The Price of Justice is Eternal Publicity

An attempt has been made today 1st May to gag Anne and Hollie’s site through an unnamed sinister source (who refused to release their name/s) acting on behalf of Wynn Dragon and Sylvia Major.

Like ALL cowards they hide behind the ‘veil of secrecy’ and Data Protection Act and their very influential backers. However despite their dubious efforts they have failed to staunch the voice of TRUTH.

Even though it is alleged that certain named individuals have received defamatory remarks which they have no hesitation in putting out themselves and have done so from at least the year 2000, they have failed to test this matter in the TRUE arena which is before the courts. They have always had and still have that right of response, which they have failed to exercise, therefore the only conclusion that one can come to with the evidence available is that the allegations are true.

Denis Mackie still lies convicted in the court of public morals along with his group of accomplices/protectors who are still acting as his voice via the internet and other quasi authorities. The question we must ask is why?

The price of Justice in this case will be eternal publicity.

Coincidentally, today Robert Green appeared in court in Scotland with a good show of support, for a direction hearing for alleged defamation.

2 thoughts on “The Price of Justice is Eternal Publicity

  1. Don’t let the b-stewards get you down!
    The truth will out, too many people say it will be so for it not to happen. New faces are replacing the old and there are still some good people in high places.

  2. Great to see the lie mongers of the defunct hoax team did not silence the truth and that Major and Mcleod did not get Robert Green to speak to them on tape.

    What happened to Jon stevenson ,standing behind the women again ?

    He didnt make it to London with Mags O Neil or Mcleod ~ likes his anonymity as pyrite too much ?

    Belinda showed them up for what they are .

    Well done