Scottish Police get you to pay for their ineptitude

One of the biggest complaints that this site has had over the years is that Grampian police have never properly investigated the allegations made by Hollie in 2000 and again in 2009. We have always claimed that there were vested interests at play that made sure that no investigation took place, and that the machine was then used to cover up the involvement in a crime committed by a then serving head of department.

A new investigative report was released by the Daily Record on July 13th showing how taxpayers are covering the costs as police officers who are caught are investigated, albeit painfully slow, and put on gardening leave during that period.

Taxpayers foot the bill as 170 suspended police officers net £5m just to sit at home

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland said yesterday: “We take our responsibility to investigate allegations against officers most seriously."

Do they really. We know that corruption in the police forces exists, and we know that the coverups exist. Being a victim of such police ineptitude and trying to get justice against a machine that does not want its own failings publicised is the most painful part.

6 thoughts on “Scottish Police get you to pay for their ineptitude

  1. Why am I not surprised at the ineptitude of Grampian’s (& other Scottish ‘forces’) finest under the stewardship of McKerracher and a certain Ian Oliver who have led their ‘officers’ into the demise that will be a single Scottish Force McKerracher after 38 years of service believing and expecting he can continue in a role of leading that new force forward.Experience he may have of being in the police, however leadership at the next level he doesnt. Hopefully this restructure will bring accountability and responsibilty back to doing what they are there to do ” serve and protect” our communities.
    Is the UK police as is so bad that governments are looking at replacing them in part with the dubious G4S or similar types? The answer speaks for itself, the self serving boys clubs within the many professional standards and IPCC must be broken down and rebuilt from outwith those who are or were ‘policymen’ before any real justice will be served.

    • Daniel,
      Unfortunately the current crop of Chief Constables are not there to provide the best constabulary service, they are there to fulfil a political agenda, that of amalgamation into a single EU Regional force called Scotland, complete with a single region operational structure.

      Whatever Salmond tells you, the EU have designated Scotland as an EU region (along with Wales & NI, whilst England is broken into 9 regions), so whilst he may be selling independence from England, all he will be doing is changing political masters from London to Brussels.

      The amalgamation of the Constabulary Forces into a single Scottish Police Service is just part of the change into an EU Region, and absolutely nothing to do with protecting and serving the people.

      And of course the Chief Constables themselves will not lose out, they will all have their tidy retainers in the Scottish ACPO to run the show.

      • Thanks for the info Admin and reasoning of our ‘political masters’ I am fully aware that the tenets of modern policing are now corporate serving greed and not for societal purpose of harmony. Who is this Salmond fellow I have not seen him work for the people of Scotland only himself and his pipe dream of tartan rule…aint gonna happen in my opinion I think the majority of Scotlands residents are more discerning in that avenue, however our islands need constitutional reform and a thorough cleansing of corruption in the NWO stylee governments committees quangos whatever they call themselves. I remain yours flying solo and with no faith in these ‘type’ of people

  2. Two questions? :-

    (1) Were you aware that the police in Scotland operate in a uniquely different way to the police in the rest of the UK?

    In the other jurisdictions, the police are employed to investigate reports of criminality and to follow all lines of enquiry until they track down the criminals, regardless where that evidence leads them?

    However, in Scotland the Procurators Fiscal Office & the Crown Office decide who the police investigate and who they have not to investigate?

    This is crucial, because the Procurators Fiscal Office & the Crown Office are stuffed full of Scottish crooked lawyers wo are unaccountable to the Scottish People and who frequently act above the law?

    There is a large body of mounting evidence where it can be proved that these crooked Scottish lawyers have been acting to defeat the ends of justice?

    In fact in a recent publication it was reported that the Crown Office abandons approximately 452 bona fide criminal prosecutions PER DAY?

    That is PER DAY!

    And the Crown Office had the cheek recently to award all of themselves cash bonuses for doing their ‘civil service’ jobs?

    This system that they have inveigled over time is institutionally corrupt with zero checks and balances to protect the public?

    (2) Given this revelation above, can it be said that the Scottish police are inept (which may be a result of their negligence) Or, if the police have been effectively given a Direct Instruction not to investigate a particular person or alledged crime, then the question is are the police free from blame if they do not have autonomy to seek out crime in Scotland impartially Or are they contributorily negligent (because they are following Instructions as part of their job function, even though in doing so they know it is wrong)?

    Then there is the third category where you may ask whether the Crown Office & the Procurators Fiscal Office are actively involved in defeating the ends of justice and that the police are complicent in the crime?

    Answers on a stamped addressed envelope to….

    • In Scotland as in many many other ‘states’ the police, judiciary, politicians local and national are all varying strands of the same thread of corrupt group. And all they expect from you who pays them is ‘your place’…as has been said before many times they need to remeber they work for us, not us for them!