Trial Day 3 – Grampian Police on the back foot

Crown Office in attempt to block defence questioning of Grampian police “weak link” DC Lisa Evans.

Towards the end of a very interesting day, the Trial came to a dramatic halt after Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan attempted to prevent DC Lisa Evans being cross-examined by Robert’s defence QC, Andy Lamb. Even Sheriff Bowen admitted being “mystified” but agreed to an adjournment, as Robert’s Counsel  and the PF could not reach an agreement.  It has not yet become clear why the Prosecution seem so desperate to obstruct the cross-examination of a particularly weak witness.

We should point out that Evans was the officer who interviewed Hollie about her allegations on 8th September 2009 at Shrewsbury, witnessed by Robert. From the current cross-examining of alleged abusers and victims, it has been confirmed that none of those named were ever interviewed as a result of Hollie’s detailed and precise evidence and, in line with what appears to be normal police procedure over such allegations these days, no computers were seized or examined.

DC Evans had been brought in as a prosecution witness because she was one of the officers involved in the raid on Robert’s home on 13th February 2010 whilst he was being held in Aberdeen and his computer, unlike those of the alleged sex abusers, was seized. The computer and papers taken from his living room (with no inventory supplied) were part of today’s court productions.

It would seem that Grampian police have a confusing sense of priorities when computers of alleged sex-abusers are not seized or examined, but the computer of someone who trying to expose the abusers is confiscated! There may well be some rational explanation for this anomaly but so far after two years, no one has been able to provide one.

Although the Evans issue seems to present a problem for the prosecution, it was not the only set-back for the Crown. Today’s witnesses packed less of a punch than yesterday’s, in particular Win Dragon, who seemed to be overwhelmed and incoherent. Dragon repeatedly claimed that Hollie had never been raped. However, she admitted to being a friend of Denis Charles Mackie, which could have affected her judgement. She was also cross-examined by Mr Lamb about her relationship with Dame Anne Begg, MP for Aberdeen South.

There seems to be an increasing mood of dissatisfaction about Grampian police’s repeated failure to investigate Hollie’s allegations, or to try to ascertain the true facts about the death of Robert Greig.  As we said yesterday and as we believe is rapidly becoming apparent to even the most sceptical observer in the court, the witnesses who claim to be angry and/or distressed about Robert’s allegations should instead direct their feelings towards Grampian police whose negligence, and possibly worse, has brought things to this pass.

Most conspicuously absent from today’s court productions are the 2 notebooks seized from Robert’s house in which details of DC Evans’ interview with Hollie were recorded. This account from another source today:

Another witness called by the prosecution was DC Lisa Evens, of Shrewsbury Police. DC Evens was the female Officer who interviewed Hollie whilst Robert listened in intently outside the room, noting down everything that was said between them and then transcribing his notes into another document later the same day, so as to be sure nothing was forgotten or overlooked. DC Evens was also one of the Police Officers who took part in the raid on Robert’s home on 13th February 2010. During that raid, DC Evens and her partner took Robert’s home table-top computer and, amongst other things, BOTH of Robert’s note books which contained a very precise and detailed record of the interview between DC Evens and Hollie Greig. These two documents would, of course, be of critical importance in such a case as Robert’s. To that end, Robert’s legal team requested sight of them today. The case was temporarily adjourned so that all of the presented evidence could be gone through by both sides in an attempt to find these two note books. Oddly, the documents were nowhere to be found! They do not appear to be listed as part of the legal bundle presented by either side either. How strange!

Once again, Robert wishes to thank all those who turn up every day to support him and for all the kind messages of encouragement he has been receiving.  Please note there is no hearing on Friday, so after Thursday’s session the trial will resume again on Monday.

Admin Note:

Following the updates from Stonehaven court for the past three days, on Hollie’s website, the hits have increased exponentially as they have for other supporting sites with a phenomenal amount of interest. On Hollie’s site alone, downloads of the Buchanan V Robert Green pdf file are now heading close to 1,000. The dam is fit to burst. Mainstream media are at long last NOW showing an interest as are councils and police in both England and Scotland. Across the world people are visiting the site. Due to the wonderful support of the many thousands of people who support truth and justice, it finally feels that justice may in the end prevail for all three victims of authoritarian abuse – in many departments.

Please continue to visit, support, comment and spread the word about the documents, which reveal so much.

4 thoughts on “Trial Day 3 – Grampian Police on the back foot

  1. Hello again Belinda,the interest will grow exponentially as this goes on and the powers that be will no longer be able to blatantly bend and flout their own laws.Keep up the good work and stay positive.

  2. Thanks for the updates, would love to be at the trial as have been following this case now over last couple of years.

    The updates are brilliant and great to hear the prosecution is on the back foot, well done to Robert and the campaign team, doing an amazing job.

  3. The Anne /Hollie Greig and Robert Green story is a national disgrace and has a global following. As the flood waters begin to break open on this sordid story, beginning with Denis Mackie and his friend Sheriff Buchanan et al, the realisation there was NEVER an investigation is now becoming a FACT. This was established in open court as Anne and Robert have always maintained. They will eventually drag with them the dregs that hide in public office – public servants. Denis Mackie supported by his useful friends, tried so hard to silence his wife Anne Greig, a brave woman. First they sectioned her, then arrested her hero Robert Green, as if that was not enough, both were then gagged by Shropshire Council and taken to the High Court. It is now time for the tide to turn.

    No doubt Anne and Robert will be seeking damages and the public purse should not be accountable to bailout those who have wilfully and many knowingly, participated in a witch hunt claiming Anne had mental illness. They should be made personally accountable for accepting false information from Scotland. They should all hang their heads in shame for the hardship they have brought on 3 innocent people. This story will surely become known as “Britains Dutroux Affair” as more information is revealed about the abuse of Anne and Hollie Greig. Watch this space.

  4. Keep up the pressure, because these villains will use ANY means, fair or foul, to construct a barrier to natural justice. They are mired in corruption and criminality, as is the elite controlling them. If they think things are going pear-shaped they will hold their hands up and say, “it wisnae me, a big boy done it and ran away”. Their breed is classified as “A SCUNNER OF SCUMBAGS”. Angiollini will avoid all attempts to get her in to open court. Never mind WE ALREADY KNOW all about her, and her 5th Column Common Purpose Agenda. She is an utter disgrace. Very serious questions MUST be asked regarding her meteoric float to the top of the CESSPIT that is Scotland’s establishment.

    Robert, Hollie and Anne, HOLD FAST