Secret Courts, Paedophiles and the Scottish Government

Letter from Joe Cryans to Daily Mail journalists James Slack and colleagues 28 May 2012 

Dear James,

The Comment in the Daily Mail on Wednesday, May 23rd was passionate, brilliantly written and pulled no punches about the dangers that Britain faces from Secret Courts.

To quote from the article….

“…One of the most worrying developments of our times has been the tarnishing of so many British institutions, from Parliament and the independent Civil Service to the honours system, exam boards, the City and the Fourth Estate.

But one has always shone out, and shines out still, as a beacon for for upholding the rights of ordinary citizens against the corruption and secrecy that too often go hand-in-hand with the overweening power of the State….” Read more:

In my opinion it’s excellent news that the Daily Mail has launched its “NO to Secret Courts” campaign as it will help to end the abuse of power and authority that the Mail rightly denounces.

Secret Courts though, in the form of Family Courts already exist, and are being used unjustly to further punish innocent people who have already suffered great emotional and physical pain.

At the Mail, both Katherine Faulkner and Andrew Levy have written excellent articles about this corrupt abuse of power by those in positions of authority.

The purpose of this e-mail is to bring a very disturbing case of abuse to the attention of the Mail in the hope that you will investigate it and finally help bring an end to the suffering of Hollie Greig, and her mother Anne.

Kindly note that I have read the Mail for years, and I’m certainly not prone to exaggeration, but I firmly believe that the Hollie Greig scandal will be one of the biggest stories ever published when it finally sees the light of day.

The Mail has guts, it’s proven so on many occasions, perhaps most famously when the Mail named and shamed the murderers of Stephen Lawrence.

Like the mother of Stephen Lawrence, Anne Greig has been in a battle for Justice for her daughter Hollie that has gone on for over a decade. Hollie is now 32 years old,
and has Downs Syndrome.

When Hollie was a child living in Aberdeen she was sexually abused by her father and a gang of Paedophiles there. Hollie though has an excellent memory and was able to tell Grampian Police who the abusers were.

There is also medical evidence from 2 Doctors which confirms the abuse of Hollie.

So what did Grampian police do? Absolutely nothing that would move the case forward.
Did the Procurator Fiscal Service or Crown Office in Edinburgh help? Again, nothing.

The Crown Office in Edinburgh though are claiming that there was a “thorough investigation” when that in fact is a complete and utter falsehood.

Grampian Police looked for no evidence, interviewed no alleged abusers – other than Hollie’s father who then fled to Portugal.

In 2000, Anne Greig told Grampian Police about her daughter’s abuse but they did nothing – thus leaving an evil gang free to carry on abusing the other 7 victims whom Hollie also named.

And no, none of the other victims were interviewed by Grampian Police.

Clearly, the Crown Office definition of “thorough” won’t appear in any dictionary.

Life got so bad for Anne and Hollie that they had to flee Scotland for the Shrewsbury area of England and even to-day they are still being hounded through the secret Family Courts by Shropshire County Council who disgracefully are trying to break them up.

When the Mail warns about a “tyrannical state” I can only comment that for people like Anne and Hollie it is already here.So, where does the Scottish Government come into this? I have already mentioned the deliberate misinformation coming out of the Crown Office but it is also worth noting that every single member of the Scottish Parliament has been written to by the people behind Hollie’s Campaign for Justice.

And speaking of tyranny, did you know that in Scotland to-day if you publicly name a gang of child abusers then you will get jailed for 12 months? That’s what happened to a brave man called Robert Green who investigated Hollie’s case.

Another of Hollie’s supporters was arrested by Police for comments in his blog about a high ranking Scottish Government official whom he was bold enough to name.

So, the message from Alec Salmond’s Government would appear to be that Child abusers are free to walk the streets, while those who try to stop them can be arrested and even jailed.

In last Saturday’s Mail, Kelvin MacKenzie asked the question, “what other scandals are out there?”

Kelvin, I hope I have just answered that question.

The attached letter gives an outline of the Hollie Greig case and I hope that it will help Hollie’s campaign to continue moving forward. You will note that I have called on David Cameron and Alec Salmond to publicly support Anne and Hollie.

Belinda McKenzie, Brian Gerrish, Ian McFerran, and Roger Hayes are prominent supporters of Hollie’s campaign.

Journalists who are interested in this extraordinary case should contact Belinda McKenzie.

Information about Hollie’s Campaign can be found here:-

Brian Gerrish’s incisive comments on Anne and Hollie Greig’s recent appearance at the Royal Courts of Justice can be found here:-

Lastly, if the Daily Mail stands for one thing, then I believe it to be this – Decency.

So please do the decent thing, investigate Hollie’s case and have the guts to publish it even when you encounter legal threats, as you undoubtedly will, from a Scottish
Government that reeks of corruption.

Best regards,

Joe Cryans

Attached: Michael_Moore_MP-open_letter-23.05x (pdf)


4 thoughts on “Secret Courts, Paedophiles and the Scottish Government

  1. Good luck with this.

    One error which creeps in a lot on this site – the reference to Shropshire County Council which doesn’t exist any more. The correct name for the authority is Shropshire Council, and has been for some years now. I am sure this is just a typo but it’s important to get it right.

  2. well done joe, hope they have the guts to pick it up, hold it tight, and run with it……… you pointed out, this is huge…..

  3. I wouldn’t put my trust in any mainstream media outlet if I were you. If they’re doing something that looks like they’re on the side of Truth and Justice then watch out, ‘cos they’re doing it for other reasons or for the agenda(s) of the powers that be.

  4. Whatever the truth, this ought to have been investigated and any abusers jailed in adition to shamed and named. Unfortunatley Justice in these isles is exceedingly slow and far to many either escape altogether or are protected by the old boys system. may your cause for justice find fulfilment.