To the Friends and Supporters of Hollie

I would like to say thank you to all the loyal friends and supporters who have given their time and effort to see Justice for Hollie over the years this campaign has been running.

The friends of Hollie and myself are again under attack with concerted efforts to discredit them, thanks for ignoring the destructive comments on others blogs and please “Keep Calm and Carry On”. This campaign is far from over.

Our prayers and thoughts are with you all, especially Robert Green.

Your continued support is what inspires us to continue, your prayers are what sustain us.

Hollie will get Justice in the end.

Thank you



22 thoughts on “To the Friends and Supporters of Hollie

  1. Hello Anne,the “people” behind this are about to realise that this will not go away,it cannot,and that their are many decent members of society out there who will make sure that justice is seen to be done.No child or any adult should have to suffer because of the actions of an insane and corrupt few who think that because they hold a so called office of power they are somehow untouchable,they are not.Best wishes and love for the future,,,gary,,

  2. There are MANY out here who support Hollie, Anne and Robert, and the rest who are working TOWARDS getting justice for Hollie and Anne, and Robert, now, as well. Know know when you get this much attention, those who wish to subvert and divide show up in droves…Please keep up the good work!

  3. Those of us who have been with you all along are not going to be taken in by this rubbish, we can see it for what it is. Stay strong, stick together and you will see justice regardless of the detractors.
    Love and prayers to you guys and gals. You are loved.

  4. Morning all, another day in the campaign which is momentarily descending into mudslinging against the main protogonists, as all campaigns tend to suffer from, once they are beginning to be successful = attracting the attention & support of large numbers of people. So in a way the latest goings-on on Robert’s blog could be seen as an indicator of success!

    No one dares have a go at Robert himself who has become an icon of 21st C heroism, so they’ve taken to having a go at me instead – see many of the 90+ comments on Robert’s blog yesterday. Now, I don’t want to get sucked into this dreary and time-wasting garbage so after the 90+ comments mostly totally unrelated to the issue felt it was time to bring closure. So I tried to post the following comment first thing this morning BUT HAVE BEEN BLOCKED by the administrators of Robert’s blog! Why is that?!!! Hence I am posting here to help people understand what’s going on, and to the administrators of Robert’s blog (Robert is notoriously untechnical as we all know, bless him) I say to you you are revealing where you stand! Although I’ve been aware for many months where you stand, although Robert remains trusting as is his wont. Here’s the comment I wanted to post this morning but have been blocked by you:

    Haven’t you guys got anything better to do than slag me off?! What kind of grown men are you, Clydesdale, ‘Mark’ and Pyrite (where are your real names for starters!) wasting time and degrading yourselves digging the dirt on people you’ve never met and know nothing about, hence getting a whole lot of facts wrong because you’re pathetic researchers for a start. Whilst kids are being blown up and mutilated in the latest Middle Eastern warzone and others continue to be used for the perverted pleasure and sadism of grown men and women. GROW UP and become proper men like Robert, standing up against those who lurk behind professional position, class, status, the Lodge or whatever to carry out or sanction unspeakable acts of bestiality and sadism on their fellow-beings, picking on the youngest, most vulnerable and least able to defend themselves. This is the ONLY ISSUE meriting comment on this [Robert’s] blog and to save you debasing yourselves further I will be asking Robert today to disable the Comments section, as a temporary hygienic measure. 90+ comments yesterday on matters mostly totally unrelated to the issue are way too much! with a fond nod to Barbara who is doing her best (but please give John Hemming a break, dear Barbara! He’s a politician and a clever one so could be very helpful to this cause having taken it on, but on the human level needs ecouragement and approbation, not to be continuously undermined and criticised (although I admit I haven’t understood precisely what happened between you and John). Your mentor of 2000 years ago worked with all kinds of questionable folk in the society and got the best out of them, which was one of the reasons why he got killed).

  5. There is plenty to be done. This situation is now predominated by the Scottish Establishments misconduct. Their carry on is not just about Hollie anymore, but everyone who has children and vulnerable adults.

    So, is ok for them to do as they like? Does the law not apply to them? Or, because of their power drunk state they believe they are untouchable? What does that make them and how does it affect ordinary people? Their behaviour is not normal, it is abnormal and corrupt.

    Honesty and transparency is not much to ask for especial and more so when it comes to children/vulnerable adults.

    If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear. There are plenty on the payroll that are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

    The people of Scotland have every right to meet the truth. If those in high place get in the way then they need to be removed from office.

    Some of the posters on Roberts’s blog belong in a Kindergarten and their behaviour, i.e. attitude depicts their mindset of those who are a risk to children/vulnerable adults.

    Clear they have become very irritated because of the success of the campaign and are doing their utmost to project us as loonies. Well i say this. You can’t be much of a person/ parent if you are doing your up most to uphold abuse of children. And for that reason, there is suspicion that you are the abusers of children/ vulnerable adults.

    [Admin note: I assume that last paragraph refers to the two administrators of Robert’s blog, Sarah McLeod & John Taylor]

    • How does the last paragraph refer to those you named? The referral is about some posters on RG blog ; )

      [Admin: As you can see from the comment above from Belinda, she has been blocked from Robert’s site, as have others who have written to me asking what is going on. Technical Investigations indicate that we have every reason to believe that the posters and the admins are the same people. Technology is a wonderful thing when used properly.]

      • I thought Robert was the admin of his blog? And i never knew Sarah and John Taylor admined the blog and have become turn coats, that is what you mean.

        [Admin note: Robert has never had (upto the time of writing) administrative rights on his own blog, only author rights. He does not have the technical ability to admin]

  6. His blog has become a free for all of foaming mouth twats, who are clearly enjoying verbal tennis. TThe cooments need to be shut down forthwith, as it seems reminisce of G-L-W times. And those who admin the site kicked off, given over to someone who can be trusted. I’d volunteer that role.

  7. [Admin note: I assume that last paragraph refers to the two administrators of Robert’s blog, Sarah McLeod & John Taylor]

    John only Robert controls his blog since John and Sarah resigned

    [Admin: John and Sarah resigned – maybe, relinquished admin rights to the blog – no]

  8. Note to “Admin”

    All of the “notes” you have posted regarding myself are erroneous. I would be grateful if you would grant me the courtesy of establishing the facts with myself in future.

    Thank You.

    [Admin: The following was received in an email from Robert this morning confirming his position:
    “I`ve just been away for the last couple of days, but the answer is that I am not censoring the blog. Actually, I don`t know how to if I wanted to”.

    So, Robert has not been there, and Robert does not how to. So confirmation of who is Admin for Roberts blog would be more useful John rather than an ‘I didn’t do it guv’.

  9. A blog belongs to one person, it does not have an “admin” in the manner of a website or a Facebook group.

    I handed the blog over to Robert on November 23rd 2011 and have had no involvement with it whatsoever since that date. It is perfectly possible that Robert could have passed the blog on to someone else although this is no concern of mine.

    [Admin: Its a blogspot. You set it up. You would have ‘invited’ people to that blogspot, and would then have assigned those users with either administrative rights or author rights. A blogspot owner cannot delete themselves, only those with administrative rights, and Robert confirms he doesn’t know how. Nice try.]

  10. Admin. I have told you the facts. If you wish to disregard these because they are not consistent with your personal view of the world, then there is nothing I can do about that.

  11. Your comments about John Taylor are quite frankly outrageous ,he personally handed out leaflets to SALMOND as are the accusations to Sarah. I have done nothing but support this campaign for some time and these snide remarks and accusations about John and Sarah are the sort lies that Watkins traded in. Outrageous.

    [Admin: g m c k, please be outraged, so are we.]

    • Thanks for your support GMCK but I would point out that I haven’t actually handed out leaflets to Salmond (although I have handed them out to MacAskill and Swinney).

  12. People must be aware of the provocateurs who get into blogs and start tearing at the very fabric of those who are working together. The ever-popular “divide and conquer.” Please be aware that the more successful you are the more this will be done. DO NOT let those who mean to divide you get away with this. Look back and know with what you are dealing. Stand strong together, please, for Hollie, Anne and Robert’s sake…

  13. This character assassination is remeniscent of ‘mobbing’, usually carried out by government agents. Otherwise it must be some who are so puffed up with their own importance that they need to attack others to get their satisfaction. Just cut it out and remember why you were here in the first place. There are more important matters than spite and ego here. True friends would never behave this way, they would rather protect those they profess to care about!
    Love to all true supporters.

  14. Sorry thats correct ,John and Sarah like me still believes in the Hollie Greig abuse , but to accuse he and Sarah ,who filmed Kenny the liar, of being government agents MI5 or special branch is just a nonsense and does Hollies case no good.J and S were not happy with the way the campaign is going neither am I to be frank ,should all their hard work be bad mouthed because of that ?

    [Admin: g m c k, hold on and SITA down. Why not ask ‘John’ who he really is and where he works]

    A private prosecution will not work, a civil case might ,against one know perpetrator, prove that and the house of cards will be more likely to fall.

    [Admin: Anne has taken the necessary legal advice, and the route she has chosen is her decision. I may remind you of the Stephen Lawrence precedent. There is already more than enough ‘opinion’ about how Anne should conduct herself, she makes her own decisions].