Scottish justice system seems to have continuing difficulty in dealing with paedophiles

The Scottish Law reporter brings us news of another paedophile conviction:

THE Scottish justice system seems to have continuing difficulty in dealing with paedophiles, even the ones who are actually convicted, according to anti abuse campaigners today after it was reported in the media yet another convicted paedophile file sharer pervert Liam Gibson of Kilbucho, Biggar, Scotland, who also happens to be an Oil Company Executive, owning Gibson Marine Ltd based in Pathead, Scotland, has escaped a prison term, after he turned informer and, it was claimed some of the evidence gathered in the investigation into his online file sharing activities has revealed a string of contacts including members of the legal profession, possibly a judge or two, and other paedophiles inside the UK and abroad who have yet to be arrested for their crimes.

Lothian & Borders Police, who raided Gibson’s home found after an investigation , he was in possession of 50,000 images of child pornography and thousands of abuse movie clips. However, the courtroom was to prove the saving ticket for Gibson, who pled guilty to the charges, and fearing jail, turned informant. Doing his best to avoid a prison term, Gibson also told Police he had been abused as a child and was attracted to young children although as this was not enough to convince a blank wall, Gibson also ‘turned informant on others’ in a bid to avoid jail.

Again we can see collusion between a thoroughly corrupt legal profession, possibly judges and paedophile rings in Scotland, handing out only token punishment when caught red handed.

Almost unbelievably, Gibson got probation instead of a jail term which was expected in the case. Sheriff John Scott who handed down the sentence of a probation order for THREE YEARS and 150 hours community service, warned Gibson that he risked going to prison if he accessed similar pictures again.

The Sheriff said: "I am persuaded that the most appropriate way to deal with this is to impose a probation order. The probation order for a period of three years. You will also perform 150 hours of unpaid work in the community."

It is rumoured Police Officers working on the investigation are extremely disappointed Gibson was not sent to jail.

This site fully concurs with the comments of the Scottish Law Reporter:
So, when do they arrest the judges, lawyers and others on the list and how many of them are in Scotland ? – Ed?

If this case follows the same pattern as that of Hollie Greig, then we won’t be holding our breath, and fully expect the persecution of the victims and their supporters to shortly follow.


3 thoughts on “Scottish justice system seems to have continuing difficulty in dealing with paedophiles

  1. Victims of paedophile crime are hunted down if they try to get justice just look what has happened to Hollie and her mother. The mother was sectioned to discredit her, all avenues to the truth blocked by officialdom. The latest article up on HDG is excellent and shows everyone just how The Scottish System is run by of paedophiles.

    It is obvious Shropshire Council is working on orders from Scotland, the UK column and the Firm was threatened, the Press officer at the Downs Association was sacked for supporting Hollie.
    Even their house broken into and trashed, this is persecution of two vulnerable women who are the victims and we should be protecting them not hunting them down as Shropshire council are doing.
    Instead of taking them to the High Court they should have been protecting them. How much has that cost Shropshire taxpayers?

  2. I implore her Majesty to intervene in this case and reassure her loyal servants that she will uphold justice.
    In the year of her Diamond Jubilee, such support would be most welcome and send a clear message to the vast majority of her loyal subjects,who wish to see the most vulnerable protected within our society.