tom George of all people! Who is Tom George? You would think that a newspaper with any merit would check the identity of its sources, when the man who called himself Tom George first started to attempt to sabotage the Hollie campaign, a number of us tried to establish exactly who this man was. The mobile number that we all had for him became obsolete as soon as he turned tail. At that time a few of tried to establish exactly who this man was, to date we never did find out, but we could say with near certainty that Tom George was not his real name.
    I personally made extensive enquiries to try and establish who he was, at that time Lorraine Louden called me, and assured me that Steven Milne was on it, and that he had traced George, and all would be revealed very soon. I now realise that her assurances to me, we just to get me to back off investigating him further. As it was Milne never disclosed who George really was. A few months later I asked Louden about it, and she gave me some cock and bull story about George not being his real name, and that Milne had discovered he was on some kind of witness protection scheme, which was the reason given as to why he had not exposed him.

    I find it very odd that the Herald quoted George, given the Herald’s relationship with Levy & McRae, I think it is a very real possibility that George was in fact an employee of Levy and McRae, and for his 40 pieces of silver he firstly tried to gain information on their behalf, and sabotage the campaign. This is of course speculation on my behalf, let me make that very clear, but it would explain the very precarious actions of George. This man disappeared into thin air, despite many of us trying to find out who he was, we never did, he was a no one man, with no history, and despite us circulating the one picture of him that we had, we never established who he was. How did the Herald so easily contact this invisible man I wonder?
    Sandra Barr

  11. “fear and alarm’ to the complainant” ?

    What a great defence that is ! Can we soon expect it to be used by rapists, murderers and other bandits who are caught by the Police?

    “Officer, please let my Client go, you’re causing him fear and alarm !”

    Well done Alex, brilliant letter.

  12. The herald and their back-up are trying for damage-limitation, won’t work guys and gals, just proves how you are all working together – and have been all along.
    Notice there is still no call for a police investigation, a real one, not two fictional ones…
    Go campaigners, they are really trying to stop this in their usual way, bullying tactics. They can attack all they like, we know the truth.

  13. More official BS, this time from the scottish media, same old line though.
    We have heard it all before but the TRUTH still stands.
    The enemy of my friend is my enemy..

  14. Spoke to Earl on the FB group and mentioned the typo to him. Glad you changed it however and keep up the pressure.

  15. Obviously your article has stirred the scum to rise to the surface.

    So who is contolling, directing and guiding the criminals in this case?
    Control the media and you virtually have total control. This is an alert to all campaigners and followers of this case and I am sure there are others who have suffered at the hands of these people. They all need to come forward, there are more of us than them. Bring out the armada.

    When you look at the facts and the recent attempt – hatchet job by the Herald today, you can see very quickly what the game plan is. It’s so blantently obvious.

    Here are some Intersting facts about Levy&McCrae that will help readers/followers to join up the dots.

    Advisors to the Herald.
    In recent years, Peter Watson has led teams involved in some of the biggest litigation claims in British legal history, following major international disasters – Piper Alpha, Lockerbie, the RAF Chinook Crash on Mull of Kintyre and the Dunblane Primary School massacre.

    He is also a part-time Sheriff (Judge) in Scotland, has found time to publish a range of material on legal matters and also holds a number of posts, including President of the Society of Media Lawyers, Chairman of the Association of Mediators and a Member of the Criminal Rules Council.

    One of their niche areas is in the media and clients include such blue-chip firms as ITN, Mirror Group Newspapers, Scottish Media Group, Border Television, Channel Four, Reuters News, GMTV and Sky News.

    Other prestigious clients include the British Field Sports Society, the majority of Police Federations in Scotland, the Prison Officers’ Association Scotland and many other public bodies and private individuals.

    clients said. “The defence-oriented defamation group acted for the Sunday Herald in a case brought by Lord Robertson, former Secretary General of NATO, regarding a web posting.

    Levy & McRae is portrayed by Chambers as “a unique firm in that it does not do any legal aid work and has its own in-house investigation department staffed by former Criminal Investigation Department officers”.

    Ensuring suffocation of the truth. There is a word for this – corruption

  16. Wilf
    Thank you for the information on Levy & McRae, very interesting.
    I am sure there is much more to come on these very strange relationships and this tight knit group of individuals. An unhealthy closed community it would seem.

  17. The Herald is owned by Newsquest Media Group. Google “Freemason Newsquest Media” and you will find hundreds of local newspapers in the UK writing pro stories about Freemasons and how benevolent they are. Google it yourself and be amazed at the huge number of Freemason stories connected to Newsquest Media Group.

    This is no coincidence. Newsquest Media Group own over 300 newspapers in Britain.

    Newsquest Media Group is owned by the US based Gannett Media Group. With their HQ in Tyson’s Corner Virginia they are a short, 6 mile drive from CIA Headquarters in McLean Virginia. Gannett print all the major US military journals (Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times) and the most popular “government controlled” newspaper in America: USA Today.

    Frank Gannett who founded the company was a powerful Freemason and his legacy has continued to this day.

    The Herald is one of their leading propaganda newspapers in Britain and their recent involvement in the Hollie story is a useful indication that Freemasons have been stirred into action. Expect more propaganda from their media outlets.

    • As a result of the Leask article in the Herald I have cancelled my order.

      All of my family & friends and their friends are following suit….

  18. Thanks for all your comments, it is so good to find waking up very early on a Monday morning, the start of another week fighting child abuse in this country in 2012, that Hollie’s campaign for justice is alive and well despite the bit of bother over the weekend. Really great to know that Hollie’s most intelligent and loyal supporters continue to see through the all the c**p!
    We will be responding in the next days to this latest assault, no rush. Be assured we have all the cards in our hand and these superficially sweet little old ladies have made a HUGE MISTAKE in going public, never mind who’s backing them, with how many hundreds & thousands of public money at their disposal, q.e.d.

  19. I do not understand how Robert Green can be treated like an enemy of the State, when in fact he is a true champion in society and any reasonable person would shake him warmly by the hand and praise him for his search for the truth?

  20. As its been said – freemasons are running this coverup – from the reporting of the HG case, to the judiciary, to all the rest involved, except those telling the truth.

  21. The Freemasons are running the cover up as they are protecting their own who were/are the perpetrators.

  22. The herald reporter must have written that report especially to satisfy friends, a reporter could not possibly write a biased article like that without being close to those he is protecting. Nor one shred of proof, working so closely with ‘privy’ and a law firm, when all the proof they need is on this site and others.
    These people should not forget that some of Hollie’s supporters have also been horribly abused and know how the system works.
    Deviant people do not stop unless they are stopped. There are children out there suffering because of cover-up after cover-up. So well done!
    I hope you can sleep at night.

  23. As a life-long reader of The Herald I will not only ensure that I never buy another paper but will also do my utmost to ensure that everyone I come in contact with (in my job I come across many…..and wouldn’t you (big bro) like to know who I am….if you did you would be squirming!!) are aware of the fact that this TABLOID is promoting sexual abuse of our children. Your time is coming and I can assure you that there is no hiding place for any of you. Your number’s UP. Roll on, you are falling upon your own sword!

  24. I have been a reader of the Herald for amny years and was appauled at the hatched attempt by the editor who clearly gave a biased report on this story. I will never buy another copy again and like others will ensure that my friends follow suite. Thus, In view the inaccurate and discriminating reporting by the Herald in an attempt to trash the Hollie Greig story, readers of the Herald who are dissatisfied with Leask’s article should write to the press compaints commission. I shall!! The more people do so the better.

  25. Please be aware RE: typo that if you click on the email address it still comes up l’E’sk and if you copy and paste the email address it too comes up as l’E’sk so please make sure that any readers understand this when sending an email

    • russ,
      fixed by removing the link behind the email address. Readers will have to cut and paste.