The Time for Action Draws Ever Nearer

We thought it was about time that we gave a brief update on what’s happening with the HDJ Campaign, as this site has been quiet of late. No, no, no, it hasn’t gone away.

Whilst many of our supporters have been out and about enjoying the sunshine our investigators have been beavering away collating the vast swathes of evidence that will form the basis of the coming litigation.

We therefore ask again for your patience, to bear with us whilst the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. We also ask that people refrain from online debate about the pro’s and con’s of this campaign or any facebook/twitter speculation. We have been silent over the past few months for good reason.

We would like to thank those supporters who have stuck with us and have upheld their belief in our campaign and especially to everyone who has made a contribution to the Legal Fund, without whose help we could not have gotten this far.

It will not be too long now before the real storm begins, and when it does you can read all about it officially through the pre-prepared Court Reporter pages on this site. Patience will win the day, justice will not only be done, but will be seen to be done.

Thank You from The HDJ Team.


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