STRIP THE DAME! – My letter to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

For the personal attention of
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

13th February 2012


Regarding: Dame Elish Angiolini

On behalf of myself and many others, I appeal to your Majesty for the honour of ‘Dame’, recently bestowed on Elish Angiolini, to be stripped from her with immediate affect.I make this appeal to your Majesty because I have evidence of Dame Angiolini indulging in criminal activity before the bestowment of this honour on her and even whilst it was being considered.  One aspect of her criminal activity was not to prosecute a crime and, thereafter, attempt to conceal her non-prosecution of said crime, by using public money.  The criminal matter, regarding alleged ‘misappropriation of public funds’, is currently being investigated by the Scottish CID, making the Dame a suspect in a criminal investigation.  The crime that she refused to prosecute, and subsequently attempt to conceal, poses a very serious and ongoing threat to the Scottish public, especially the children.  I, and those on whose behalf I make this appeal, implore your Majesty’s Committee to peruse the evidence against Dame Angiolini, details of which can be provided upon request, although a large amount is already in the public domain.

If I may, I would like to also pass comment that Dame Angiolini’s ‘crimes’ are far worse than those of Fred Goodwin who was recently stripped of his Knighthood honour.  Factually, Fred Goodwin never actually committed a ‘crime’ and was never prosecuted.  Dame Angiolini, on the other hand, has committed many crimes whilst in public office which have now been formally reported as such to the Police, who then passed the matter further up the chain of command to CID.  Therefore, it is my opinion that Elish Angiolini should be stripped of the honour that your Majesty bestowed upon her, as I feel it no longer befits her and then be prosecuted for her crimes, as it is my understanding that no one is above the law whilst under your Majesty’s reign.

For your Majesty’s convenience, I have also taken the liberty to send a copy of this letter to the following, whom I’m informed, considers such matters:  

Cabinet Office: Honours and Appointments Secretariat
Ground Floor
Admiralty Arch
Telephone: 0207-276-2777
Fax: 0207-276-2766

Ma’am, I wish to thank your Majesty for taking the time to read my letter.  I shall now leave this matter in your Majesty’s capable hands and trust that I will hear from your Majesty’s Honours and Appointments Committee, at their earliest convenience.  

Ma’am, I have the honour of remaining your humble servant,  

Ian McFerran


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