The State of Britain forces a moral decline

Easter is here again, and whilst many of us have time to reflect over this long weekend, we offer you two videos to view today, that bring home to us all that whilst Hollie’s case is uppermost in the minds of those closest to her, there is a much bigger and wider problem of child abuse and child stealing by the state, which is using nefarious methods to force a moral decline in our institutions.

The first video is a report by Brian Gerrish with Mark Windows outside The Royal Courts of Justice immediately following Anne Greig’s appeal hearing on 2nd March 2012.

The second video is a talk by Brian Gerrish at a meeting in the West Country in October 2011, where he covers a range of topics, which are all inter-related, into the state that Britain has become, where the Hollie Demands Justice campaign is only a small part of the bigger abuse happening right across Britain, including him being able to tie together Common Purpose, Child Abuse, State Child Stealing, suicide rates amongst teenagers, the teaching of peadophilia in schools, the breaking down of moral norms and the use of NLP in the training of civil servants, police, teachers and social services.

We all need to follow the advice given by Brian in this second video, that is to talk to people, explain to them what is happening, what is going on and to spread the word, but spread it peacefully. Every time you talk to someone instead of only you knowing, now two people know, and if they each tell one other, then its four who know, and the message multiplies out.

So this Easter, let us spread the word, that the State of Britain has gone rotten.


One thought on “The State of Britain forces a moral decline

  1. Good on ya Brian, tell it how it is and let’s get this sorted once and for all.