Feb 15

Robert Green sentencing hearing likely to be conflict of interest

The following document was received today: With this in mind, we cannot see how Sheriff Principle Bowen can preside over the sentencing hearing of Robert Green without accusations of conflict of interest. In his last posting before the hearing on … Continue reading

Feb 12

Scottish justice system seems to have continuing difficulty in dealing with paedophiles

The Scottish Law reporter brings us news of another paedophile conviction: THE Scottish justice system seems to have continuing difficulty in dealing with paedophiles, even the ones who are actually convicted, according to anti abuse campaigners today after it was … Continue reading

Feb 08

Sheriff in Robert Green trial failed to declare relationship with Angiolini on Northern Lighthouse Board

From the Scottish Law Reporter: Sheriff Principal was Lighthouse Board Commissioner along with Angiolini for TEN YEARS, failed to declare at trial. Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen who heard Scotland’s most expensive ever Breach of the Peace trial of anti abuse … Continue reading

Feb 03

Bowen and Angiolini – 10 year members of same prominent Board

After 10 years together on the Northern Lighthouse Board board, Sheriff Principal Bowen and Elish Angiolini stood down within 24 hours of each other in May 2011, when Angiolini’s term as Lord Advocate ended, according to the NLB’s Articles of Association, supplied … Continue reading

Jan 27

Dunblane (3)

Robert has been provided with a crime reference number in respect of his formal complaint lodged at Dunblane police station Wednesday regarding a certain high-profile local resident – see his latest blog-entry http://holliedemandsjustice-robertgreensblog.blogspot.com/ SENT TO ALEX SALMOND 28 JANUARY From: … Continue reading