With the heavens re-opening after a dazzling summer and the euphoria generated by the Olympics fading fast as the realities of the police corruption and rampant paedophilia infesting this country resurface it’s a good moment to take a rain-check on where things are at in Hollie’s campaign for justice.

To any who might be gleefully thinking that the gaps in reporting recently on this site are a sign that the campaign is dying a death, thanks to their efforts! sorry to tell you that it and we are still very much alive and right on course to expose and bring to justice all who those involved in Hollie’s childhood abuse as well as in the murder of her beloved uncle Roy, the sectioning of her mum Anne to a mental hospital, the smashing up of the 2 ladies’ home and a whole catalogue of other nastiness, not to mention those who have abused their power as well as public funds to cover up these crimes. We are keenly looking forward to the questioning of all these miscreants in court or before a public commission of inquiry in the very near future.

There continues to be a steady stream of newcomers to this website, well over 100 most days so public interest in Hollie’s cause shows no signs of diminishing. (Our webmaster being a bit of a cyber-sleuth we also know from where and often from whom the hits are coming which is quite interesting to say the least).

For the benefit of all these newcomers, therefore, please be aware that this campaign has already been going 12 years! Hollie and her mum Anne have been bravely and doggedly pursuing Hollie’s abusers ever since 2000, a long, hard and mostly very lonely road which by 2005 led to their having to flee Scotland and take refuge in Shropshire, England.

In 2009 investigator Robert Green took up their cause and began putting pressure on a range of authorities to deal with Hollie’s issues and specifically he began exposing those Hollie had named as her abusers since by then it was clear that Grampian police were not going to even so much as question any of these people.

This resulted in his being arrested in February 2010 and locked up for 4 days in Queen’s Street police station Aberdeen, at which point the campaign really took off, with hundreds of people phoning Grampian police, writing to their MPs and generally registering support for Hollie, Anne and Robert. Robert was released on bail and banned from Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire and in January 2012, after 18 trips back and forth to northern Scotland from his home in Cheshire for ‘interim diets’ he was at last tried at Stonehaven Sheriff Court and sentenced to a year in prison on charges of breaching the peace and breaching his bail conditions.

The draconian sentence triggered another wave of public outrage that a good man had been locked up while a gang of paedophiles was still on the loose and being given free rein by the police and authorities to pursue their repulsive activity. A ‘Free Robert Green’ campaign started up and on the weekend of 14 & 15 April, supporters from all over the country converged on Aberdeen and blitzed the city with leaflets. The governors of Craiginches prison, already flummoxed by the extraordinary popularity of their English internee had little option but to release him after 3 months.

Since Robert is still banned from campaigning for the remaining term of his sentence and Anne and Hollie themselves are likewise under a court injunction to stay right away from the campaign things might appear to have gone a little quiet. But let no one be deceived!  A huge amount of research activity is going on under the radar with at this stage professionals involved in that, in preparation for the forthcoming legal action, while correspondence continues with officials in Scotland and also in Shropshire, Shropshire Council having mysteriously joined forces with the Aberdeen authorities in hounding Hollie and Anne. It is over 2 years since the Council at the behest of Aberdeen Social Services directed West Mercia Police* to raid the ladies’ home and smash it up, driving them into hiding yet no one is admitting responsibility, still less footing the bill for the damage, estimated at £2-3000.

Meanwhile there is a new twist to the story – the sudden emergence into full public view of 2 of Hollie’s listed former abusers, Sylvia Major and Wyn Dragon, with a support team around them headed by Sarah McLeod calling itself the ‘Hollie Greig Hoax’ team. Emboldened by a recent damning article in the Scottish Sunday Herald referring to Hollie’s allegations as “an internet fantasy” HGH have been busy slagging off all the key people involved in the Hollie’s campaign on Facebook, YouTube and a couple of purpose-built websites and have even issued death-threats. The trouble is that they have been trying to make out that Hollie was never abused at all when it is on the police and official record that she absolutely is a multiple abuse victim and has even been awarded compensation to the tune of £13,500 for these crimes! So claiming she has made the whole thing up just doesn’t wash and discredits all the other rubbish these clearly desperate people have been churning out.

For us in Hollie Demands Justice the buck still stops at Grampian police who should have investigated Hollie’s original allegations against her father and brother back in May 2000 when she first reported them yet they took no action, despite immediately obtaining confirmation of the abuse via an internal examination. Even after all this time, therefore Denis and Greg Mackie still need bringing back from Portugal for questioning and it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that their conviction could exonerate Sylvia, Wyn and the rest of Hollie’s some 20 other alleged abusers (although we doubt it – what advantage to the Mackies would there be in protecting the rest of the gang?!)

So, after ‘Free Robert Green’ earlier in the year, at this stage the rallying cries of the campaign should be ‘Go for Grampian’ and ‘Bring back Mackie’.

After the gaps in reporting we pledge to provide more regular updates as the pace quickens this autumn – fasten your seat-belts!

*CORRECTION from version posted 28 September. Grampian police were directly involved in the raids on Robert’s home (13 February 2010) and on Rusty’s home (23 March 2012) but not in the particularly viscious raid on Anne and Hollie’s home (3 June 2010). This renders it even more disturbing that an English police force would carry out such a nasty and punitive attack on 2 vulnerable ladies who had never done anything to harm anyone in the locality where they lived and whose only ‘offence’ was to be seeking proper investigation of the crimes committed against them and against their close family member years ago in Scotland.  


Robert is once again fully mobile since being de-tagged on 17 August and has resumed writing his blog, see Although he remains restricted as to what he can say publicly concerning Hollie’s issues he’s busy firing off letters to various key figures and has started to reappear on podiums, mainly so far to thank people for their support and encourage everyone to keep behind this crucial campaign;

‘Renita of the Rustige Family’ has sent a scorcher to the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service Scotland complaining about the act of ‘erroneous rendition’ to which her husband Tim was subjected on 23 March 2012 by Grampian police and asking when his case is to come to trial? We hope Ren will give HDJ permission to publish this gem – watch this space;

Grampian Police – it has been announced that the present Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police Stephen will head up Scotland’s new centralised police force as of April 2013. Eat your heart out Colin McKerracher CC of Grampian Police who had aspirations to the role. Had certain controversial issues been properly dealt with you might have stood more of a chance…as it is, potential major embarrassment still lurks for you and your force;

Shropshire Council in the person of Tim Collard have at last come back with a reply to Anne’s 24 question missive sent to him on 23 July (2 days following which CEO Kim Ryley suddenly quit his post – coincidence?) We are unable as yet to publish Collard’s reply dated 21 September as the correspondence is still continuing, suffice to say only 1 out of the 24 questions have so far been responded to, the rest have been avoided by using non sequitur and the letter contains a number of lies;

Press Complaints Commission – not unpredictably, Robert has received a dismissive reply to his complaint regarding the Scottish Sunday Herald article of 22 June denouncing Hollie’s campaign as “an internet fantasy”.  He is now pursuing the matter with the Independent Reviewer of complaints against the PCC;

‘She who cannot be named’ is about to commence her term as principal of an Oxford college with yet another cloud hanging over her head

Portuguese high-level paedo ring busted! (if they can do it why can’t UK)

S. Yorkshire huge child abuse scandal exposed (Andrew Norfolk, The Times, Monday 24 September)

3rd UK Annual Rally Against/To End Child Abuse  Saturday 29 September, 1-4 Trafalgar Square London, preceded by a Survivors’ March from Hyde Park Corner, assemble 12 noon.




  1. check out the links between Rotherham and Keighley (which is just about to break) where the lead youth service officer went to Rotherham to become head of child protection services, a litany left behind in Brad/Kly and a now torrent in Roth?
    OBE’s given, open attacks on minorities carried out, abuse rubbished and a fat pension…the result.

    bon chance jx

  2. Tremendous news for all of Hollie’s crusaders for truth…

    The sleeves are well and truly rolled up….

    We stand resolute like Neo in the Gong Bu stance and signal to the dark side to come ahead, initiating their attack with folly…

    Judy x

  3. In a post by Andrew Gill of August 18, 2012 I missed an opportunity to reply to his suggestion that perhaps I was implying “as moaning minnies we should accept how it is and play dead.”

    For clarification that is obviously how the powers that be, view us “plebs” (to quote a recent incident involving the Chief Whip). My point is that while you may fight the best fight and win all the arguments, be prepared to accept justice will be denied and like me, in one case alone, I am left with a box of correspondence weighing over 20Kg, when there was no case to hear. Couple that with the loss of partner, friends, career and decades of my life, with a judiciary and public servants blatantly involved in habitual and endemic criminal activity, while they play their public service game of stonewalling.

    Perhaps that’s why they chose Stonehaven to send out their message?

    One solicitor dropped the hint that they refer to such as “Chinese Walls” (presumably a reference to The Great Wall of China). Another referred to unlawful conduct by public servants as “politics”.

    If you are up for the job then never give up is my suggestion but be aware you may get nowhere. What I do have is a long list of government and judicial individuals to name but I doubt if they will have any shame.

    In my latest case of injustice, my father’s law firm was taken over by a larger firm and for no apparent reason, his will became amended. Although parts of the original suggest his family were to receive up to 70% of his estate, they will in fact receive nothing. I am listed in part as to receive 50% yet get nothing. Was that his wishes?

    The problem is the signatures do not tally whatsoever yet his never varied. They have all the classic signs of forgery as identified by forensic handwriting analysis. The solicitors claim there is no substance to our family’s concerns and will proceed to implement the forged will to the benefit of non-flesh and blood individuals. Is being a solicitor now a license to commit fraud upon their clients? The police have the papers and seem to be investigating but will they suddenly pull out as the higher uppers become involved? Time will tell.

    I’ll be seeing them in court if they refuse my last olive branch. I’ll happily represent myself as usual after all I’ve been before several circuit judges and QC’s and beaten them at their pathetic games. I’ll be publishing that case and lots of other rot in the system in a forthcoming book on Malachi 3.5 including the taking advantage of “orphans”, in that case the serial rape of 7 year old girls by their carer, not all that far from Stonehaven, the girls let down by the jury. Be aware, He is not sitting idly by with all this evil going on.

    If you know in your heart and your mind something is wrong, you have to stand up for what is right and don’t be put off by suggestions that somehow it is you who are the one who is the problem.

    • Dear The Original,

      What a moving and salutary post.

      May I suggest you make contact with the Diary of Injustice website with regard to your fraud experience with your father’s Will?

      This is now a most commonly practised crime in Scotland by crooked lawyers because they seem to be above the law in Scotland and impossible to prosecute?

      There is no point blaming the police too, as they could gather all of the evidence to guarantee an easy prosecution of these fraudsters but I assure you the Crown Office will still not prosecute?

      As you say, regarding the abuse by the carer the only way to obtain Justice in Scotland today is to name and shame and to build a public case against them until they capitulate because there is no such thing in Scotland as Justice in the true meaning of the word…………?

      Power to the People!

      Judy x