Simple questions – evasive answers

It seems that Grampian Police are still concerned that by releasing relatively simple and basic information about an event that happened in 1997, they will expose the lies and cover up of Roy Greig’s death.

Given the reason for the rejection, are they saying that they are still investigating an event from 1997, and therefore cannot release the information? Somehow we think not.


3 thoughts on “Simple questions – evasive answers

  1. This seems to me to be a sloppy generic answer which reflects the desire to refuse information which may lead to potential criticism of Grampion Police’s ability to investigate, rather than answering the specific questions asked which do not interfere with anything to do with the decision making element of the police or the adequacy of any investigation which may or may not have been carried out?

    If there is nothing to hide then there is NO reason whatsoever for NOT answering the reasonable questions asked?

    Judy x

  2. I was interested in Jody Mackenzie`s reason for obstructing disclosure as laid out in the section headed “Balancing Test.”

    “On balance, the need to ensure the flow of information to the force is not interrupted and that investigations can be conducted effectively is of greater importance than public awareness on this occasion.”

    The only justification for Ms MacKenzie taking this stance and it seems to be that she alone is responsible, is that Grampian Police has not ruled out the possibility that Robert Greig`s death was as a result of foul play.

    If that is the case, Anne should be told, as her testimony about her brother and documentary evidence would be very helpful in assisting the police to conduct such an investigation, surely.

    Jody MacKenzie`s judgement can only be valid if the case remains open.

  3. This is Scotland. There is no such thing as justice! The sooner people accept/realise this the better. Don’t play their games.