Street Action at the Royal Courts of Justice London 23rd April-4th May

MAY-DAY will be HOLLIE-DAY in London!

Message to troops from Belinda: Hollie’s issues will be part of a 10-day demo outside the Royal Courts of Justice, from Monday 23rd April to Friday 4th May.

The demo has been called by Caul Grant under the aegis of the Campaign for Truth and Justice and the aim is to draw public attention to the failings of the judiciary in general (I’m told certain judges against whom there are accusations of actual criminality backed by cast-iron evidence are going to be named) and to the shortcomings of the judicial system, very much including the family court system.

So if anyone has a gripe about what goes on within the portals of the RCJ and other courts up and down the land come and swell the crowd on any day of the week between 10.30 and 4.30.

I aim to be there with a Hollie placard between 11 and 2 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week and every day next week so please join me if you have time, but can we pull out the stops on May Day, Tuesday 1st May 11-2 when we will focus especially on our own campaign and the issues that has thrown up, such as judicial corruption in Scotland, Robert Green’s unfair trial, stasi-like cross-border police action against whistleblowers, police failure to prosecute crime, the presumption of Hollie’s incapacity by the Court of Protection, etc. but NB we will not be naming names of the justices involved in Hollie’s case as they still have the chance to treat her fairly. We should continue to presume that justice lies ahead for Hollie and make that happen.

People who have had problems in the Family Courts might like to know that John Hemming MP will be joining the demo tomorrow Monday 23rd at 3.30 pm. We hope there will be some press and media for that so again it is a chance to get in front of cameras regarding Hollie. I apologise for the short notice but John only confirmed in the last day or so.

Hope to see some of you over the next 2 weeks but especially on 1st May – Hollie-Day in London! Actions are also being planned during May in Oxford (a Hollie Greig Awareness Day in Oxford and a protest in Shrewsbury regarding the smashing up of Anne and Hollie’s house on 3rd June 2010 – who is going to pay to get that damage repaired? Where are Anne and Hollie expected to live meantime?) Stand by for further details.


One thought on “Street Action at the Royal Courts of Justice London 23rd April-4th May

  1. This is just a thought…. if you can get the Names of the Council Officials and Police who were involved then what about taking out a Claim against each and everyone one of them through the Small Claims Court?

    Would that be possible? The Small Claims Court hears cases up to £ 15,000 – so if there are 10 Council Employees/Police officers involved then pursue everyone one of them for £ 15,000 each – for the property damage and personal stress that they caused Anne & Hollie.

    I don’t believe that a Lawyer is required to fill out the Claim Forms so why not give this a try?