Spotlight on Elish Angiolini and the stories that refuse to go away

Following on from the £1/2million Breach of the Peace trial to silence accusations of paedophilia amongst Scotland’s establishment figures, and the laying of a complaint against Angiolini for the use of public funds in a private legal action come new accusations of corruption and cover up at the highest levels of the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Law Reporter tells us:

INFORMATION likely to implicate Scottish Ministers & other figures in the Scottish Government involved in the awarding of ‘Dame’, the female equivalent of a “knighthood” to the Scotland’s former Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini DBE QC (nee McPhilomy), has been angrily withheld from Freedom of Information requests by Scottish Government Civil Servants, after leaks to the media suggested Scottish Ministers were involved “via the backdoor” in ensuring recommendations were made to London that the controversial former Lord Advocate received a knighthood for ‘her services’ to Scots law.

Almost instantaneously after receiving the honour Dame Elish Angiolini was swiftly taken on by the First Minister Alex Salmond as his Ministerial Complaints Adviser in a role seen by most as little more than an exercise to ensure Scottish Ministers are not found guilty of misconduct while in office.

Several leading figures in Scotland’s legal establishment questioned the decision to give the controversial, former Lord Advocate a knighthood while other senior legal figures connected to the Lockerbie case have condemned Dame Angiolini’s tenure as Lord Advocate as "a disastrous experiment a period which saw some high profile disasters for Scotland’s Crown Office including the collapse of the World’s End murder prosecution where the Chief Prosecutor for the Lord Advocate ran away from the court, and judges criticised the handling of the prosecution, a scandal ranking high among other notable case losses, injustice & controversies including huge bonus payments made to Crown Office officials under Angiolini’s tenure as Lord Advocate.

If we thought that corruption was rife in Westminster, what is going on in Scotland beggars belief. Do read the whole story.

Again, from the Scottish Law Reporter:

NMG0505123Former Lord Advocate now Dame Elish Angiolini employed Cayman Islands hopping lawyers from Glasgow. Reporting on the background of the case, Robert Green was arrested by Police on 12th February 2010 in relation to a breach of the peace alleged to have been committed in Aberdeen when Mr Green attempted to hand out leaflets regarding the anti-abuse campaign. It was also revealed the then Lord Advocate, now Dame Elish Angiolini had employed private law firm Levy McRae to serve interdicts on Mr Green in connection with his campaign to ‘out’ alleged abusers of downs syndrome victim Hollie Greig. Glasgow law firm Levy McRae who later represented shamed former Glasgow City Council Boss & Cocaine addict Steven Purcell, proceeded to threaten several media outlets & journalists over their reporting of the case, covered by Scottish Law Reporter HERE & HERE. The Purcell scandal caused some newspapers to ‘evaluate’ their relationship with Levy McRae, details of which were featured in a report here : HERE

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Elish Angiolini and the stories that refuse to go away

  1. This is just more confirmation, as already made clear by the papers on this site with the article “Who really issued the interdict on Robert Green? The Sheriff has been found fiddling with the Lord Avocate of Scotland Elish Angiolini, in a back room in order to cover-up the Hollie Greig story. Scotland should you should take to the streets, your government has been exposed for what it is, so has the Sheriff…gangsters camouflaged in gowns of public office, holding positions of respect and honour. How disgusting and despicable does it get?!

  2. I totally agree .. It is high time that the illegal gagging orders placed by Levy and Mckrae were lifted and the world press print this story and let the Scottish people know the truth as well as the world, this is a David and Goliath story
    Poor Hollie Greig and her mother have suffered huge humiliations and injustices by these corrupt government figures abusing their power of office. It time for them all to be accountable for there deceit and lies. And all these crooked lawyers thrown in jail. I am watching this case from across the pond and I am totally disgusted how a disabled woman should be treated like this.