Trial Day 6 – Robert found guilty

Robert was denied a second key defence witness today (Dame Elish Angiolini) by Sheriff Principal Bowen when he supported an objection to her citation by the Prosecution, on the grounds that she was IRRELEVANT TO THE CASE. He had already been denied the Procurator Fiscal Stephen McGowan as witness for the defence, despite unanimous support for his citation by all his legal representatives, past and present. Thus prospects of a successful defence were damaged from the beginning, yet another instance of bias by the Scottish justice system, in Robert’s view.

On taking the witness stand therefore Robert asked if he could make a statement on the record? but was refused by the Sheriff. His cross-examination then began and continued all morning, with the only other witness to be called today taking the stand in the last 10 minutes before the lunch-break.

Answering his Counsel’s questions with his customary eloquence and clarity, Robert stressed that his main object throughout the activity which had offended a few people in Scotland was to secure an investigation of Hollie’s allegations. He was able to quote from Dr Eva Harding’s letter in which Sylvia Major is named as an abuser and stated that this individual was sitting in the court.

Throughout Mr Lamb’s cross-examination Robert reiterated his belief that he was acting in the public interest in attempting to protect vulnerable citizens. He explained that he had tried every possible avenue prior to taking the action which had given rise to his being prosecuted, and that Anne Greig had also been directing her concerns through the normal legal channels since 2000. By the time of his arrest therefore, 10 years had passed during the whole of which time the authorities had obstructed every attempt to secure justice.

Robert also continued to stress that his efforts were designed to instigate an OPEN, INDEPENDENT INQUIRY into all aspects of Hollie’s case, including the abduction of Anne and the highly suspicious death of Robert Greig.

The Procurator Fiscal, Stephen McGowan then opened the Crown’s cross-examination of Robert. Robert immediately countered this by asking McGowan why he had passed a sheet of paper bearing the masonic symbol of the Square and Compass to Sheriff Patrick Davies on 30th April 2010? and asked what possible role the Freemasons could have had in the prosecution case. Unsurprisingly, the Sheriff blocked this question, which only served to underline how his refusal to allow McGowan to stand as a defence witness had helped to undermine Robert’s case.

McGowan continuously challenged Robert on his expertise on a wide range of technical subjects, including his knowledge of post-mortem examinations. Robert pointed out he was not a pathologist, nor had he ever claimed to be, but that his opinion on all these subjects was directed by the expert witness statements provided him by Anne Greig. Moreover, as the pathologist Dr Grieve had stated that he liked and trusted such people as the Majors, Sheriff Buchanan and Elish Angiolini, he could hardly be regarded as an impartial witness.

To be fair, McGowan did raise questions about a possible family relationship between individuals of the same surname not having been properly established. Robert conceded the possibility that there might be some grounds for doubt in this regard but stressed that what was at issue was what the individuals had been alleged to have done, rather than any family connections between them, real or otherwise, that might exist.

Further on in the discussion it became apparent that McGowan, when questioned by Robert, had little knowledge of the PCCS report to which the latter had referred. It also became clear that neither McGowan nor the Sheriff appeared to have any concept of the effect that Satanic Ritual Abuse has on those unfortunate enough to be forced into such a cult. Robert explained that for 14 years Hollie had suffered the most appalling ordeals in silence, due to having been terrorised by her father. Therefore, anyone with any knowledge of this issue would know that evidence provided even under oath could be unreliable. As things stand, the Scottish court system does not yet provide a facility for swearing oaths in the name of Lucifer, somewhat surprisingly. 

The only other witness to be called by the defence was Steven Raeburn, Editor of the distinguished legal magazine The Firm. During a brief cross-examination by Defence and Prosecution, Mr Raeburn described clearly and authoritatively his attempts to engage individuals in the Crown Office in connection with issues relating to the FOI Commissioner, details of which have already been published. Whereupon Mr Lamb brought up the matter of the payment to Levy & McRae over Angiolini’s private legal actions. McGowan objected to Defence’s questions but was overruled by the Sheriff.

In the afternoon session both sides summed up and Mr Lamb skillfully had Robert acquitted of 3 of the 5 charges against him. However the Sheriff ruled that in his view Robert was guilty of Breach of the Peace and of breaking some of his bail conditions.

Sentencing has been deferred until Friday 17th February, until which time the bail conditions on Robert remain in force.

NOTE by Webmaster:

This week this site was visited by known and clearly identifiable establishment bodies.
Scottish Executive – 1 visit
Council Of The European Union – Brussels – 4 visits
Commission Europeenne – 1 visit
Government Of South Africa – 2 visits
Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission – 7 visits
The Audit Commission – 1 visit
Police National Network – Eastcote, Bucks – 15 visits
Police National Network – Brierley Hill, Staffs – 6 visits today, 27 visits in last 3 days
Aberdeen City Council – 6 visits in last 3 days
With such high profile visits it was envisaged that either the establishment would offer up one of the accused to protect the rest, or would stamp on this case hard. The answer to that is in the title of this post.
There is still a case to answer however over the sheer cost of this case, nor will this campaign go away.

30 thoughts on “Trial Day 6 – Robert found guilty

  1. Hello Belinda,stay strong this is not over by a long way.There is still far to go and obstacles to cross but all things will be brought to the fore and justice will come to those involved,,,,Gary,,,,

  2. Utterly disgraceful.
    Is it possible that this whole process must be wound up speedily due to murmerings of dissent regarding costs to the public purse ?

  3. Utterly despicable but unfortunately entirely predictable! To Robert Green you are a brave individual who has stood up for what is right in any so called democratic society may peace love and prosperity be with you! To those who know the truth regarding Hollie and who have hindered an open investigation into what happened to her a beautiful young girl, hang your heads in shame but fear not that guilt will haunt you till your dying days! Justice for Hollie!

  4. This decision today has nothing whatsoever to do with Justice.

    A truly sickening day for the Scottish Justice System and the Scottish People

    This is all about the custodians of High Office squashing a civic citizen under their thumb because they can and that they do so because they are above the law in Scotland.

  5. Can anyone else think of the reasons why the prosecution case was barely credible and almost completely incompetent?

    Was that just a ruse to rub salt into the wounds?

  6. Can anyone else think of the reasons why the prosecution case was barely credible and almost completely incompetent?

    Was this just a ruse to rub salt into the wounds?

  7. Now that the dirty deed has been done, it may be appropo to reveal to the Scottish People the insidious context this trial has been conducted in?

  8. The word on the street is that the Scottish Government are officially changing the designation of November the 5th.

    From Guy Fawkes Day to Robert Green Day

  9. Silly question (?) but wouldn’t it maybe make more sense to bring the allegation into a police station in England?

    Maybe make a complaint at the Met?

    If the scots are so corrupt why waste time trying to fight things there?

  10. … not a chance … the corrupting stench of the Scot’s satanic paedophile ring goes all the way to Westminster …

  11. Thanks guys for your sane reaction to this insane situation, did anyone seriously think Robert would be acquitted? Certainly not the man himself! And I can assure you he was his usual cheery self yesterday evening and we’re about to set out for an undisclosed destination this morning on the next leg of this campaign. Which goes on of course, until Hollie gets justice in the form of a proper public inquiry, rather than the shenanigans going on in that courtroom which everyone watching could see was a farce as far as justice and due process are concerned. Robert who’s in Scotland without his laptop wants me to say a big THANK YOU to all who came to support him at Stonehaven these past few days, some of you several days in a row, it meant a huge amount to him personally and hopefully spelt a clear message to Paedophilia UK PLC this is not going away, the opposite.

  12. My family are really big fans of nature and we will travel some distance to see lovely animals from all parts of the world.

    Someone suggested to me that I get the family in the minivan and travel to a place called Stone Haven. Apparently it is the foremost place in the whole of these isles for KANGAROOS?

  13. This man deserves a medal. Almighty God will see he is repaid one thousand fold for the great work he is doing. These perverted devil worshiping scum will all pay in the not too distant future. Hell holds a place for them.

  14. I found out today through my freind T what has happened to Robert, I really hope this wakes many more up to the fact that we are being govened by these scum. it really is quite shocking the bear faced front these folk have to do this. Run all you like , there is enough evidance now for all to see what low life beast you all are , you can run but there are not many places you can hide now. We see you for what you are. love will win allways.

  15. Robert I will be in court on Feb. the 17th to show support and help promote this case to as wide an audience as possible. The Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission will not help with your conviction as proved with their refusal to help out in the case of the convicted former BNP man, despite the clear facts pointing to the man being 100% innocent. They act in accordance with the Sheriffs to make sure any so called anti establishment figures get brought down. We do not have a legal system in Scotland anymore, it’s a farce with judges allowed to interpret and bend the evidence as they see fit, which allows them to disregard the truth and convict almost at will. The Review Commission refuse to challenge the judges interpretation of things, leaving judges with ample opportunity, to follow agendas, driven with spite, politics, or as we have seen the need to protect fellow friends in strange groups. Sheriff Malcolm Garden is another who has acted in a way that was obviously agenda driven, rather than by factual evidence, in the BNP case it was clearly political. But he seems to keep paedophiles out of jail as well, whilst hammering anyone who says boo to them. Recent cases have seen repeat paedophiles given scant smacks on the wrist.

    There is something sick in the air in the North east of Scotland, and its spread nationwide with groups that are supposed to protect the people like the review commission being as bad.
    If they are looking in, the people of these islands will snap soon. I know how it feels to be innocent, and to be convicted by a state driven with malice, and underhand tactics, who refuses to acknowledge the truth. I’ve had enough I know the chap above has had enough, and more and more people are finding out what a sham of a justice system we have.

    They wanted a battle now they can bloody well have one. People versus the corrupt self serving establishment.

  16. I do hope those that are in the know are reading this, because it is AIMED directly at YOU!
    I feel sorry for them, I stated in an earlier post that they had the opportunity to come clean, they have chosen a course, not to do so, that is now out of our hands.
    I believe / KNOW some of them are hoping that it will ALL come out, and they at this moment are working to that end. Those that have a conscience.
    The evil that has been perpetrated throughout goes deep and some have been sucked into it, YES they committed heinous acts and they will (have to) pay, but to live with this will be more than some can do. Come out now the penalty is far better NOW than to leave it to the others.

    This is the first real battle and it seems it was done to wake a few people up, not going to mention any names, I think this will do it. The Battle is lost but the WAR is yet to be fought.
    It has been a long struggle to get this far and this in itself is a victory, the opposition have shown their true colours and we now, not that we didn’t know, how they wish to play the game. It strengthens the resolve and will reflect in the outcome and convictions.

    Thankfully this is only the breach case and not the actual Hollie case, the latter will be fought with knowledge of what has gone before it. I am ever hopeful and I do see that here will be prosecutions.
    Remember guys the prosecutions WILL be, ONLY, the sacrificial lambs, and NOT the wolves. That is unless the sacrificial lambs come clean – this I believe will sort the wheat from the chaff. However do not be too hopeful the lambs tend to go to the slaughter quite willingly. (IMHO fools, why take the lions share in the prosecutions when you only normally get the scraps from the wolves table. Let the Wolves have the lot. Come forward and lets get it over with, you will be able to sit back and watch the wolves be torn apart in the REAL case)

    THIS will be the case – and YET – it only takes one for the rest to follow.
    What has been done by the perpetrators has been done, but it is pure folly to believe this will ever go away. I have informed ALL my family and they will continue to bring this case up after I am gone, and they have promised to continue to pass it down until those that are involved are prosecuted or are named and shamed for eternity, if the lambs come forward now the offer of the wolves will cleanse their conscience and it will be forever known that this is what they did. hide IT AND them AT YOUR OWN PERIL – we WILL- REGARDLESS – FIND OUT WHO THEY AND YOU ARE.

    Namaste, rev;

  17. THANK YOU truely for getting the word out and uncovering the details of Hollie’s cause for justice. I know it gets frustrating and tiring for us real huemans to get in the fight everyday, but we must. I came here to see about the ruling. Reading yor piece has only fueled me to wage war more on these cowardly satanic idiots. Let us NEVER forget the power of prayer in unity coupled with action. God bless our angels of light on assignment to thwart their plans against the righteous. We still have the legal right of dominion over this planet as long as we choose to exercise it. Keep up the good fight!

  18. Robert, wear this conviction as a BADGE OF HONOUR, honour that you stand for truth and justice.

    Simply one of the scars of battle against and unjust and dishonourable cabal. Fight on, fight strong and you know justice will be yours as you fight the good fight for all victims of child abuse.

    More power to you and your campaign.

  19. I thought for a second I was gutted …but I am not ..I am even more stronger to bring justice for Hollie Greig and family ..we need a big push .. enough is enough.

  20. I believe that the Council Of The European Union,
    Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission ,
    Aberdeen City Council – 6 visits in last 3 days are protecting known pedophiles and international offense. I have notified Homeland Security and named these people as promoting pedophilia. I ask that they not be allowed to board a plane for the united states. You have thousands of supporters in Texas mr. Green.

  21. This case seems to have been a stitch up from beginning to end with important questions not asked by the defence. Such as: Why was Robert served the interdict whilst in custody? Buchanan paid twice according to the documents! Why didn’t his lawyers put them into the court right at the start and get the case thrown out? The whole thing was a puppet show with strings being pulled from behind the scenes. Think about this. Act One scene One.

    Why did Peter Watson of Levy and McMcrae instruct Simpson and Marwick (Buchanan’s lawyers) on behalf of the Scottish Government in the matter of the interdict?
    Could this it be why the story is not getting out? Levy and Mcrae have the following clients: TV broadcasters for Scotland and England, clients include: the print and broadcast media, Trinity Mirror, Daily Record, ITV, Sunday Herald, Sunday Mail, Granada TV, SMG, Sky, Channel Four /Five etc. It also has the Scottish Police Federation as a client. Is Levy and McRae one of the puppeteers behind the curtain? This is reminiscent of a banana republic.
    Scotland wake up.

  22. This is depravity. A crime! This is the type of story that gets people off their rears and in the streets!
    I am sickened, but everything that already happened pointed to this injustice. The names of the perpetrators need to be named in public and a fund for legal defense established. Let them fight a slander/defamation case. That case will never see the light of day, because they would lose. This happens EVERYWHERE!! Why is paedophilia
    the number one fun for these pigs? (I am sorry to insult the pigs) I noticed in America there was no slander/defamation lawsuits against the former statesman who wrote a book about their deeds (The Franklin Case). Where do we send donations??

    • Chris,
      Whilst I am pleased that this case has got people angry, for the time being we do not publicly name them, and I would caution anyone else from doing so at the moment, as that would breach the interdict and various other court orders and Robert’s bail conditions.

      Their time will come however. Justice will be done, this case will not go away for them.

  23. I am absolutely dumbfounded…..there are no words to describe this….my thoughts with Hollie and her family and for the scum who have inflicted this pain and suffering on them… prayers are for them to be be brought to justice….Karma… reap what you sow….

    However, no pain and suffering of these people will ever make up for what they put Hollie and the family through….

    Robert…you are so brave to stand up for justice!! I applaud you and all the people who are assisting you in bringing those immoral evil scumbags to justice….I hope this will not be too far away….I have pity on their poor families who have to live with them….and worse still…love & trust them….it makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach to know that these people are free to walk among us….

  24. Robert Green being found guilty has not come as a surprise to many as it has been apparent from the beginning, the way he was arrested, his home raided by Police and personal property removed while he was kept in custody smacks of nothing short of CONSPIRACY by the rich and the powerful in Scotland.

    This is a travesty of justice where an innocent man has been stitched up and found guilty while the accused and possibily the guilty have not even been formally interviewed by the Police in all these years.

    The last decade has seen a moral collapse in this once GB and the riots last Summer was a proof, if one was needed how far downhill the country has gone as a result of the abuse and corruption that has crept into our once august world renown institutions including the law and the justice system which is now regarded by many as corrupt and morally bankrupt controlled by the rich and the powerful where there is a one law for the rich and another law for the poor.

    The key is to stand firm and continue our support for Hollie and Robert and do all possible, legally of course to overturn the unjust verdict against Robert and expose the Scottish legal system that conspired to convict an innocent man who was simply seeking justice unselfishly with more courage and moral than the entire Scottish government.