Thank You

As this will be my last blog before my trial begins, I would again like to thank all those people around the world who have offered such wonderful support to Hollie and Anne and to me in our many battles over the past three years.

I have always been a great admirer of Scotland and the Scottish people and this view has been in no way diminished by my recent experiences.  In fact, I have been extremely impressed by the sheer scale of decency, kindness, unselfishness and courage displayed by so many Scots in our efforts to secure justice for Hollie and her uncle and all the other vulnerable children and disabled of the country.

Although so many senior figures in politics, the police, medical and justice systems have consistently displayed an alarming lack of courage in protecting Scottish children and the disabled from the terrible ordeals of rape and torture, the conduct of others has been exemplary.

Although none can be said to be part of the Hollie campaign as their roles are governed by impartiality, may I congratulate in particular the Scottish Law Reporter, The Drum and The Firm, whose editor, Steven Raeburn, exemplifies the highest standards and ethics of journalism. There are other publications, too, who have helped when it has been possible for them to do so.

Finally, I must pay tribute to Mr Kevin Dunion OBE, the retiring Freedom of Information for Scotland Commissioner. His departure constitutes a sad loss to all in Scotland who hold dear the principles of democracy, freedom, justice and openness. It is sad to say that in my experience, he is the only senior official in Scotland who has remained faithful to his duty to the public and I congratulate him for his steadfast integrity and courage.

I have no idea what lies ahead in the coming days, but I am greatly moved by your thoughts and prayers.

Let us hope that our efforts will go some way in preventing at least some of the Hollie Greigs of this world from facing such unspeakable horror and evil in the future.

With best wishes and appreciation to you all.
Robert Green

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