The Bell begins to Toll

It is time we the public wake up en mass and realise that there are many individuals and groups who are hailed as pillars of the establishment (with titles and in positions of power) in both the UK and the USA who are nothing but depraved beings, knee deep in the cesspit of sexual abomination. This is how the world is run. It  has of course been assisted by the indoctrination and fraudulent science of Alfred Kinsey, used by the establishment, promoted by UNESCO. See website of Dr Judith Resiman

We should never forget the cover-ups of the recent past; during the Blair era, Operation Ore and Dunblane, the files of which were sealed for 100 years.
Here are some links to jog memories:

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There is no doubt that the sordid and sick attempts by nefarious individuals operating under hoax sites using pseudonym to hide their identity on the internet, attempting to undermine this site and Anne Greig. They serve only to add credence to the paedophile cover-up and the murder of Roy Greig.

From where we are standing and watching events as they unfold, with all that we know, there no doubt that the Savile story is bringing attention to Anne and Hollie’s case. Those involved in harassing and demeaning them, will meet their Waterloo. The bell tolls for them not for thee.


The Jimmy Savile revelations are just tip of the iceberg, public attention is now being drawn to areas of public and private life which have previously been been hidden from view. It is quite clear that paedophilia is rife in public life in the UK and seems to have been protected by law, the agencies and media outlets whose purpose was to reveal them to the public.

People are now having the courage to come forward to publicly report their experiences from many years ago. Anne and Hollie have shown great courage in coming forward to highlight these matters. Previously doors had been shut in their face but people are now taking notice and becoming extremely concerned as to what has been going on. Both Anne and Hollie would encourage any person who has suffered as a result of such practices, at any time in the past, to report those offences, and in particular people in the Aberdeen area should contact this web site in order that these matters may be prosecuted.

Perpetrators and those who cover for them remain at large because they are able to threaten, blackmail, bribe or bully people into silence. We must ensure that their deeds are exposed with the maximum amount of light and publicity thrust upon them, only then will we begin to see justice, justice that is seen to be done, in their lifetimes.


10 thoughts on “The Bell begins to Toll

  1. It is a total fantasy that somehow Jimmy Savile managed to ‘hood-wink’ everyone from the BBC to the Queen…..?

    Jerry Sadowitz certainly knew all about Jimmy Savile and incorporated this into his act back in 1987 (try finding this on the Internet now however and you will find that this recording has mysterialy been ‘pulled’ – those in power with lots to lose surely cannot expect that the public will fail to join up the dots when this attempt at cover-up is so overt?)

    Notice too, where there has been a creeping (and creepy) charm offensive by programme makers to lead the public’s scrutiny away from the BBC and it’s other employees conduct past and present and how there is a sickening jocularity when describing this scandal, whilst at the same time ‘pushing’ the trick that this whole issue is in the long and distant past while desperately trying to retain the so-called trust of the public in the BBC….?

    The most important part of this scandal can be evidenced in Jimmy Savile’s own autobiography and actual statements on camera…….?

    After keeping a teenage girl overnight, Jimmy Saville handed her back to the police the next morning saying that if the police tried to arrest and prosecute him that he would take have the yard with him……?

    In other words, it could be conferred that Jimmy Savile was very well acquainted with Pedophile and/or Pedophile enablers within the Police (i.e. the existence of a Pedophile Ring or organised group)

    Jimmy Savile then stated on camera (in the Louis Feroux interview) that it was the Press that built him up and if they were going to tear him down, he would go down fighting and take half of them with him…..? (Inferring that this could be a threat, that he was prepared to name names of people in positions of authority in the Press and establishment……?

    In the BBC documentary about what the BBC knew….there was an affirmation that the Public had mentioned other BBC staff who were actively involved as part of a Pedophile Ring in connection with Jimmy Savile…?

    So, the idea that Jimmy Savile was hiding in plain sight it simply NOT TRUE?

    Peace out.


  2. From experience of this issue in court I have little faithin the judicial system
    As they appear to be deeply compromised themselves. I read the rumors
    From abroad of rottenness at the heart of the establishment and know from my experience that corrupted children at private boarding schools become the respected establishment fifty years later.
    My expectation is they (the authorities) will place d notices on the press wholesale in an attempt to limit the damage. Some long overdue scandals will break and the individuals will be thrown publicly to the lions as in Gary glitters case. Truth is abuse occurs on many levels from teasing cruelty through the whole gamut of Sexual abuse to murder. Abusers protect each other and have ways of recognition to achieve this. The kick if there is one is evidently the power to fool all the people all the time. As a victim I know it is not the sex. My ex headmaster would have taken said teacher into the woods and shot him I suspect, a very law abiding man yet even he had limits. British legal system is a giant carousel on which lawyers judges crown prosecution services and a host of others can be paid enormous sums to run any case anywhere they want, and get very fat doing it. Good people are needed now in British public life who have a high profile to deal with this. Our present politicos of all colours and parliament is not up to the job, nor are the police or the media in general.
    The victims must take this opportunity to recognize thattheyhave freed themselves from the parasitic souls the day they came out about the abuse.
    I know with me I have not looked back at the court case,deliberately crashed by the judge, with any regret, I will see this corrected at a higher level, kharma perhaps. For the judge too as well as the abuser in this particular case. BRING IT ON. H.

  3. great article, great comments, the snowball apears to be gaining in size as it rolls down the hill, lets hope the weather stays cold and the hill dosent flaten out for a while yet……love to hollie and anne….

  4. The following comment sums up the BBC. When one reads stories like this and listens to Mark Daly’s account of why he supposedly dropped the Hollie Greig story, one realises he is part of the cesspool of lies oozing from the flow of corruption and filth within BBC.

    JP Says:

    October 16, 2012 at 11:23 am | Reply
    I had a run in with the BBC, several years ago. They came after me on the evidence of a serial stalker and psychopath who was destroying my life. Her partner was a police officer, and despite hundreds of complaints to the police, they wouldn’t act. I survived attempted murder, which she boasted of publicly, and daily threats, intimidation, and accusations, which were also aimed at family, friends, and anyone who supported me. It was a terrifying time.

    The BBC lied, cheated, intimidated and abused me, and anyone connected with me. When the evidence that I was innocent, and they had been duped, became overwhelming, they refused to admit they were wrong, and continued. The more they realised they were wrong, the more angry and arrogant they became.

    They acted outrageously. It became clear that they were out of control, self serving, arrogant and had their own agenda, which didn’t involve the truth, honesty or integrity.

    Not even the lowest of the gutter press would have acted as they did, a former fleet street editor confirmed that after 30 years in Fleet street, he was shocked at how the BBC disregarded the truth.

    Eventually, after four years, anti corruption police became involved, officers were sacked, and everything stopped. My serial stalker and psychopath, who is wealthy, hunts and shoots, is far right and friendly with a number of MP’s, was warned off, despite boasting of attempted murder and hiring contract killers. She still says I am a ‘deadman’.

    The BBC knew they were wrong. But just as my stalker enjoyed destroying lives (her previous victim attempted suicide after four months), they enjoyed their power, and enjoyed having fun at the expense of other people.

    The BBC is corrupt through and through. It is a disgusting organisation. At last people are starting to see it.

  5. Stop paying the TV licence fee, that way you are not funding a criminal enterprise.
    Today in the Daily Mail, Chris Patten stated that the BBC were ‘owned’ by the licence fee payer. Strange then that they get grants from the EU, he didn’t mention that bit.

    Just stop paying, it’s easy, the money is collected by a French company.

    • they were also funded openly and ilegle’y by the us state department 6 of may last year, to ensure they beet the war drums against lybia.

  6. Is it not the case that due to what we are now finding out about the nefarious acts perpetrated by the BBC that they have not upheld their Agreement and Charter with the License Fee payers?

    If it is clear that the BBC has not been complying with the law, then surely the past however many years License Fee should be refunded?

    Or by withholding the License Fee until such time that a Public Inquiry is carried out with wide ranging powers to investigate the BBC and the wider proliferation and secrecy of pedophiles within our institutions?

  7. Given that even the BBC are admitting that there were serious questions about Savile`s behaviour going back almost fifty years, it might be instructive if it could be discovered who actually proposed later that he received a knighthood.

    What was he really honoured for – services to prominent paedophiles?