Statement 22-01-2014

After three and a half years, Anne is very pleased to announce that subsequent to a satisfactory agreement in a legal process, we are ready to go forward and move into the next phase.

In the meantime we wish to thank all those who have supported this site over the course of the past few years, we look forward to your continued and ongoing support in the furtherance of justice.

There have been many attempts by organisations, groups and individuals to undermine, discredit, and malign the reputation of various members involved – All have failed.

9 thoughts on “Statement 22-01-2014

  1. I sincerely hope every thing goes OK for you all, and I wish you all the very best of luck.

    • I am sickened to hear your story. My heart goes out to the pair of you, you are unbelievably brave.
      I am also sickened that I live 25 miles from Aberdeen and none of my friends or I have heard your story. The corruption is sickening. I am now endevouring to do all that I can to help bring them to justice.
      If there is anything I can do please let me know.

  2. Wonderful news, go get them! They should all now quiver in their shoes. Your site has kept it’s professional image with it’s sane appearance and eloquent postings throughout despite all the diatribe smeared around elsewhere. Congratulations. Will continue to follow and support you always.

  3. I just knew you hadn’t given up the fight for justice, and it is good news that you have got over the legal hurdles that were put in your way. Also I have read some of the rubbish being put out by the ‘hoaxers’ and how anyone can take them seriously I just can’t understand. None of my friends have been taken in by them, so rest assured we are still supporting you and your campaign and wait with baited breath to hear about the next phase. You have many supporters behind you so just go for it!

  4. We’re all still pulling for Hollie and Anne, with Robert Green’s weblog posting regularly on the acts of official denial and perverting the course of justice involved with this scandal from the level of the offenders to the heights of government.
    Rusty’s trial with Elish Angiolini as the main Complainant (and Sylvia Major and Wyn Dragon who have ‘volunteered’ to act as co-Complainants for being linked to the sexual abuse scandal) is scheduled to take place on the 24th February in Aberdeen which will serve to focus public attentions on the case – and the national media too – if Levy & McRae’s Peter Watson, Holyrood’s bad news gatekeeper – doesn’t invoke the Dark Side to silence the press with another of his personal blackmail D Notices.

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  6. This is good news. Justice must be done this time around, the legal corporate agenda and its parasitical elite were never going to serve it in this case.
    The truth is the truth and that is undeniable to those of us that support Hollie and Anne.
    My best wishes are with you.

  7. I am pleased to hear that Hollie and Anne are no longer being pursued by [removed by editor].

    No women should have ever have had to face the relentless persecution that has followed them since they were courageous enough to speak out about their terrible experiences in Scotland.

    They have been extremely brave and deserve the continued support of decent people everywhere.