Robert Green FREE on 17th May!

The good news has just come through from Robert that his custodial sentence will end and he will be FREE to go home early in the morning of 17th May. He received the news in the Governor’s office this afternoon and there has been much jubilation at Craiginches ever since.

He will still be under curfew when he gets home (7pm to 9am every night of the week) for 3 months and of course campaigning and so on is out but at least he’ll be able to go for walks and go on line and all the things he’s not been able to do.

Robert wishes me to say that he strongly believes it is largely due to the tremendous support he has had from so many people that he’s been let out early and asks me to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone once again. He also wishes to commend the prison staff who have been universally gracious and helpful. This has made made what could have been a much more trying time really quite bearable. He’s also made some good friends from amongst his fellow inmates with whom he’ll be keeping contact.

Another bit of good news is that the Ombudsman for Scotland is looking into the appointment of Sheriff Bowen to Robert’s trial. We look forward to further details on this interesting development.

The person who will be most pleased of all by the news of Robert’s imminent release will be Hollie who was most upset when he was sent down. It doesn’t take much to make Hollie feel insecure, which isn’t surprising considering what she has been through in her life and she hasn’t felt entirely happy since Robert has been in prison. So this news will really cheer her up!

"FREE ROBERT GREEN" so many times chanted on many a street in the past few weeks has worked! Well done everyone! Now it’s back to "JUSTICE FOR HOLLIE GREIG" – we can do it, can’t we?

41 thoughts on “Robert Green FREE on 17th May!

  1. OUTSTANDING NEWS!!! This is just wonderful. Can’t wait to see Robert out here where he belongs.

    Speaking as an ex-prison officer myself, I’d also like to extend my thanks to the officers and Governors who treated this INNOCENT man so well.

    Just wonderful news!!!

  2. Yes I don’t mind admitting I cried a whole day when he was locked up because it all felt so wrong, it was ghastly watching the proceedings at Stonehaven knowing what several of those ‘witnesses’ had done to Hollie having heard from her own mouth what she had suffered from them, just too horrible to make public and spoil everyone’s day. I’m conversely so happy this evening therefore Robert’s about to be released, well in a few days still, but we’ll make sure the time goes quickly by carrying on sending him post daily, will we not. I know for a fact Hollie will go to sleep much happier tonight Robert is going to be back soon and she’ll be able to see him again, that’s what she cares about because she loves Robert, she hated him being locked up. This is not Disneyworld or fiction folks, this is real on real life with all the suffering that goes with, pain, fear & anxiety, frustration, outrage etc. so now RELIEF & HOPE! that through our effort justice (of a sort) has prevailed regarding Robert although there’s still some way to go but it feels this evening we’re on course, Hollie is going to get justice and through her so many other children will be properly protected in our society from now on which is what she ardently desires

  3. Joy of joys. It may be 3 months late as he should have been FREE 17 Feb 2012, but this is most welcome and excellent news in hearing of Roberts pending release. And the bonus is that ‘they’ are looking in to the ‘appointment’ of the retired Bowen person by Young…..and so to bed(happy)

  4. What a great piece of news this is.Just hope the real ceiminals are brought to justice.

  5. Sorry should have read.What a great piece of news this is.Just hope the real criminals are brought to justice!!

  6. 4 more weeks ,absolutely brilliant im pleased as punch for him ,and for all his loyal supporters in scotland and all round the world ,god bless you robert ,time will fly now ,lets just get the boss home ,and keep going all of you ,dont stop his letters ,banner with WELCOME HOME ROBERT GREEN xxx


  8. Great news, but he should never have been convicted in the first place as he did what was right, the people protecting these psychopaths should be the one’s being locked up, one day this will happen as the light always overcomes the dark.

  9. The exponentially growing support for Robert from abroad plus the 50+ champions who handed out thousands of leaflets in Aberdeen to highlight this injustice has won the day.

    The dials on the pressure cooker are rising by the day.

    It is now only a matter of time until this case explodes into the knowledge of mainstream society and the lofty actors will fall.

    Judy x

  10. Well Done Robert.
    Dignity & Decency will prevail, todays
    Daily Mail. Paedo. arrested & charged on Cunard cruise ship

    Still lots of work to do
    Regards Peter O.

  11. That’s absolutely fabulous news! Methink’s Robert’s jailing has had the totally opposite effect they intended! I’m so glad that Robert will be freed early! Well done to all!!!

  12. Would Roberts supporters and All concerned decent people
    please Google: Royal Commission Enquiry NSW police paedophiles
    Volume 4. final report.

    This is exactly what is going on in the UK, Roberts prison officers
    know things are wrong ! When they see this report All will be
    revealed. And Roberts imprisonment will confirm the lengths corrupt
    public officials will go to, to conceal terrible offences against children

    Well done Robert. I hope a prison officer will let you know about these

    Regards Peter O.

  13. I do hope the police, GCHQ, Home Office, Mi5-6-7 &8 are
    monitoring and recording all these e-mails, phone calls etc.

    Because I want you to know the British Public are sick & tired of
    being mis-led. abused, treated with contempt, fleeced and robbed of taxes
    that pay for law enforcement that does not exist etc. Robert Green is worth
    ten of you so-called public servants cum -malingerers committing crimes
    of gross negligence, assisting offenders, concealing offences etc.

    by the way how is gorgeous George of Dunblane fame ? yes we do realise.

  14. I am ashamed of how the UK has treated Robert, this man deserves all the support and help the people can offer to find,name and shame the perverts who hold office and make judgmental decissions over others. Scotland get off your ass and help Robert find the guilty people responsible for the torment of Hollie and her mother.

  15. A million hip hip hoorays, Roberts FREE on the 17th May. This news is absolutely wonderful. A true hero amongst us all. Another letter on it’s way to the right honourable Sir Robert Green, (well! it ought to be Sir Robert, in my opinion). Peace and love to all. Now for justice for Hollie!

  16. Happy Happy Happy News, yes I do belive this is down to all the support he has had, it was not expected when they tryed to shut him up, what is not realised is that Roborts spirt is part of so many now , there is to many , we are becomming one ! May it continue to grow XXX

  17. Great news.
    Shows he has right on his side when the prison wardens are showing him respect. Speaks volumes.

  18. Robert, watch your back, these people who combined and conived to stop you will not give up because you are a major threat to them.
    Eventually the truth will come out into the mainstream media because the movement is building and the perpe(trators) of supression will be outed.
    There will be nowhere to hide and the criminals will be shoping everyone to get a deal, but there will be no mercy for these sick persons.
    The movement, although slow, is building thanks to support from concerned and .good people.

  19. I am so happy for Robert.
    It just goes to prove that we can make changes if we all work together.
    This is such good news.

  20. Let’s hope justice prevails for Holly and that this despicable story becomes mainstream news. The world needs more people like Robert Green.

  21. Oh I am just so happy for Robert and his family and friends, and of course Hollie who was feeling so upset about if.

  22. What good news,Roll on 17 May,now lets put the real baddies in jail,Well done Robert keep up the good work.Love and peace. Kevin A.

  23. I just read this wonderful news on David Icke’s website and also when I first heard out about Robert Green a few weeks ago and I was so upset about how he was treated standing up for Hollie’s rights. They are doing the same thing here in the US when President Obama signed the NDAA law on New Year’s Eve. It is every where because of the New World Order slowly taking away our freedom. This is wonderful news for a caring man who stood up for justice for Hollie. I watched the video “Free Robert Green” and now it is coming true. I hope some day the real criminals will pay for their crime so Hollie will receive justice due. God Bless you Robert and keep on standing up for what you believe in. Donna – US

  24. Great news and well done Robert you stood up to be counted when it mattered most. Sending peace, love and best wishes.

  25. VERY, VERY HAPPY TO HEAR THE NEWS. I never doubted for a moment that Mr Green would be released soon in spite of the restrictions He is still facing and probably more attacks from the perpetrators.
    Lots and lots of love to Robert Green and to all the people who have supported him and Hollie in every possible way .

  26. Brilliant news! Robert Green is an innocent man who has bravely campaigned on behalf of Holly Greig and should receive a full aquittal and apololgy from the Scottish courts system .The systematic attempt by the establishment to cover up the details of what happened to that unfortunate child has been exposed thanks to Robert Green’s journalism and he should never have been sent to jail.

  27. I am SO delighted. It is an indication that the Universe honours the truth and that this law cannot be broken.

    Many blessings to you, Robert, for your love and steadfastness.

    We will raise a glass to you when you’re free!

  28. Belinda you have been stoic in your support of Hollie and her mother and of Robert Green. You have created the followers and the support.
    Brilliant results and I hope this is the spearhead of more legal results in the future.

  29. I don’t think that Robert’s release has anything to do with them ‘doing the decent thing’. It smacks of the same scenario as the Al Magrahi release on compassionate grounds (he’s still alive). His Appeal case was coming up, in which he was going to spill the beans on Locerbie, so they had to lose him. They are pulling the same flanker with Robert.

    • Very observant! Their rationale may be that by releasing Robert early they will be able to defuse the allegations of an unlawful trial and allegations of unlawfully denying Robert his lawful right of appeal?

      Unlikely! What they have done is on record and Robert would be perfectly within his rights to pursue them all the way to the European Court of Human Rights

  30. A real win for Robert’s courage and the determined support of many many people. This is the first time we have seen fear clearly taking over from aggression among those who are trying to bury this story. I look forward to seeing a lot more.

    Congratulations, Robert!

  31. I’d just like to belatedly CONGRATULATE the “good” Sheriff Bowen for jailing Robert!

    A master stroke – surely worthy of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

    Just one draw back though – instead of stopping Hollie’s Campaign for Justice
    this has had the opposite effect and generated huge publicity and support throughout the world!

    It can only now be a matter of time before Hollie’s case breaks out into the mainstream media…..

  32. So glad that Robert is to be freed. I wrote to my MP Rebecca Harris who replied that she couldn’t interfere with an on going case! (Robert had already been jailed!) I had emailed radio and tv stations about Robert but equally did not get a response! Just proves to me how deep the cover up goes on Hollies case.

    I hope that Robert continues his good work with the knowledge that he now has thousands of supporters.
    Bless you Robert!