Summary Justice in Stonehaven

At Stonehaven Sheriff Court on Friday 17th February, summary justice was served on an Englishman (or Welshman as he reminds people) for upsetting Scotland’s paedophile community.

Ever since 26 January 2011 when the original charges were heard de novo and the original ‘solemn’ trial before a jury was commuted to a ‘summary’ Sheriff trial there had been an inevitability about the final outcome. No one foregathered at the court that morning was much surprised therefore when the sentence was delivered, least of all Robert.

Prior to the proceedings it was the usual scene outside the courthouse with a record 15 supporters holding up the medley of placards and the ‘Scotland’s Shame’ banner. I was pleased to meet one other lady who had bussed all the way up from London and it was particularly cheering to be joined by Stuart Usher, who has done more to singlehandedly expose judicial corruption in Scotland than any other individual and who first introduced Robert to Hollie’s campaign somewhere towards the end of 2008.

“Nice day for it,” observed the young female Grampian police officer passing our demo, as if we’d arrived on a day-trip to the seaside. A little flock of ‘witnesses’ including the high priestess then appeared from various vehicles, vividly clad for the occasion in varying shades of bright red and magenta, adding a gala touch to the occasion – well this was their big day, wasn’t it?

Then it was into court, a thankful release from the northerly breeze which still retained the nip of winter. Determined not to go down without giving the Sheriff one last piece of his mind, as before Robert declined to confirm he was George Robert Green before launching into a tirade from the dock. He disregarded Bowen’s injunction to be quiet and sternly reminded the Sheriff that justice must not just be done but be seen to be done, which had not been the case here. The Sheriff had not disclosed his 10-year relationship with Dame Elish Angiolini who had been cited by Counsel for the Defence yet had been excluded from the proceedings. This had demonstrated a clear conflict of interests which had led directly to the disappointing outcome in his trial. The Sheriff should have recused himself, therefore he, Robert Green would be pursuing the matter at the relevant level – the Sheriff himself could shortly himself be under investigation. Yes, I am George Robert Green.

The niceties as to Green’s identity over, Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan opened for the Crown. Looking as usual as if he’d just been caught in an indecent act behind the bike-shed and mumbling his words he referred the Sheriff to “1995 legislation” in which a sentence for the offence of breach of the peace could be indeterminate, ie. at shrieval discretion. In other words, you have the Crown’s full permission to lock Green up for as long as you like. After all he’s gone around accusing people of sexual offences and murder, has he not?

Oh, the wonders of summary justice! No need to consider whether there was any substance to the accusations or whether the 27 in the witness-stand in January had had entirely the right reasons to be upset, or whether a murder might actually have taken place in 1997, yet had not been investigated!

The Defence team consisted of Junior Counsel Lili Prais and a young female solicitor standing in for Patrick Campbell. Ms Prais in a somewhat arcane argument I failed to follow invited the Sheriff to consider the relationship between ‘harassment’ and ‘breach of the peace’ and went on to point out that this was a first offence; Green was now 65 with a to date exemplary record and his family should be considered. He had cooperated fully in the case and had indicated he might be willing to take a less high-profile role in the campaign from now on. For all of which reasons, in her view a community sentence would be the most appropriate, but that could be “a significant number of hours, my lord.”

The Sheriff took a full 20 minutes to consider what must by now have been a foregone conclusion but maybe he needed those extra minutes to hone to perfection his own diatribe against Green on behalf of Paedophilia Scotland, UK & the World. In the language of the criminal underworld, I am reliably informed, Bowen is what is known as a ‘cleaner’, which can either be someone brought in to physically clean up after a messy murder, or to do the equivalent metaphorically when there has been a miscarriage of justice and the wrong person or people have been convicted of crime, to make everything look clean and tidy on the outside. Bowen proved to be a ‘cleaner’ par excellence. Turning what Junior Counsel had proffered him on its head (whatever that had been) he considered Green to have been guilty of both harassment and breach of the peace, fully meriting under the quoted 1995 legislation an indefinite Order. As for Green’s blameless record to date, “it is sad to see someone of your age indulging in such completely unacceptable activity, with no regard for the rule of law, accusing innocent people of paedophile behaviour and murder! and taking it upon yourself to administer the law. You are a person obsessed with your own importance, you have sought to undermine completely the Scottish justice system, as if we are incapable of identifying for ourselves criminal behaviour…I have listened to many hours of evidence provided by these wronged families and their friends, only the most perverted of minds could have listened to their compelling testimonies [without concluding they had been most unjustly accused]. Only the good sense of the people of Aberdeen has prevented further argument breaking out”. Etc. For all of which reasons he ordered that Robert should serve 9 months in prison for Count 1 (BoP) and 3 months for Count 2 (BoBC). COURT RISE.

Robert throughout the morning, from when I’d first met up with him after breakfast and we’d walked to the Court together along the sea-shore in brilliant morning sunshine had been even more than usually cheerful and continuing to laugh as only he can laugh at the shenanigans going on to protect paedophiles in Scotland, with reference to Liam Gibson who had just walked free, having been found with 50,000 images of child porn on his computer! While he, Robert Green who was trying to do something about the problem was about to be locked up! I myself being of a less sanguine disposition and continuously haunted in my mind by images of children being hurt and terrorised for a certain type of adults’ pleasure found it harder than usual to enter into Robert’s merriment, although I know how important it is to lighten this extremely dark subject. Robert somehow manages to do that without compromising its seriousness.

I know I was not the only one privately feeling this was to be a very sad day, for not just a fine man whom everyone loves and totally respects but for justice itself and above all, for the countless unseen suffering children in this world, still at the mercy of adult cruelty and perversion.

Sensing our distress, as we waited to go into court, Robert begged us not to be sad! This was all taking its course as expected, and by doing to him what they were about to do, far from being able to cover it up, they would only be exposing it further!

His last words to us from the dock as he was about to be led away were “please don’t quarrel – that’s exactly what they want us to do so we absolutely mustn’t fall out!”

It’s taken me all this time to compose this piece since leaving Stonehaven on Friday. I have failed abysmally not to be sad, having been with Robert on the campaign trail so to speak for two solid years and most recently, throughout his trial in January. We had had dinner together every single evening of those six days and he had even serenaded me on his guitar under a lamppost next to the harbour!! We were both born in 1946 and both dearly love our respective partners in old age, I hasten to add. How could I not be sad that this Alice-in-Wonderland world still is as it is and that the wrong people in many cases are peopling our prisons, sent there by the likes of Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen and his accomplices.

(Once yourself a helpless baby in some loving mother’s arms, what’s happened to you since, Sheriff Bowen? Well, we can imagine.)

As for how we/Hollie’s campaign carry on without Robert, two days of sober reflection have shown the answer there. I myself don’t hold a candle to Robert Green, or to Hollie and Anne themselves for that matter. But fortunately this is a campaign which is going along brilliantly under its own momentum, without the need of leaders, despite its most prominent spokesperson having been locked away. No one can replace Robert, so let no one try! that has been my lesson over the past somewhat painful 48 hours. There are already too many leaders in this world and have been throughout history! True human beings do not need leaders and this could be the moment to realise that fact and get on with what has to be done, acting together in unity and harmony, as Robert has requested, to bring the same summary justice on anyone who in any way supports, condones or fails to prosecute the worst of all crimes, paedophilia and child torture.

Paedophilia Scotland, UK and World, PLC – watch out, we’re coming for you.


5 thoughts on “Summary Justice in Stonehaven

  1. belinda when the female court official was summing up roberts sentence at the end, she mentioned something about robert being gagged/silenced indefinitely, the court was quite noisy by this time, so it was hard to hear everything she was saying, has the court placed a gagging order on robert as part of his sentence? or have i picked the female official up wrong…

  2. I didn’t pick that up but it wouldn’t surprise me and they will doubtless be tuning in to what all the other campaigners are doing and saying with possible intent to pounce on one of us. Therefore I myself am not going to repeat the names of the 22 named from now on, with the exception of Denis Mackie and Greg because it is obvious Hollie was abused by them, the police had the clear evidence for that when they carried out an internal examination on Hollie when she first reported the abuse in May 2000 and those two should have had their computers taken etc. but this didn’t happen. Grampian police’s failure to investigate even these two very obvious culprits is what has caused this whole fiasco.

  3. belinda.. surely robert must be lodging an appeal, whats happened here is beyond injustice. as for not mentioning the 22 named, their names will always be out there… i never had the chance to speak to you at court on friday but keep up the good work

  4. Belinda, thank you for the update and information on the court hearing last Friday. I can see it has taken its toll on you and I think I can speak for many of Robert’s followers when I say the gross injustice has upset and angered us tremendously.

    I have had contact with Robert as I had grave concerns from the start. I am a campaigner against Freemasonry and know that this is linked to organised paedophilia. Aberdeen is one of the areas in the UK where Freemasons have an enormous amount of power. I am in no doubt that the Freemasons have played a significant role in this, both in the paedophile activity and Robert’s incarceration.

    We need to hit the campaign trail, both for Robert and to continue where he left off with Hollie. The corrupt powers that be- please note we are not going away. You may have deprived Robert of his freedom but he will be replaced by more and more who refuse to be silenced.