Robert Green – Saturday latest news

19:35 Feb 18

Robert, we are informed, has now been moved and is currently being held at

Address: Craiginches, 4 Grampian Place, Aberdeen AB11 8FN

Phone: 01224 238300

We are still awaiting confirmation of his prison number.

Meanwhile we urge everyone to write to their MP as well as Roberts.

You can write to Robert’s MP at the following email address –

You can write to your own Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Northern Ireland, Welsh and London AMs by using this handy lookup tool, where you can write to them online.

Please use your own words, as these sites block copy and pasted identical messages. Please be polite, concise and to the point.

Thank You.


09:51 Feb 18.

Robert has not yet arrived at Craiginches and is apparently still in police custody. Craiginches seemed to think he would not arrive till Monday and advised me to phone Queen Street police station.

Could others please phone and ask to know where he is and how we can contact him? Number is 0845 600 5700.

When he does arrive at Craiginches if indeed that is where he’s being sent he will be given a prison number. To communicate with anyone in prison you always need their prison number.

If anyone finds out any more please let us know.

3 thoughts on “Robert Green – Saturday latest news

  1. Hello Belinda,I hope you are coping well and not feeling too dismayed.Putting Robert in jail will prove to be there biggest mistake and will only serve to expose their own disgusting behaviour.I have already got working on several letters and avenues of exposure and will let you know as soon as possible what is happening.I would strongly advise others to pick up the pen and help bring this travesty to the eyes and ears of the world,lets leave them with no place left to hide.Onwards and upwards.My love and support to you all,,,gary,,

  2. I’ve been following Hollie’s case for quite a while, have emailed the MP for the good it will do coming from someone abroad. Just want to wish you well in this case, with enough public attention it must break open soon.

  3. I too live abroad – I’m one of the rats leaving the sinking ship!! – but this has made me so angry. It is blatant evil staring right at us, what are we going to do about this?

    I am concerned that although putting Robert into prisonn seemed like a mistake it was done for nefarious purposes. Once Robert is out of public view these evil scum will work on him to destroy him physically and/or mentally. They have already murdered Hollies uncle, these vermin are capable of anything.

    Trauma-based and drug-based mind control, physical punishments are all available to these monsters and they will use them. That is why it is imperative that someone visits Robert asap. Please let us know his “prisoner number” asap.