The BBC Cesspit, Political decisions and the Olympics

There has been much talk over the past few days about BBC Director General George Entwistle’s supposed decision to protect the Christmas TV schedule in favour of allowing the Newsnight exposure of Jimmy Savile. In our view that is only part of the story and the investigation must not stop there.

One element that has not yet been discussed in the media is the political influence that would have surrounded the spiking of the Savile story by the BBC.

The BBC would have been party at the highest levels to the planning for the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2012 Paralympics, which heavily featured both the NHS and Stoke Mandeville hospital.

Was it to protect London’s perceived perfect Olympics that political decisions were made to spike the Jimmy Savile story? Were members of the Culture and Media committee themselves involved in any decision making, or indeed the Culture secretary himself in collusion with the then BBC Director General Mark Thompson or The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).

This investigation cannot centre on the BBC alone and must now shift to the politics behind the workings and decision making within the BBC,  including any political pressure that was brought to bear in order to either cover up the Savile story, or at least make it disappear until after the Olympic Games had finished.

So the real question is this: Is the BBC acting as the fall guy to cover-up political interference, an interference in the BBC charter that neither group would dare contemplate voluntarily acknowledging. Pressure must be applied to get them to tell the truth.

As with all breaking paedophile stories and investigations, such as Operation Ore, Dunblane,  Haut de la Garenne or the Hollie Greig story, once those investigations begin to lead to the doors of politicians, judges and lawyers, they quickly descend into the realms of cover-up, lies and media blackouts, the removal of investigating officers and the use of the Mental Health Act to silence or make the accusers disappear, and enough official and unofficial disinformation to suggest that the vulnerable victims should not be believed.

I think the Savile revelations so far are starting to show proof of that methodology


6 thoughts on “The BBC Cesspit, Political decisions and the Olympics

  1. How about some solidarity here by decent people? Can a letter/petition to all media outlets be penned by HDJ and signed on-line. I have written to them all including the Justice Minister in Scotland and get the same rubbish response everytime. I’ve e-mailed the BBC relating H.G. case to Savile’s filth and telling them to do the decent thing as it’s coming out anyway one day. Doing this alone means nothing to them and too easy to ignore.
    I’m thinking of revoking my BBC license, could we organise this en-masse.
    We all need to stand up together and do something massive that can’t be ignored. If a letter was drafted we could all sign and send to national newspapers, outlets. What about BBC Newsnight’s Liz MacKean who was on Panorama last night?
    Please pen something HDJ that we can support.

    • Anne,
      Thank you for your excellent comment.
      We will bring this up with our legal team in our scheduled meeting later today.

    • Ah yes, the selective memory syndrome, so often seen in those who purport to help children when confronted with cases of child abuse.

      No doubt she would also have forgotten the zero help given when approached over the Hollie Greig abuse.

      • It’s all coming out, soon there will be no hiding place for them. People are going to start talking rather than be tarnished! Bring it on 🙂