The use of Rippers

Yesterday, 2nd May 2012, there were 3 separate visits from the Police National Network to this site.

Whilst we have seen the Police visit this site on a regular basis (presumably to see what is going on, or what is being published here), yesterday they decided to take a copy of the entire site using Rippers software.

Our security systems automatically put a ban in place for any visitor using the Rippers software (it does not discriminate), and consequently the Police National Network on this particular IP address is now banned.

Whilst this site is keen to cooperate with the Police on any genuine enquiry, it cannot condone the use of Rippers as an enquiry tool.

We will of course grant the Police access to this site again if they write to us, but we will want to be informed of the following before such access is granted.

1. What is your interest in the HDJ site.
2. Is there an ongoing investigation that warrants you visit the site.
3. If so what is the investigation name/reference number.
4. Who is in charge of the investigation.
5. What are the terms of the investigation.
6. Who authorised the use of Rippers.

It is the policy of the HDJ site to block ANYONE who uses Rippers.

17 thoughts on “The use of Rippers

  1. Its a pity thye didnt get their techies to look into others personal pc’s when the opportunity presented itself.This lot of plod must think they are the only ones who understand todays technologies and systems set aginst such intrusions, maybe they want to clone the site for when they become ‘one force’ (but still an ineffective collective force) and are looking for their own justice against those who are defiling their cosy little world of justus….just a thought.Sad with all the crimes social failings of our children (the latest being Georgia Rowe & Niamh Lafferty for example) and coverups and going on in this country and this is what the policymen take time to do…sort it out cops or you will be a private force for bankers soon…oh you are already….Come clean answer the questions posed to you what is so interesting about this site for you when a thorough investigation in your words has taken place?

  2. Just a ploy to let everyone know who access this site that ‘they are being watched’. No doubt a form of intimidation aimed at stopping people posting on the site once it is know it is ‘formally’ watched by the police ‘constables’ not ‘officers’.

    I will now post more often πŸ™‚

  3. Interesting programme on BBC2 last night where the paedophile priests of Ireland were scurrying around like rats in a sewer, they can hide from the Truth no longer….. won’t be too long now till we see another few ‘establishments’ doing the same in Scotland and no doubt beyond its borders πŸ™‚ Hi police chappies…shouldn’t you be out there catching lawyers and judges instead of prying on computers? Shame on you.

  4. All good, decent and honest people within the Police force will be sickened by the above actions.

    To the rest, I say shame on you for failing to do your sworn Duty.

    That failure means that your actions, or inaction directly PROTECTS sick and evil “people”.

  5. For anyone who would like to contact the no doubt “lovely” people at the National Police Network their contact details are below.

    May I kindly suggest that someone from Hollie’s campaign – perhaps Linda, Anne, Ian, or Robert when he is free (!) contacts the National Police Centre and asks them why they have hacked into Hollie’s site and stolen information?

    Freedom of Information Enquires
    National Policing Improvement Agency
    FOI Team
    1 Fry Building
    2 Marsham Street

    SW1P 4DF

    Newsroom / Press Office / Media Enquiries
    Please contact our newsdesk, which is open Monday-Friday 0900 – 1730 GMT
    Peter Mandich
    Tel: 020 3113 7241
    Valentine Murombe-Chivero
    Tel: 020 3113 7240
    You can contact a press officer out of hours on +44 (0) 7827 309361

  6. This must be an attempt an intimidation more than any genuine effort ot find out the facts of the campaign. What have the Police done to get justice for Hollie, bring her abusers to trial, or investigate the other suspicious incidents such as the death of Roy Greig? Think along these lines and it is clear that they are not looking to support Hollie, or see that justice is being done. It is more sinister than that. Perhaps another incident of misconduct in public office?

  7. Constables please read this:

    ” I . . . . . of . . . . . do solemnly and sincerely
    declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the
    Queen in the office of constable, with fairness,
    integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding
    fundamental human rights and according equal respect to
    all people; and that I will, to the best of my power,
    cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all
    offences against people and property; and that while I
    continue to hold the said office I will, to the best of my
    skill and knowledge, discharge all the duties thereof
    faithfully according to law.”

    You are now on your ‘Attestation’ which is your oath you took when becoming a police constable under British common law. Now you are on oath after reading the aforementioned statement. Sop now please answer the question posted below and post your ‘sworn’ answer on this site also proving your name and police number.

    Question: Why are you looking on this site?

    Said I’d post more often πŸ™‚

    • John,

      That is certainly our hope. We are aware that there are some good, honest and moral police officers out there who have given their as yet quiet support to this campaign.

      We have invited the police responsible for this intrusion to write to us but so far there is only a stoney silence. That does not give us a warm fuzzy feeling.

  8. And to think we pay these [Admin:description removed]…..Lets get a strategy to get on top of this situation.

  9. Can you please take all my posts off the website. I ask as I do not wish to associated with the post made by satya about ‘pigs’. Its out off order from my perspective, we are tying to get the police on board to take our concerns seriously and using the term, ‘pigs’ is not acceptable to me. Also if the webmaster supports such postings then its not a website I’m happy to be posting on. Again please remove all my posts off your website.

    • If their are good decent police officers that are not [Admin: description removed], why do they not go against their non supportive counterparts, that are against this couse?
      The writing is on the wall. That is how and why police officers murder,fit up, and assualt members of the British public, without fear of redress. Simple.

      • Andrew,
        I think HM Queen summed it up in her famous annus horriblus speech to parliament when she said that there were dark forces at work.

        Many of those dark forces are now in senior positions right across the establishment.

        It is not always easy for good officers to speak out, act or counter-act those who do not always act in the best interests of the law, their oath or this nation.

      • Dear Andrew,

        I agree entirely with your sentiments; why don’t the decent police constables stand up or face down those non-decent police constable? However, as part of a public campaign I don’t think the liberal use of derogatory terms is going to illicit the support of the casual observer to the website; new to the case. Hence, my concern at the word used not at your sentiments.

        • Well I am not the only person to use that term in these postings and ,maybe it could be deemed offensive but I think you may well find that the way the police, on orders from their masters earn these discriptions when they murder and assault without fear of prosecution.
          Hey Robert Green has been given twelve months for what? Nothing.
          What happend to the custody sergreant Mark Andrews of wiltshire police, when he smashed Pamela Sommerviles head into a cell floor, on video. 7 days I think.
          Please don’t be lead up the the garden path in thinking the police don’t earn these endearments.
          I have suffered at their hands and so have many other innocent people.

    • Tinkerty,
      I think we would rather remove the offending word than lose the support of those who follow this site.

      You can be assured that we do not support such postings, but it is not always possible to catch each and every comment before it offends.

  10. I would very much like to know what my local police are doing trying to rip this website.!