Social Services condones fake medical evidence to suit their objectives

Another day, another leading media article hits the headlines over State operated child trafficking. That is where Social Services are on bonus schemes for the removal of children from families and selling them into the adoption market.

This is the story of just one of the ‘experts’ used by Social Services to achieve their ends.

A leading psychiatrist faces extraordinary claims he deliberately misdiagnosed parents with mental disorders – decisions which meant their children were taken away from them.

Dr George Hibbert faces being struck off over his conclusions that hundreds had ‘personality disorders’ after assessing them at his private family centre.

He was paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by social services for the reports which tore children from their parents – many of them young mothers.

He is now being investigated over shocking suggestions he distorted the assessments to fit the view of social services.

This damning story in the Daily Mail continues:

In one case, he is alleged to have wrongly diagnosed a ‘caring’ new mother –  named only as Miss A – with bipolar disorder because her local authority wanted the  baby adopted.

After being confronted with this allegation, Dr Hibbert offered to surrender his licence to practise as a doctor rather than face a General Medical Council inquiry.

But his request has been rejected by the GMC which says there are still ‘unresolved concerns regarding his fitness to practise’. He will now face a full fitness to practise hearing.

Even more extraordinary is that there is only one MP who seems to give a hoot and speak out, the rest seemingly silenced by their own job security prospects, collusion or blackmail. Sarah Tether still has to explain her seemingly commercial job role as Children’s Minister.

John Hemming MP, who has raised concerns about Dr Hibbert in Parliament, described the claims as shocking.

The Lib Dem MP – alerted by a whistle-blower – said he had since spoken to ‘three or four’ other families who said the same had happened to them.

He has written to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke demanding a full parliamentary inquiry.

Mr Hemming said: ‘He is someone about whom a number of people have complained. I am told that at least one person has refused to work for him because of what she saw as his unethical provision of reports to suit the demands of local authorities.

‘Much of the decision making in care proceedings rests on reports from experts such as Dr Hibbert,’ he told Parliament.

He added that supposedly independent experts such as Dr Hibbert, 59, were often little more than ‘the hired gun of the local authority’.

The lack of transparency over such experts was leading to ‘thousands of miscarriages of justice in care proceedings’.

Earlier this week, a study for the Family Justice Council, which we posted on, revealed how life-changing decisions about the care of children are routinely being made on the basis of flawed evidence. A fifth of ‘experts’ who advise the family courts are unqualified.

Paul Grant, of Bernard Chill & Axtell Solicitors, who represents Miss A, said: ‘Our client has instructed us to launch proceedings against Dr Hibbert and the local authority.

‘We believe this distressing case may be the tip of a very big iceberg.’

That in our view is an understatement. Catching one is not enough, but perhaps stripping  him of his ill gotten wealth under the Proceeds of Crime Act may go some way to ensure he does not benefit from this. He however was acting at the behest of Social Services, and across the country it is they who must ultimately be brought to book. The government run children for sale business is being watched, being investigated and beginning to unravel.


Both Chris Booker in the Telegraph and Dr Richard North have now written on this abysmal state of affairs.

Dr North in his summing up states:

In Booker’s conclusion, the hint is there. The whole system is corrupt, from the judges downwards. It needs to be stripped down, taken apart and rebuilt from the ground upwards. And although too much to hope for in a society that is also corrupt, those responsible should also be brought to book.

That, though, is not going to happen, a fact that should be remembered the next time the supposed protector of children, Tim Loughton, seeks re-election. He had the power to challenge the abuse, but sat on his hands and did nothing.

He is right, unfortunately there are too many sitting on their hands, so its time to shake them up a little.


2 thoughts on “Social Services condones fake medical evidence to suit their objectives

  1. Is there something more sinister going on here perhaps? Why do Social Services want to take babies to have them adopted when there are very many children in homes needing adoptive parents? I know there is a shortage of babies for adoption as most prospective parents seek to adopt a baby, rather than a child.

    Are these babies being “snatched” to supply babies to people to order? Does money change hands in these circumstances?

    I know for a fact that a cousin of mine and her husband “adopted” a baby outside of the usual procedures. This happened in Somerset and I believe money changed hands. It was reported that the arrangements were made by their doctor. I have also heard of other couples being able to adopt babies without going through the formal route.

    So, do the authorities in the UK have a system of babies for sale?

  2. Yes they do – Try a Google search on Anthony Douglas and CAFCASS and his role in snatching children from parents.

    Here are a couple of interesting links.
    Having been a victim of their attempts to snatch my child,I believe there is a hidden agenda at work within the Family Court.
    Eugenics? Selling cildren for gain? I don`t know,but there is an awful stink to the system.