Thank you Aberdeen!

…for responding as hoped to our leafleting drive at the weekend. Some 40,000 of you took our leaflet or received that through your letterboxes, leaving us with 20,000 still to distribute in a few days.

As this does not cater by a substantial margin for the whole population of Aberdeen which is over 200,000, we do hope people will share the information on the leaflet and direct their friends to this website.

So far we have had overwhelmingly more positive feedback than negative to our attempt to wake up Aberdeen! from which we conclude that Aberdeen is already well awake and aware of the official corruption in your midst. We trust therefore you will help us in our effort to get Hollie’s claims properly investigated, also the suspicious death of her uncle which should have happened years ago but it is never too late.

The Malcolm Webster trial at Glasgow Crown Court in May 2011 took place 17 years after the death of Webster’s first wife Claire in a car-fire, a very similar scenario to the death of Hollie’s uncle Roy Greig. As came out at the Glasgow trial, one of those on Hollie’s list of alleged abusers, her aunt Gillian Mackie, a nurse by profession was a friend of Webster’s and received a payment from him of £10,000 for what? for supplying him with drugs as would enable him to sedate and kill his wife?

This question was left hanging at the trial but certainly needs answering in the present context. Yet at Robert Green’s trial at Stonehaven in January, Gillian Mackie tried to make out she was just an ordinary woman looking after children!

In the past 48 hours since our leafleting drive this website has received hundreds of hits from people in Aberdeen and many have signed the petition. Which is excellent, so keep on coming  Aberdeen and thank you!

2 thoughts on “Thank you Aberdeen!

  1. Very well done to all concerned with the Free Robert Green and Justice for Hollie Greig cause. Let’s hope we indeed get justice for Hollie Greig’s uncle Roy too. Thank you Aberdonians.

  2. we all done well despite bad weather,we all carried on ,and we all did a brilliant job ,helping,sharing and looking after one another ,people were very interested not all but most ,mothers,fathers,gran parents and the students stopped and talked about it,i gave some out on coach on way back as they asked about my t shirt so they all got leaflets ,gave them something to read and they were talking about it ,thats the ain awarenessand peopple talking thanks to the boys up in aberdeen who put us up till 4 am in morning ,your a great lot ,xxxlove mumsy