Spotlight falls on COPFS paedophiles

The case of Hollie Greig, now ongoing for 13 years, has highlighted many times that there are paedophiles operating within Scotland’s judicial system. This has always been denied by officials. However, this week we see a chink of light. With the reorganisation of Scotland’s Police Service it seems that there appears to be a new dawning, as revelation after revelation is being released into the public domain and action taken through the courts. Could it be that some of the old protectorates are being swept aside.

For many years Anne Greig, along with Robert Green has been asserting that institutional paedophilia does exist within the judiciary in Scotland and that there has been systematic cover-ups of wrongdoing. This article from the Scottish Law Reporter adds a massive amount of weight to their assertions.

Silence from Crown Office after former prosecutor admits downloading child porn A FORMER PROCURATOR FISCAL DEPUTE who served under ex-Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC (born McPhilomy) at Scotland’s Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) is facing a possible custodial sentence after he ADMITTED downloading indecent images of children. Scottish Law Reporter earlier reported on the case in January of this year HERE

Stuart MacFarlane (45) from Glasgow was caught with at least 15,000 images of child pornography on computer equipment at his home after Police succeeded in gaining a search warrant to raid his premises and seize computer equipment.

Images seized by Police showed acts of a sexual nature against minors, and also pictures of sexual acts with animals. However, despite the severity of evidence seized, and the ex Procurator Fiscal’s admitting to downloading the material, sentence on MacFarlane was deferred at Paisley Sheriff Court although his name was placed on the sex offenders register.

The current Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland, and the Crown Office have issued no statement or comment on the case and MacFarlane’s admission to downloading child porn and no details have yet been made public on how the admitted paedophile obtained the material or from whom. However, a Police source has said further action related to the case could follow.

A legal insider at COPFS has come forward this afternoon and told Scottish Law Reporter there have been other cases swept under the carpet of prosecutors, staff and former members of COPFS staff who were also found to be in possession of inappropriate images of children.

It is thought current & former COPFS staff thought to be involved in activities similar to MacFarlane have accessed such images through contact with online paedophile rings and in one worrying case, it has been revealed that evidence seized by Police in one case, was found on personal computer equipment of another prosecutor who has since stood down from his position yet has not faced criminal charges.

We eagerly await the outcome of any investigations into the dealings in the last paragraph above, as we are sure that the outcome will only give us assistance when we begin our own litigation.

The now shamed ex Procurator Fiscal Stuart MacFarlane escaped prosecution for earlier charges of indecency with a prostitute while serving under Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini, the Crown Office claiming at the time “it was not in the public interest” to prosecute the former prosecutor who has now admitted to being a paedophile.

We have heard this excuse too many times. Those in positions of trust should understand the public are not stupid. We all know that ‘not in the public interest’ really means there is something you do not wish the public to know, something you would rather keep hidden away in dark corners. Such reasoning will not wash any longer, because with this prosecution spotlights are going to be turned on all over the land and brought to bear on those who think the public have no right to know about the dirty secrets and abuse of power.


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  1. When I heard about Hollie I wrote to Jack Straw (MP) who responded with a House of Commons letter stating that a letter had been sent to Rt Hon Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC, Advocate General for Scotland, on my behalf. I await their response. I am aware that Robert Green has bail restrictions on who and what he can say. What, if any, are the developments?