Scotland’s Judicial SHAME – A CORRUPT Justice System

On a cold winter’s day on 12th February 2010, Robert Green, an Englishman from Warrington, Cheshire, was arrested for walking down a street in Aberdeen, Scotland, on his way to meet friends who were helping with his election campaign to become a member of parliament. A campaign which highlighted the abuse of Hollie Greig, a Downs Syndrome young woman raped in the first instance by her father from the age of 6. He then prostituted her to his paedophile cohorts who allegedly included Aberdeen Sheriff, Graham Buchanan.

Robert Green stood trial in a Stonehaven Court in Scotland on Monday, 16th January 2012 accused of breach of the peace. When he was arrested he was told he had broken an interdict (injunction). Paperwork proves the interdict was granted to Sheriff Buchanan on 11th February 2010. Unable to serve this interdict by Eclipse Services, Cheshire to Robert originally at home in Warrington, England (an interdict has to be given to the subject personally, wrongly they pushed it through the letterbox, later picked up by his son) on the 11th February. The police realised Robert had not been served with the interdict after they arrested him, thereby effecting a false arrest.

The same interdict was removed by Grampian Police when they entered Robert’s home, whilst Robert was in custody. The interdict was then served on Robert whilst in custody at Queens Street Police Station, Aberdeen. It was thought at the time that it was the Scottish Crown Office who issued the interdict, but it in actuality, it was Sheriff Graham Buchanan. Robert Green as convicted in a de facto court. He was denied a trial by jury, denied the right to present his witnesses in court and sentenced to twelve months imprisonment. His crime: intending to hand out his campaign leaflet which highlighted the injustice to Anne and Hollie Greig and asking for a public enquiry.


1) Beginning with the death of Anne’s brother Roy Greig in 1997 in suspicious circumstances in a remote part of Aberdeen, Grampian Police claimed he had committed suicide by sitting in a burning car after suffering multiple fractures to his torso back and front – broken sternum, six broken ribs and multiple bruising. We are expected to believe these injuries were caused by attempts to resuscitate him. Anne has asked, how did the police determine it was suicide within a time frame of three and a half hours in the middle of the night? Exactly who decided it was suicide? There was no investigation. The authorities have refused to release the name of the officer on both counts and also the blood toxicology report.


2) In 2000, having been alerted to discrepancies in her late brother’s estate which took three years to complete with the added shock and embarrassment of finding that his funeral costs had not been paid, Anne began to make complaints to the Law Society about the solicitor who was also her husband’s friend. One evening, whilst she was photocopying documents, her husband, Denis Mackie, beat her severely, with the help of his son Greg. Anne miraculously escaped wearing only pyjamas and in her bare feet she ran from the family home into the night, seeking safety.


3) After Anne had fled her home in 2000, she went into a hostel. It was then that Hollie told her that Roy (Hollie’s uncle) had caught her father Denis Mackie raping her. Anne and Hollie then went to the police to report the crime in May 2000.


4) As months went on, Hollie came out with further names which included Sheriff Buchanan and a policeman Terry Major. She and her mother reported details of multiple rapes to Grampian Police on the 25th August 2000. Ten days later, ten people turned up at Anne’s and Hollie’s home and forcibly medicated Anne by injection, in response to a warrant issued by the police for the detention of Anne under the mental Health Act, her unlawful sectioning was instigated by Denis Mackie (her husband) and followed through using police powers.


5) The name of the Sheriff who signed that warrant has been withheld, despite written requests the name has never been established.


Hollie was not afforded any consideration or support for reporting the serious crime of rape. She suffered post-traumatic stress and night terrors due to seeing her mother physically taken away from her and forcefully sectioned (committed to a mental institution). All this on top of years of abuse from her father and brother, which resulted in intimate physical scarring, for which Hollie was awarded £13,500 by the Criminal Injuries Commission in damages.


Grampian Police allowed the spoliation of evidence resulting in no criminal charges being brought and no case to answer for her abusers. All the mattresses were taken from Anne’s home and disposed of in her absence by Denis Mackie – vital DNA was lost. Terry Major, former Metropolitan Police officer, (and one of Hollie’s alleged abusers), was at the time head of Forensics at Grampian Police, his wife, Sylvia Major, cousin to Denis Mackie.


Could it be said the police were protecting their own? It is alleged that questions were raised concerning Terry Major’s involvement in the Shirley McKie case; a policewoman whose fingerprints had been found at the scene of a crime. “Shirley McKie was a successful police woman until February 1997 when she was accused of leaving her fingerprint at a crime scene and lying about it. This all happened in the line of duty when she was part of a police team investigating the vicious murder of Marion Ross in Kilmarnock, Scotland.”


The Chief Constable of Grampian Police at the time was Andrew Brown who was also involved in Hollie’s case. The Shirley McKie case also raised some very serious questions about the criminal justice system in Scotland.


Joining up the dots:


Anne was continually refused her common law right to enter the Aberdeen Sheriff Court to confront Denis Mackie and his friend Sheriff Buchanan who presided over their divorce proceedings. Instead, she was kept in the court café for eight hours comforting her daughter Hollie who, at the site of seeing her father, became extremely agitated and upset, having been reassured that she would not have to see her abusers. Hollie was prepared to testify under oath that her father, Denis Mackie and brother, Greg Mackie had continually raped and abused her since she was 6 years-old. Anne and Hollie were prohibited from entering the court, as was their expert witness Dr Eva Harding, a well-respected psychologist who interviewed Hollie over several days and wrote a report. This same report was never submitted by the police to the Procurator Fiscal’s Office when Elish Angiolini was at the helm and no investigation was ordered. Anne’s said her barrister at the time, Allison Sterling was extremely unhelpful she and Denis Mackie’s barrister, Morag B. Wise, conducted the business of divorce on the court landing area where Anne was not permitted to be involved. Anne said she complained about Sterling’s conduct to the Faculty of Advocates, who she said did absolutely nothing about her complaints which were very serious.


It is of great concern that Sheriff Buchanan has seemingly allowed himself to adjudicate in a case where he was clearly personally associated with one of the parties, Denis Mackie and with whom he shares the same solicitor Simpson and Marwick. This was clearly a prima facie case of a conflict of interest. The decision of the court should therefore have been to strike out. The situation was later brought to the attention of the Faculty of Advocates in a complaint by Anne Greig but was ignored. This is typical of Scotland where criminals go free, the just are imprisoned and freedom of speech is dead.


Hollie Greig and her mother Anne were denied justice by the Scottish Crown Prosecution Criminal Justice System. They are the victims and as such they should have been protected.


In fear of their lives, they eventually fled to England from Aberdeen in October 2005 with the assistance of Women’s Aid and the Downs Syndrome Association (DSA). It is interesting to note, the DSA supported Anne and Hollie in Aberdeen and England for a period of ten years until May 2010 when their Press Agent, John Smithies, was about to put out a press release in support of their case. John was called into the office of the Charity’s Director, Carol Boyes and instantly dismissed from work. The DSA have been instrumental in the current court action taken by Shropshire Council which is now in the High Court of Appeal. Hollie and Anne feel their lives have been violated by this action which is a breach of the public trust and No Secrets Policy of 2000 and the Carers’ Rights Act. Furthermore there is documentary evidence that Shropshire Council have repeatedly lied to the Information Commissioner about the break-in by police to Anne and Hollie’s home (which they trashed) on a missing persons mission, falsely asserting that Hollie was under the care of Shropshire Council, evidence now available proves otherwise.


Is this all an attempt to gag Hollie Greig, her mother Anne and Robert Green as it appears to be? It is an abuse of power to use the secret family courts to silence individuals.


Restricting a person’s right to free speech is one of the cruelest crimes that could be placed upon an individual who has been wronged. Why is there no support from the DSA for Hollie, as an innocent victim of despicable crimes? Is there a Common Purpose here? Who is Shropshire Council ultimately protecting? Certainly not Anne and Hollie. They should be forcing a public enquiry since Hollie received criminal injuries, her father was named as the main perpetrator, therefore he, at least, should be prosecuted.


If the alleged abusers in Hollie’s case thought Robert Green’s spoken and written words were slanderous or libellous, why have they not, individually, or collectively, taken out a private prosecution against Robert, Anne or Hollie?


It would seem that the Scottish Crown, has enabled the alleged abusers to find a method of resolution, at no cost; allowing them to hide behind the judiciary, aiding and abetting a Sheriff who, seemingly had access to the public purse in pursuit of the arrest of Robert Green on a breach of the peace charge so that he could be silenced. A swifter, easier method of dealing with someone so vocal as Robert Green, rather than via a costly prosecution for liable, which could have been difficult. Libel actions are often heard by juries and applications are usually heard in the High Court, which compounds the uncertainty inherent in the litigation process.


Simpson and Marwick solicitors representing Sheriff Buchanan, wrote to Robert Green demanding £7,500 for expenses Buchanan incurred, which included: Arranging for surveillance of Robert and preparing a private interdict, with an attempt to serve it on 11th February 2010, then reissuing it and actually serving it whilst he was held in custody after he was arrested for breaking it! To see this document with invoices, please go to: look for the following image in the left side bar.


Buchanan’s list of expenses (page 4) states: Simpson and Marwick solicitors wrote to the Press & Journal in Aberdeen in 2009 on behalf of Sheriff Graham Buchanan. In a four-page letter they highlighted grave concerns regarding comments made in their front page article entitled “Downs Syndrome woman names paedophile ring, Hollie tells police she was abused by Sheriff.” Why did Simpson and Marwick not threaten to sue the Press & Journal for defamation?


It is alleged the former Lord Advocate, Elish Angiolini, used public funds when she employed Levy & McRae to try to silence The Firm Magazine and the UK Column after they printed Hollie’s story. Angiolini has refused to answer a Freedom of Information Request on this matter.


Note the Scottish Government’s participation in Robert Green’s arrest by providing information (Buchanan’s list of expenses, page 5), states: Simpson and Marwick “took instruction from Peter Watson of Levy & McRae on behalf of the Scottish Government.”



Greg Lance Watkins was the person who published the names of Hollies abusers on his website Stolenkids, without permission. Why was GLW not issued with an injunction? It was subsequently found he worked off a Government Service Internet network. GLW published the names of Hollies abusers on his website ‘Stolenkids’ without permission, his site also published photographs taken from Anne’s home during the police raid.


His site also published photographs taken from Anne’s home during the police raid instigated by Shropshire Council. A press release of June 2010 on site.


Is this a coincidence? Also ex-employee of the Lord Provosts Dept.”


GLW first made contact with Robert Green in 2009 offering to build a website and be the webmaster, this was a pattern, he used to get involved with other cases relating to important issues such as the Magna Carter Society, Dunblane, Lockerbi etc. He further introduced Robert Green to a man called Robbie the Pict saying he was a mate who he supposedly met through blogging on websites about Lockerbie and Dunblane. Robbie suggested to Robert Green that he would help to distribute leaflets with the aid of his friends around a few areas of Aberdeen, including Ferryhill where the named abusers lived. Robert was not involved in this.


Robbie told Anne that he had previously lived in the Ferryhill area near Sylvia Major, (cousin of Denis Mackie), one of those named by Hollie. Robbie said he also knew Sylvia’s friend and neighbour Anne Royal and suggested Anne speak to her. Anne did not agree to this for very good reasons. Robbie also suggested Robert have a meeting with a Conservative Councillor friend of his, whom he said was also from the Ferryhill area. A meeting was arranged for the 12th February 2010, coincidentally the day of Robert’s arrest. This Councillor strangely and shockingly was listed as one of the sixty-one people who had been upset and were in fear of Robert’s actions. Ironically he had previously claimed he was supporting the Hollie Greig case.


Robbie said he would get Robert a lawyer, a man called George Mathers a friend of his for thirty years, he said Mathers would represent Robert at the first hearing after his arrest. Another twist in the story, Mathers let Robert down at the last minute leaving him without a lawyer. Robert had to go into court alone in camera charged with breach of the peace.




Having researched this story in-depth and read huge volumes of documents, we can confirm there is a paper trail that will ultimately expose and incriminate those behind the defamation and sectioning of Anne Greig as she tried in vain to get justice for her daughter and ultimately help prevent the abuse of other children.


Those of you reading this article and viewing the list of itemised expenses (available on claimed by Sheriff Graham Buchanan in the documents he provided, will be left in no doubt of his arrogance. By trying to claim the said costs he incurred for attempting to arrest and silence Robert Green, he actually has revealed his hand as being the major player behind Green’s arrest. As a learned man of the Scottish Legal UN-JUST System, he was perfectly placed. Who else amongst Hollie’s abusers would have the power and knowledge to carry out such a scheme and pull it off? But not quite good enough, the aforementioned documents clearly expose Buchanan’s scheming methods to silence Green rather than take the expensive path of a libel suite, with no guarantees of success and what’s more in front of a jury in a High Court. Instead he chose the simpler, more guaranteed method to conspire with his cohorts, to entrap and arrest Hollie’s champion once he was outside English jurisdiction and in the belly of Aberdeen, for his publicised election campaign, on the weekend of 12th February 2010.


It is obvious from Sheriff Buchanan’s own detailed admission through the itemised inventory and invoices issued in his name pertaining to the seeking of an interdict. Including interactions and communications with third parties, relating to the same, he was possibly the one who ordered the police to arrest of Green. It actually states on page 9, “…that police officers should be alerted and be fully there on…” Then by claiming Green had breached an interdict. When in fact, the police had arrested Green too soon – they had jumped the gun, the timing was amiss. The planned interdict had not been served on Robert Green at his home in Warrington as planned, eventually Buchanan was informed by the police and had to arrange to reissue the interdict for Robert to be served whilst he was actually in custody. This shows up in the itemised list and invoices.


Robert didn’t stand a chance with the weight of the Scottish Mafia against him coupled with his incompetent and submissive legal team who accepted a trial by Sheriff, he paid the ultimate price for putting his total trust in them. Sheriff Bowen, Buchanan’s friend and colleague of Elish Angiolini, carried out the dirty deed sentencing Robert for a ludicrous charge of breach of the peace. This leaves the following questions with now obvious answers.


How did Sheriff Buchanan KNOW Robert Green had been arrested as he left his B&B and was being held at Queen’s Street Police Station, Aberdeen? He was having Robert followed. This shows in the itemised billing.


Someone must have made the call to the police to have Robert arrested but who, or was it prearranged? Yes, it was prearranged it stated in the itemised billing (page 9), “…that police officers should be alerted and be fully there on…”


Robert had rights under the Representation of the Peoples Act 2000 to distribute campaign leaflets as he was campaigning to become an MP for Aberdeen at the time. With the bail conditions they imposed on Robert banning him from Aberdeen, it contravened his rights as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) preventing him from meeting or discussing election issues face to face with voters. It would appear that the bail conditions conflict with rights a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.


Sheriff Buchanan had to ensure Robert was served with the interdict so they could charge him. Once arrested the police realized he had no knowledge of the said interdict. Even though the law had been changed as a result of the Cadder Case, Robert was never allowed a lawyer whilst in custody. Cadder went to the European Court of Human Rights on the point of legal representation whilst held in custody hence the Law in Scotland was forced to change. Grampian police violated Robert’s Human Rights and Scottish law at this juncture. The police realising the interdict had not been served took his keys, travelled to England and went into his home, stole files and his computer taking with them the earlier interdict posted through the letterbox. They left no inventory, required by law. None of the items taken have been returned.


Simpson and Marwick state in the itemised list (page 6), Jan. 2010 “…my client (Buchanan) has been aware of the allegations for perhaps 4 months but up until now had elected not to commence proceedings although the electronic coverage was grossly offensive to him and did have some circulation, it was not having an immediate impact on his daily life and work he did not want to draw further media attention to the abusive comments and the most recent steps now make that passive response insufficient and accordingly he drafted the appropriate summons for signetting and serving …”


Didn’t seem to bother him for 4 months? Why did Sheriff Buchanan not want to draw further media attention? Answer: Perhaps he had something to hide?



Elish Angolini (former Lord advocate), Frank Mullholland (present Lord Advocate), Sir Menzies Campbell CBE QC, Alex Salmond (First Minister), Owen Patterson (Anne’s disinterested MP) are all members of the Privy Council. Angiolini now works in the same stable (chambers) as Sir Menzies Campbell. Is it not surprising Robert’s appeal for help to Sir Menzies and Owen Patterson fell on deaf ears? Where do subjects of Her Majesty, Anne and Hollie, get their protection if not from Her Majesty’s Privy Council?


For twelve years a number of high profile and well paid “Public Servants” have had the power to intervene in this case and bring this injustice to an end by providing a public enquiry. Instead various quasi public servants from Anne’s GP, MP, the Downs Syndrome Association and last, but not least, Shropshire Social Services have sought inter alia methods to silence them, some people may be just pawns in a game they know little about, believing the party line they have been given, however there will be those who do know and are part of the conspiracy of silence.


At the end of Plato’s Republic, the voice of Destiny can be heard to say:
“The blame is the chooser’s. In a free people, we are all choosers, those who speak out, and those who remain silent, those who stand and fight and those who run away.”


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Hollie Demands Justice:





Robert was imprisoned for telling the truth about Anne and Hollie Greig’s case
Roy Greig was murdered in 1997, found in a burnout car at 9.40pm on a disused road in Balmeadie, a remote part of Aberdeen, Scotland. According to the Fire Log, the police had determined by 1.30am that it was suicide, but have since refused to release the name of the police officer who made this determination and the details by which they had arrived at this conclusion. There was no investigation. The pathologist, Dr James Greives stated in the autopsy that Roy had died of carbon monoxide poisoning but has refused to release the blood toxicology report via FOI.


Denis Mackie - the devil incarnateFollowing the Daisey Chain – it’s only
a matter of time.

Wife beater and child rapist Denis Mackie, Hollie’s father, of Rua St Andrea Ois de Bario, Curia, Portugal.

Currently an ROV operator with Oceaneering of Aberdeen.



Damage to Anne and Hollie’s home

Shropshire Council repeatedly lied when they reported Anne and Hollie as missing persons to their doctor and West Mercia Police. Consequently the police forced entry into their home causing over £1,000 in damages. Shropshire Council have also lied to the Information Commissioner regarding this matter.





Sylvia Major, wife of Terry Major, Senior Fingerprint Officer at Grampian Police and friends of Dr James Grieves, Grampian pathologist. It was reported that Major gave evidence against Robert Green in a Stonehaven court in January 2012, claiming she had been traumatised after she and her husband had been named as two of Hollie’s abusers. Amazingly however she was able to muster the courage, throw off her alleged emotional trauma and travel 700 mile on her own, from her home in Abeerdeen, to the Royal Courts of Justice in London, to be in the presence of Anne Hollie at their hearing on 2nd March.


Joining more DOTS


Allison Sterling, unhelpful barrister in Anne’s divorce. Formerly employed as Legal Assistant to the Lord Hope of Craighead 1995-1996 who was Professor of law Aberdeen University and was appointed to the Order of the Thistle by Queen Elizabeth.
Allison Sterling told Anne in 2001, Dennis Mackie, then 51 years-old, was going to be retire. She failed on several counts including and not least of all, for refusing to uphold an arrest request of Denis Mackie by Anne’s lawyer for his failure to pay a court order of the substantial amount in arrears he owed in maintenance. no maintenance for Anne or Hollie who is disabled. She told Anne that Denis Mackie paid £25,000 for his barrister, but he could not afford to pay maintenance for his disabled daughter.




Sheriff Graham Buchanan ordered a private interdict on Robert Green and it states in the documents alerted Grampian Police which led to his arrest in 2010. At Robert’s court hearing, Buchanan claimed he did not know Elish Angiolini.







Elishi Angiolini, Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeen in 2000, later Lord Advocate of Scotland. When Angiolini took the position of Lord Advocate, she claimed she did not know about Anne and Hollie’s story. However we have seen evidence that proves she did know.





Every MP has been written to about this story, to date, NONE have done anything about it.

Shame on you all.




Who is controlling the the media – they have remained silent – why?
One night, probably in 1880, John Swinton, then the pre-eminent New York journalist, was the guest of honour at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft. Someone who knew neither the press nor Swinton offered a toast to the independent press. Swinton outraged his colleagues by replying:

“There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it…

“…The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.” ~ John Swinton 1880



 Film makers please come forward


“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


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  1. lets just keep this going, build it up,persistence is the way.We will prevail, keep spreading the story everywhere, anywhere.

    • I agree Bob .. Truth must prevail.. This is happening to the elderly and many other cases. Psych-ops are working full time on Hollie’s case and hundreds more — at vast expense to the tax payer and human suffering.