The lies from Crown Office continue..

This letter (below) received following a request for an investigation and an Independent Inquiry by Ian McFerran, shows quite clearly that the lies are continuing.

Despite Grampian Police officers giving evidence under oath at Robert Green’s trial that NO investigation ever took place, and despite all the witnesses in that trial also confirming under oath that they have never been interviewed by Grampian Police, the Crown Office still maintains that a full and thorough investigation was carried out by Grampian Police and the local PF, who at the time was Elish Angiolini.

That the Crown Office is lying is not a matter of opinion, their statement runs contrary to evidence given in a court under oath.

This letter was received on the same day that a man was arrested and charged with Breach of the Peace in Aberdeen for simply talking about Robert Green & Hollie Greig outside a nightclub. This is a curtailment of free speech in Aberdeen, not for the first time we may add.

There is something very rotten in the port of Aberdeen, and we conclude it is not the fish.

It also comes to our attention that any discussion of Angiolini has now been removed and banned from all/any Facebook groups tied to Oxford University. As of the 1st March 2012, the St Hugh’s College, Oxford, Facebook page monitors have removed all posted objections to Angiolini’s appointment from site and banned the posting of any like subversive comments or questions from the general public or their own faculty members, student body or alumni challenging the wisdom of assigning the post of Principal to a person surrounded by controversy and perhaps the target of future criminal actions.

Do they honestly think by curtailing free speech and editing Facebook this campaign will simply go away. We can assure them it will not.



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